I have to giggle whenever someone asks me to tell “My Story” about my road to using only Homeopathy vs. Conventional Allopathic Medicine, and my non-use of vaccinations.

Why do I giggle? Because I’m happy! I’m so happy that God led our family away from the pharmaceutical world of drugs and the stream-line media based mentality;

…You know the mentality that if it weren’t for prescription drugs; humans would be nearly extinct!  Yeah, Right!

The truth is so far from that line of thinking! That, like I say, I seriously giggle every single time I think about how our Good Lord has lined up all of creation for our benefit.

Yes, disease and eventual death is our lot in life; has been since the fall, and will be until the end of time. All disease has been here since that moment and always will be. The only thing about disease that’s changed, are the names of these diseases. Bacteria, virus, and fungus’s are essentially the same.

So why the big mystery about disease? Because, there is no money in saying, “Hey we have a new drug to fight the same disease that your great, great grandfather cured with sarsaparilla, 90 years ago!” or “Quickly, come get vaccinated and inject your child with the added benefit of formaldehyde, so that he has this added toxin to his boring bloodstream!”

I am being so facetious right now, but I have touted the praises of homeopathic immunizations for over 20 yrs., and still, there are over 5 billion people who still seem to be in the dark that God, through Samuel Hahnemann has given us a way to protect our families from the basics of all the world’s major diseases, without harm or toxicity….AND this way is harmless and NON-toxic!

Homeopathic immunization is the most wonderfully easy way to build your child’s immunity to disease naturally, that most think it too easy!

So, we’ve put together a great course titled: Homeoprophylaxis: Homeopathic Immunizations and Treating World Diseases.

We talk about origin of disease, the difference between Vaccination and Immunization. We talk about the actual diseases, how to avoid disease or care for those who have disease and finally, how to protect your family.

With the help of some wonderful people, I really feel that this course is the culmination of my life’s trials as a mommy. The years of illness that I endured with my children, while I was still vaccinating my first eight, has given me a very personal insight to disease.

I can count no less than 5 times that my children were actually in the hospital with diseases that were not necessarily caused by vaccination, but were definitely the result of their vaccination due to hereditary weakness. I had at least two to three bottles of amoxicillin in my refrigerator at pretty much any given time of year. And I spent countless nights up with earaches, pneumonia, bronchitis, and my very favorite, strep throat.

Until a friend introduced homeopathy to me, I was a victim of society. Seriously! I look back now, and I realize that I truly was a victim. My capacity to think beyond what I had been taught was nonexistent, and only through a friend was I shown another way of caring for my family. I thank God every day, that I received the grace to embrace this truth.

I stopped vaccinating my children 21 yrs. ago.  The last three of our children have not been vaccinated, and not one of them have been to the doctor for illness, other than routine exam, or checkup. We have now been antibiotic free and totally pharmaceutical free, for that same 21 years!

My only regret, was that I had to learn so many hard lessons at the expense of my older children’s health. There are allergies and a couple other health issues that would never have been so, had I understood the simplicity of homeopathy when I was a new mother.

I Pray that God Bless You and Yours with a Lifetime of Health,

Because It’s so much easier to be happy and sing God’s Praise, when you feel Good!


With All My Heart’s Sincerity,

Sue Meyer


I hope that you will check out our New Homeopathic Immunization and Treating World Diseases Course. 

This course has been designed to help take the mystery out of the subject of vaccination versus immunization as we try to answer the many question that most parents have on the subject.  We also go the next step to discuss each disease that parents are asked to give vaccinations for as well as the majority of worlds diseases and how to immunize for them or how to treat them in case someone contracts the disease.

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There are also many FREE printables included with the course, including:  All of Sue’s notes and additional references, Dr. Isaac Golden’s Immunization Protocols, Vaccine Cleanup Protocol, Pharmaceutical Cleanup Protocol, Fourth Dilution Instructions, and Homeopathic Immunization Chart for your Family.

I hope that you will consider learning more about Homeopathic Immunizations for you and your family through our course, and take advantage of our Low Introductory Price.  I only wish I had this information when I was a new mother years ago!