New on the Podcast – No Mint? Things that May Antendote Your Homeopathic Remedies

Tune in to Sue’s latest podcast episode as she talks about herbs and essential oils that might antidote the healing effects of your homeopathic remedies.  She discusses several alternatives to popular oil blends and also offers a toothpaste recipe that she uses for a good alternative for those who use homeopathy.

You can also go here to get the Free Handout and Sue’s Tooth Polish Recipe.


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Homeopathic Help for Allergies

With Allergy Season coming up, I thought it might be a good idea to review just a little bit about this situation.

If you stop and think about what allergies really are, then this can help parents or care givers to make critical decisions ahead of time.

Allergies are any situation that causes the body to throw off abnormal symptoms. Whether chronic or acute.

Acute allergic reactions can be anything from a simple swelling due to a bug bite or stings, to severe anaphylactic shock; it can be in the form of hives or other skin rash due to exposure of an element that the body perceives to be toxic; Allergies can cause the body to throw off symptoms like sneezing, running or mucus nasal issue, eye issues, coughing, itching, burning, swelling…the list goes on. Allergies can be caused from exposure in the air, from a plant, from the water, from food, or even from something like a new topical cream, etc.

What we all need to understand is that if the body has an allergic reaction to something, then this is a defense mechanism…the body’s immune system cannot cope with the element that it has been exposed to, so it throws off drastic symptoms.

There are many reasons the immune system may not be handling this situation. It can be anything… from something the immune system has never encountered before, and is having a drastic reaction to; to the immune system being in a compromised condition. It can be run down, or in the process of fighting something else. Regardless of the why, if we understand that it is an immune situation, we are less likely to suppress the symptom because we understand that to suppress will only further weaken or damage the immune system and if we continue to do this, we run the risk of eventually damaging the precious Adrenal glands.

So…don’t suppress! Find a remedy that matches the symptoms of reaction.

You can listen to more about this situation in our Podcast for Allergy Help. And, if you have the Homeopathy for Mommies eBook, you can type in the symptoms and may easily be able to find a remedy that has these like symptoms to the allergy that you are trying to get a handle on.

For instance:

Apis-  An awesome remedy for bug bites and stings. It is a great remedy for anaphylactic shock, as it quickly triggers the body to reduce watery swelling and edema situation. When this remedy is needed the skin can be red and have a shiny look, but there is always watery swelling.

Arsenicum-  Will quickly trigger the body to throw off symptoms due to exposure of some element the body perceives as poisonous. IF she has been poisoned or even if she “thinks” she has been poisoned. These can be symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea or other burning sensation due to exposure of toxins or what the body may perceive as a toxin.

Allium cepa.- Symptoms that are like those of an extreme onion of exposure…eyes burning and nose watering for allergies or even for cold symptoms. When symptoms tend to corrode the nose and upper lip, and the eyes can also burn but have bland discharge.

Anacardium – This remedy is often used for poison ivy. Blister like eruptions. Skin is reddened at base of. Eyes and face may swell. Itching is aggravated by heat. Will often relieve when Rhus tox. fails. For Eczema and Psoriasis, there can be yellow vesicular weeping. Dermatitis. Skin inflammation in general.

Euphrasia- Also known as Eyebright. Any eye situations that water, or burn. eyelids, red and swollen.  Burning Sore throat. Cough with easy expectoration (during the day…Sleeps well at night. But unlike Allium cepa, here the eyes are acrid and corrode, the nose is bland discharge)

Clematis- This remedy is excellent for corroding eruption and eczema as well. This remedy is famous when eruptions are not only external but can even effect the mucus membranes. The eruptions can be red, burning, corrosive.

Cistus Can.- This remedy can really help to strengthen the immune system. There can be visible signs for it’s use; callosities with cracks, diseases of the nails, hard, thick skin, oozing after scratching. Lupus, small painful pimples, poisoned wounds that spread and ulcerate. The glands can be affected. Very often the patient will act as though they are suffering intensely.

Nat. Mur. – (sodium chloride)- the sodium in our body can easily be knocked out of balance during times of stress, fatigue, or illness; this can lead to symptoms of puffy swelling. Often used successfully for Hay Fever, Runny nose, alternating with nasal dryness.,

Rhus tox- A wonderful remedy for rash caused from things like Poison ivy or poison oak, for any itchy eruptions, shingles, and chicken pox as well. It should always be taken in low x potency when being used for a rash. And many take it in a higher c potency in the spring to help with poison ivy exposure in the spring and summer months.

