What is Homeopathy?

My dad used to say to us as we were growing up,

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a Lifetime!

This is what Homeopathy for Mommies is all about … Teaching Care-Givers… How.  

You want to know the best way to care for your family’s health? …and the whys?  Homeopathy for Mommies will help to take the fear out of caring for a sick child or ailing spouse. Here, we’ll teach you what to do when there’s been an injury. It needn’t be scary. When you understand how and why something works, then you gain confidence.  Health is simple. Good Food, simple remedies, oils, and herbs when needed. It’s only when we complicate the care, that things become overwhelming.

So… Welcome to Homeopathy for Mommies!

~Sue Meyer


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Homeopathy and Croup

his whole month is being dedicated to Coughs and Respiratory Ailments. So today we are discussing the Croup!

My first experience with croup as a mother didn’t come until my fifth child was in the hospital with pneumonia after her first vaccination. (Yes, she was only 4 months old). Oddly enough, I knew a bit about the croup, but I didn’t know that it could really be dangerous rather than funny to listen to….

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