Get Sue Meyer’s popular World Disease/Homeoprophylaxis Kit at a Special Sale Price!  Regular Price for this kit is $499.  But for a limited time only, Save $50 and get this kit for only $449!  Plus if you have purchased Sue’s Crash Course in Homeopathy and the Homeoprophylaxis Course, you can get FREE SHIPPING on this kit!  ($18 value!)  E-mail us for more information at info@homeopathyformommies.com

Kit includes zippered vinyl case; Plus all 42 Nosodes and 12 other 1 dram remedies from the World’s Diseases Kit as well as the additional 14 1 dram remedies needed to complete the Homeoprophylaxis Kit with the remedies and potencies recommended by Isaac Golden.

The remedies in this kit have been carefully chosen to help parents prophylactically immunize their young or not so young families. This kit contains nosodes and other hard to find remedies that may be used with ease in your home. Not only are the all-important nosodes for world diseases contained in this kit., but many of the homeopathic cures; which were widely promoted and then forgotten for over one hundred years. The Kit also includes remedies that are in the Homeoprophylaxis Immunization Kit, as suggested in the Homeoprophylaxis Course. These 16 remedies are those recommended by Isaac Golden.

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