There are many remedies that are wonderful for allergic reactions. Some sadly, are not in the book Homeopathy for Mommies, but can be requested on our website at the special remedy request button.

For Instance:  Petroleum, Kresotum; both excellent for Dry cracked skin especially at different times of year. Skin can appear dirty, rough, peeling; Psoriasis or eczema. Itching, sore, cracked, blistered.

Asarum for watering, burning eyes, plugged sensation, sensation as if the eyes would be pressed asunder. Accumulation of cold watery saliva in the mouth; vomiting with diarrhea, violent colic.

The list goes on to many more than I’ve listed here. But this is a really good list to begin with because these are very important remedies for acute allergic situations.

Beyond the Acute situation, there are also chronic allergic situations:

Chronic Allergic Reaction can be a symptom or group of symptoms that the person lives with all the time….or that chronically flare up at certain times of the year of periodically.

Chronic Allergies are not really the focus of this article, but needs to be addressed, because folks need to know that if your body is throwing off symptoms like eczema or other skin rashes, blepharitis, running nose, cracked, inflamed skin, sinusitis, etc., then your body is trying to tell you something. Don’t suppress these wonderful symptoms with drugs found in creams, inhalers, pills, etc. Make an appointment with a good homeopath to have a full case intake done. A good Homeopath can help you to get over chronic allergic issues so that your body can come back into balance. If someone was born with allergies, the homeopath can get to the bottom of this situation as well. Case taking will prove very efficient in this situation.

Allergies can be cured.


May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer

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New Podcast – Spring Detox and Cleanse Protocols

Check out the latest Podcast where Sue talks about Detox and Cleanse Protocols.   Detoxing every 6 months or so is a great way to flush our body and reawaken our organs.

Listen to the Podcast Here.

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Methods in Homeopathy

Once upon a time, I literally vowed to myself that I would never write another letter. Writing can get one into so much trouble. Let it be written; Let it be done. You cannot take away that which has been etched in stone.

That’s why it is so hard for me to write these blogs. The podcast isn’t such a big deal, folks listen, retain up to 20% of what I’m yakking about, giggle a bit, learn one or two things that they may or may not ever use and then move on. They don’t dissect every little word and scrutinize each statement, they just listen and hopefully learn.

Why am I mentioning yet another of my weaknesses? Because we all have them. Some of us are more reluctant to admit it than others, but we are all imperfect.

And because people are imperfect; Nations, Politics, Curriculums, all things that are run and written up by people are imperfect. We are not God. We can be inspired, but the human factor tends to flavor our work.

There have been so many wonderful things accomplished by so many wonderfully clever people…. Dr. Samuel J. Hahnemann was one of those men.

What he began was based on the teachings of the Original Father of Medicine: Hippocrates; “Like Cures Like”. He took that which was already understood, and expounded upon it. He spent the last years of his life learning and teaching about homeopathy, based upon this “Like cures Like” theory. Because it made sense. He didn’t change it, he only amplified the info., and made it more understandable…but he was not perfect, he didn’t know, “everything.”

Homeopathic books are often based on provings, cases, and protocols that have worked for one doctor or another. If the book was written by one of the Original Great Homeopathic Doctors, I say that it is a great book. I say great because, these were written after much research and in depth proving. The information is worth your time to study. Rarely did the personality control the writing. Records were kept and recorded so that other doctors would be able to know what had already been studied, and what the results were. I consider these books worth holding on to.
In Today’s world of homeopathy, we are seeing so many “changes” that people keep asking me, what style or method of homeopathy do you think I should study?

Again, I am human. I make at least one or two mistakes a year. (Ok, I’m totally laughing here) But about homeopathy I have very strong opinions.
I am Classical. Remedies are proven one at a time, they simply cannot prove a combination remedy. I have used combination remedies, but when I do, I always explain that the body is reading only one remedy at a time.

And, I also tell folks that homeopathy hasn’t changed. What worked two hundred years ago, still works the same way today. However, there are many wonderful strides being made when it comes to the language.

The Cheat Sheet Charts, as I like to call them, is a style of coming to the correct remedy more efficiently. This was put together by Rajan Sankaran and Jan Scholten, and taught very efficiently by Rajan’s student Dinesh Chauan. It is known as the Sensation method, which is very deceiving because it is still Classical in every sense of the word.

I totally embraced this method because of my devotion and understanding of St. Benedict, who taught, “If you want to know a man, listen to him but for five minutes and he will give away his heart.”

In other words, we cannot help but give a good homeopath all the information necessary for him to be able to find the correct remedy. The human body intrinsically knows what it needs, and will literally “say” what it needs. This is not new. Homeopathy has always worked this way…but after nearly three hundred years, wise listeners have learned to connect the dots and align remedies with language.

There are other forms of prescribing homeopathic remedies. Like protocols. (a protocol is a set system of giving a remedy or series of remedies for a particular illness or complaint) I have come up with my own protocols for certain issues, and there are other protocols that doctors have come up with. These protocols are very often efficient especially for “Acute” illness or hereditary disease. I have not however, found them efficient for long term healing when the issue is of long-standing and there is a “never well since” (other than the flu) in the description. Protocols definitely have their place in the world of homeopathy, but there is no way that a protocol can address the patients trigger. (the trigger is the “human” factor that has allowed the disease state in the first place)

There are also recipes. I mention it here because you will find it stated as such in old books. It is the giving of two or more remedies in succession for an issue like a cough or fever.

At seminar, I met an amazing young homeopathic doctor from India, he said, “Sue, in India we are so busy, that when a mother comes in with a sick child, we discern the symptoms and give the remedy for that illness according to what the child’s body type is; we literally have pictures of four different babies on the wall. These show the main body types.”

So, you see, there is no right or wrong, there are just different ways to come the end. My main advice is to not consider the old classical form of prescribing passé. Learn as much as you can from as many sources as you can. I relish the new, but never discount that which is old, tried and true.

And realize that nothing in homeopathy is ever out…it is only ignored by modern thinkers.

Homeopathy is a wonderful world of true healing…the correct remedy will always trigger the body to begin healing; proper nutrition and lifestyle will aid this process; spiritual correctness will complete the process.

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer


Sue Meyer, Author of Homeopathy for Mommies, is available to travel and teach seminars on Homeopathy in your area. In an effort to reach as many people as possible and help others truly understand Homeopathy, she is available, with advanced notice, to travel to any area in the U.S.

*Depending on location, there is a minimum attendance requirement. Call or email for more details.

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X-Rays…Dangerous or Not?

A friend emailed and asked what I thought of x-rays. Long story short, I’m no expert, but I do know that every x-ray has an effect upon the delicate workings of the body.

According to the Mayo Clinic; “The amount of radiation you’re exposed to during an X-ray depends on the tissue or organ being examined. Sensitivity to the radiation depends on your age, with children being more sensitive than adults. Generally, however, radiation exposure from an X-ray is low, and the benefit from these tests far outweigh the risks. However, if you’re pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant, tell your doctor before having an X-ray. Though the risk of most diagnostic X-rays to an unborn baby is small, your doctor may consider another imaging test, such as ultrasound.”

So, in other words…even the Mayo Clinic, a highly-respected hospital, contradicts itself in trying to give their patients comfort that x-rays are not harmful.

Natural Medicine advocates say that you should never get x-rays because they are very dangerous.

But what is this danger? And how do you really know what you should allow for yourself or your children?

And if you “must” get an x-ray, what can you do to protect as far as possible?

According to Ener-Chi Wellness Centre; “No matter how important x-rays are medically, they have their side effects like any other form of radiation.

…exposure to these high-frequency waves… unless it is an absolute emergency, getting an x-ray done must be avoided as far as possible.

Some of its harmful effects:

  • Due to their relatively smaller physical size, children are more sensitive to the radiation as it could badly affect their genitals. Parents accompanying their children during x-ray check-ups should wear x-ray prevention clothes as a precaution.
  • Exposure to radiation as a fetus ups the chances of cancer by 40%, of developing tumour(s) by 50% and of leukemia by 70%.
  • Thyroid glands, which are the primary glands of metabolism and energy, are also known victims of x-rays. They are particularly sensitive to radiation because of which, excessive exposure to radiation can lead to various thyroid conditions. Asking for a thyroid collar when getting your head, neck or collarbone area x-rayed could be a preventive measure.
  • Reports say that when exposed to x-rays, especially in the lower abdominal region, a person is at the risk of developing genetic damage that could turn hereditary. They also link diseases like diabetes, high BP, coronary heart disease, strokes and cataracts with exposure to x-rays.”

Honestly, I know very little about x-rays. I do know that there are many factors that determine the long-term effects, all of which we could write another book. Even then, there would still be the question: What can I do if and when, I or my family needs an x-ray?

Well, I believe that we should all become more cautious. Don’t just let the dentist routinely do x-rays. This may upset the average dentist. But it is still your choice. You needn’t feel any duty to order undue tests for your family.

Also, mammograms seem to be a huge business, when in reality, they should be discontinued, (not only for the above reasons) but because the technology of the Thermograms literally makes a mammogram obsolete. Thermograms are revolutionary when it comes to detecting abnormalities in the body.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor if he or she is suggesting a mammogram or x-rays. Most doctors really do care. X-rays have been the norm for so many years that it’s going to take the patients to change protocol. If you sincerely express your concerns to your doctor, even in an emergency, he will understand and even consider different tests if time and availability allows.

If, of course, there is an emergency and the need is real, and if  the technology doesn’t allow for a different way of looking at an issue…it would probably be wise to agree to the x-ray and then to be pro-active.

There are a handful of remedies that are often used in treating radiation exposure due to x-rays and other radiation exposure, depending on the situation or even symptoms that may follow x-rays and or exposure.

 You may take or give any of the following homeopathic remedies:

Most frequently used remedies are:

  • X-ray 200c, this remedy directly made from exposure to x-ray radiation, can be given before and again after x-rays to aid the body in alleviating harmful effects.
  • Cadmium sulph 200c (for exposure) can also be given before and again following an x-ray to aid the body in alleviating harmful effects. Or if there is much vomiting, [green, blood, mucus], stomach pains, weakness or exhaustion; desires small sips of water.
  • Radium bromatum.- can be used before and following, but is often used for the effects of x-ray especially when skin symptoms manifest; such as itching, burning, swelling or even ulcers.

Anytime there is a situation that calls for a deeper look at the goings-on of the body, please, take a small step back. Say an earnest prayer, and truly ask for guidance. Every decision that you make really does matter. Most of the time you have a choice. The clinic or hospital will not always tell or offer you that choice, so educate yourself. Know your choices. Knowledge is power; and Knowledge will give you the confidence to stand firm in your decision. 

You are given charge of your family…. God has appointed you.


May He Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer

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New Podcast – Urinary Tract Infection, Part 1

Check out the latest podcast where Sue Meyer talks about Urinary Tract Infections by clicking the picture above!


You can get a FREE handout for this podcast episode here!

Here are some of the remedies discussed in this Podcast.

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The Winds of Change

When my oldest son was younger, I was his Den Mother, as he grew, and there was a need for a new “Boy Scout” leader, I became that role as well.  I loved working with the boys; and as it turned out, they were really teaching me.  I organized the meetings and gave directions as to what I expected them to learn for the next meeting, and guess what?  They would learn it so well that I would stand in amazement!  Then they would proceed to teach the teacher!  A good system.  Efficient, and fun as well!

I was a wonderfully successful Boy Scout leader, when all I really knew was how to read, follow directions and oh, yeah…I had a great love for my son, and the “desire” for him to learn how to survive in the wilderness and to have fun doing it!

The Boy Scouts used to be an awesome way for boys to become young men.  Today politics has changed that simple program; I won’t go into a lot of detail, but the point is, it’s changed.  Everything has changed…

I received a link this morning about an Amish man imprisoned for making a salve.  You can read the article here: Amish Farmer Sam Girod is in Jail…His Enemies Want Him There for Life.  Imprisoned…just for making a homemade salve and claiming it had some healing properties.  A salve that almost anyone could make in their own kitchen!

The following quote is from a 1955 book called: “Enemies are Human” by Reinhold Pabel.

“It was not until the late thirties that Hitler’s principal idea of the Thousand Year Reich became evident in all its monstrosity.  His first goal was to eliminate the undesirables…The Police State was born.  Schools, press, radio became coordinated.  Those who refused to cooperate were thrown into concentration camps…Intricate machinery was constructed which was designed to allow the Government to supervise every phase of private life so thoroughly that any attempt to protest could be nipped in the bud.  In spite of this, many people did not take everything lying down.  True: the majority of them just clenched their fists in their pockets and kept their mouths shut…..if they had been faced with the alternative of keeping quiet of losing their jobs, homes, or even their lives.…The concentration camps were filled not only with Jews, but also with many German nonconformists, victims of political and religious persecution…”

Boy Scouts and WWII?  This is a very thin thread but try to follow me please…

When I think about the Boy Scouts, I think about Survival.  The knowledge to survive with the barest of equipment.  The Boy Scouts of America have been undermined by political rhetoric.  Now an Amish man being arrested for his act of Treason? 

Where are we today; does this not ring the same bell as the quote from the 1955 book quoting pre-war Germany?

The point is, we are losing our rights quicker than we can even keep track.  I went to place an order the other day with a company that I have used for over 15 years.  This company has helped me learn so much about herbs and essential oils.  They have always had tons of information both on their website and given personally when I call.  To my shock and dismay, there is no longer ANY information outside the name of the Herbs of Oils listed on their website . Our favorite Government Organization has dis-allowed any “claims or unsubstantiated” claims. Going so far as to say even Historical data is now unsubstantiated. 

Homeopathic remedies are also under constant attack.  As I write this, another bill is before session to take the use of homeopathic remedies away from us, and to make them available by prescription only. 

I don’t have any answers.  But if I may suggest…Have no fear!  Fear is caused by lack of faith, or lack of knowledge.

Pray.  If you are inspiried, follow through.

Be prudent.  Arm yourself and your family with Knowledge.

Basic Boy Scout type training should be a given for every family.  It is the single best field First Aid training available to date.

Learn Homeopathy, and have the most basic remedies on hand.


May God bless you and yours,

Sue Meyer


My favorites to have on hand are:

Of course there are many other good reference books, but these are by far my personal favorites!


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Interested In Learning More About Homeopathic Immunizations?

What is Homeopathic Immunization? How can I treat my family safely for any of the World’s Diseases if they are in my neighborhood? Are there safe natural alternatives for my family?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, you will want to check out this great NEW resource for parents and caregivers seeking a safe and natural alternative for their family.

Through her extensive research and experience, Sue Meyer has developed a New Online Training Course to help take the mystery out of the subject of vaccination versus immunization. 

This course is such a great resource for parents and caregivers seeking a safe and natural alternative.  We try to answer the many questions that most parents have on the subject.  Sue also goes the next step to discuss each disease that parents are asked to give vaccination for as well as the majority of the Worlds Diseases and how to immunize for them or how to treat them in case someone contracts the disease.

Would you like to learn more about WHY Sue decided that using Homeopathy to Immunize or treat diseases was better for her family?  You can read her BLOG post about her family’s decision to use Homeopathy here.

I have to giggle whenever someone asks me to tell “My Story” about my road to using only Homeopathy vs. Conventional Allopathic Medicine, and my non-use of vaccinations.

Why do I giggle? Because I’m happy! I’m so happy that God led our family away from the pharmaceutical world of drugs and the stream-line media based mentality…

It is so important for parents to be informed that there are Safe and Natural Alternatives available for them and their loved ones. 

We sincerely hope that you will take the time to learn more about Homeoprophylaxis and how you can use it for your own family.


You can PREVIEW the First Session for FREE!  (Preview Available in both Podcast and Video Format)  


Several Printables Included in the Course:

  • ALL of Sue’s notes and additional references
  • Dr. Isaac Golden’s Immunization Protocols
  • Vaccine Cleanup Protocol
  • Pharmaceutical Cleanup Protocol
  • Fourth Dilution Instructions
  • Homeopathic Vaccine Chart for your family

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Women and Pregnancy Podcast

NEW on the Podcast – Women and Pregnancy

In this episode of Homeopathy for Mommies Radio, Sue talks about her experience with pregnancies, miscarriages, infertility, and women’s health.  Click the picture above for the entire show!

For more information you can also check out Sue’s Blog on Is Homeopathy Safe During Pregnancy?

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The Birthing Kit includes zippered vinyl case; 42 -1 dram remedies. This kit is a Doula’s dream kit. But it is also a great kit for any family still in the birthing age. Of course, any farmer or pet owner will love this kit as well if their animals are mommies. 

*In addition to new mothers, you’ll find that many of these remedies are popular for other acute illnesses as well…not just for birthing!


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Homeopathy Seminar March 17-18 Louisville, KY

We are excited to share that Sue Meyer from Homeopathy for Mommies and Homeopathy for Mommies Radio Podcasts will be traveling to Louisville, KY, to give a 2 day Homeopathy Seminar.  All are invited to attend! Come for one day, or for both; and have the chance to meet Sue and learn more about Homeopathy and how you can use it to treat and care for your family.

Friday Seminar Topics Include: Introduction to Homeopathy; including all of the remedies in Sue’s book, Injury, and First Aid

Saturday Seminar Topics Include: Infection, Acute Disease, Essential Oils, and Homeoprophylaxis – Homeopathic Immunizations

Seminar will be held at:  The Sword & The Scone Tea Parlor & Boutique in Louisville, Kentucky

Cost: $40 for 1 day, or $60 for both days.

Register here through The Outpost Mercantile.

*There will be an hour lunch break each day.  Lunch will be available for purchase at The Sword & The Scone Tea Parlor.  Please see Menu here and e-mail Meal Orders to Stephanie at by Monday, March 13th.   “Endless Tea” also available for 2 hours during lunch for only $3.95, over 40 Teas to choose from!

See Flyer for more information.

Register Here! 

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Is Homeopathy Safe During Pregnancy?

I am often asked if Homeopathy is safe to use during pregnancy.  Homeopathy is so safe, that I can honestly say that without it, I would have miscarried two times more than the four miscarriages that I had before I found homeopathy.

I have used homeopathy to aid many women in carrying a pregnancy to term, or to avoid a threatening miscarriage.

I can remember early miscarriages. One in particular… my first. The ultra-sound revealed that the baby was still alive. The doctor told me to go home and go to bed, he said that there was nothing that could be done…I was almost 10 weeks…after two horrific weeks of hemorrhage, another ultra sound revealed that my baby had died, and I needed a D&C. My baby had died several days before the final ultra-sound and my heart was broken, for what I thought would be forever.

I asked the nurses to baptize even though there wasn’t much left.  I cried literally night and day for about a week, when suddenly, I was given the grace to realize that if I could be good…I’d meet my baby someday. So I stopped crying and said a prayer of Thanksgiving for my little Angel.

God has a plan and He allows these events for a reason. Every loss shapes a mother’s heart. I felt such guilt when I lost this baby; I already had two tiny babies and found out that I was expecting, AGAIN! Oh, poor me, right? Well, I lost that gift. Then my prayer became a plea, that I would never again feel sorry for myself.

I don’t think that I ever did….by the grace of God of course.

Since then, I’ve used remedies to save two more of my own pregnancies, and helped moms going through much of the same situation, to stop the hemorrhage and carry their babies to term.  I Thank God that we have these little remedies on hand to at least do what we can; so, that we don’t feel helpless. And I’d say that a threatened miscarriage has at least a 50% chance of survival, if remedies can be used immediately at the time of the threat.

Not every pregnancy will be ok, but many more will be, than without it.

So Yes, I say…homeopathy is very safe during pregnancy.

Are there remedies to avoid?

The only homeopathic remedies that must be avoided are: Apis in any potency lower than a 30c…Why? Because it can work so well, that it may compromise a mother’s water. (Even this is a maybe…but Kent says, let’s not chance it)

Also, hormone remedies should be used only at the suggestion of a good homeopath. Not that they will really trigger the body in a wrong direction…but healing should be monitored by potency, and most people are not really versed in this well enough.

I encourage mommies to use any remedy in 30c potency that fits the symptoms that they are experiencing. This is a good rule to live by when pregnant.

Don’t avoid using homeopathy when pregnant. Because very often you can help to maintain your health and the health of your unborn child just by listening to your body when it sends a symptom for a needed remedy!


May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer

Watch for my podcast next week where I will go more in-depth about Pregnancy and Homeopathy, as well as taking a look at those unable to conceive, and the possibility of using Homeopathy to help bring the body into balance so you can conceive.

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The Birthing Kit includes zippered vinyl case; 42 -1 dram remedies. This kit is a Doula’s dream kit. But it is also a great kit for any family still in the birthing age. Of course, any farmer or pet owner will love this kit as well if their animals are mommies. 

*In addition to new mothers, you’ll find that many of these remedies are popular for other acute illnesses as well…not just for birthing!

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Mother in Law Bread Podcast & Recipe

New on the podcast – my recipe that I mentioned a few podcasts ago!  I’m naming it Mother-in-law bread since I wrote it down for my daughter-in-law.

Join Sue on the podcast for this heart-warming story by clicking here.

Find the recipe here:

Mother-in-Law Bread… You can do the math to decrease this batch. This recipe will make 8 to 10 loaves (depending on my mood!)

Some fun variations are: to add garlic and or dried chives to the bread dough when mixing for a touch of the Italian flavor. Also, kids love to make mini loaves or even to roll them into breadsticks. (when made into breadsticks, 15-20 minutes is usually sufficient baking time.)

Click Here to Download your recipe copy!

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Why Choose Homeopathic Immunizations For Your Family?

I have to giggle whenever someone asks me to tell “My Story” about my road to using only Homeopathy vs. Conventional Allopathic Medicine, and my non-use of vaccinations.

Why do I giggle? Because I’m happy! I’m so happy that God led our family away from the pharmaceutical world of drugs and the stream-line media based mentality;

…You know the mentality that if it weren’t for prescription drugs; humans would be nearly extinct!  Yeah, Right!

The truth is so far from that line of thinking! That, like I say, I seriously giggle every single time I think about how our Good Lord has lined up all of creation for our benefit.

Yes, disease and eventual death is our lot in life; has been since the fall, and will be until the end of time. All disease has been here since that moment and always will be. The only thing about disease that’s changed, are the names of these diseases. Bacteria, virus, and fungus’s are essentially the same.

So why the big mystery about disease? Because, there is no money in saying, “Hey we have a new drug to fight the same disease that your great, great grandfather cured with sarsaparilla, 90 years ago!” or “Quickly, come get vaccinated and inject your child with the added benefit of formaldehyde, so that he has this added toxin to his boring bloodstream!”

I am being so facetious right now, but I have touted the praises of homeopathic immunizations for over 20 yrs., and still, there are over 5 billion people who still seem to be in the dark that God, through Samuel Hahnemann has given us a way to protect our families from the basics of all the world’s major diseases, without harm or toxicity….AND this way is harmless and NON-toxic!

Homeopathic immunization is the most wonderfully easy way to build your child’s immunity to disease naturally, that most think it too easy!

So, we’ve put together a great course titled: Homeoprophylaxis: Homeopathic Immunizations and Treating World Diseases.

We talk about origin of disease, the difference between Vaccination and Immunization. We talk about the actual diseases, how to avoid disease or care for those who have disease and finally, how to protect your family.

With the help of some wonderful people, I really feel that this course is the culmination of my life’s trials as a mommy. The years of illness that I endured with my children, while I was still vaccinating my first eight, has given me a very personal insight to disease.

I can count no less than 5 times that my children were actually in the hospital with diseases that were not necessarily caused by vaccination, but were definitely the result of their vaccination due to hereditary weakness. I had at least two to three bottles of amoxicillin in my refrigerator at pretty much any given time of year. And I spent countless nights up with earaches, pneumonia, bronchitis, and my very favorite, strep throat.

Until a friend introduced homeopathy to me, I was a victim of society. Seriously! I look back now, and I realize that I truly was a victim. My capacity to think beyond what I had been taught was nonexistent, and only through a friend was I shown another way of caring for my family. I thank God every day, that I received the grace to embrace this truth.

I stopped vaccinating my children 21 yrs. ago.  The last three of our children have not been vaccinated, and not one of them have been to the doctor for illness, other than routine exam, or checkup. We have now been antibiotic free and totally pharmaceutical free, for that same 21 years!

My only regret, was that I had to learn so many hard lessons at the expense of my older children’s health. There are allergies and a couple other health issues that would never have been so, had I understood the simplicity of homeopathy when I was a new mother.

I Pray that God Bless You and Yours with a Lifetime of Health,

Because It’s so much easier to be happy and sing God’s Praise, when you feel Good!


With All My Heart’s Sincerity,

Sue Meyer


I hope that you will check out our New Homeopathic Immunization and Treating World Diseases Course. 

This course has been designed to help take the mystery out of the subject of vaccination versus immunization as we try to answer the many question that most parents have on the subject.  We also go the next step to discuss each disease that parents are asked to give vaccinations for as well as the majority of worlds diseases and how to immunize for them or how to treat them in case someone contracts the disease.

You can preview Session 1 here for FREE.

There are also many FREE printables included with the course, including:  All of Sue’s notes and additional references, Dr. Isaac Golden’s Immunization Protocols, Vaccine Cleanup Protocol, Pharmaceutical Cleanup Protocol, Fourth Dilution Instructions, and Homeopathic Immunization Chart for your Family.

I hope that you will consider learning more about Homeopathic Immunizations for you and your family through our course, and take advantage of our Low Introductory Price.  I only wish I had this information when I was a new mother years ago!



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Life Experiences and Homeopathy – As Unique As You Are

Have you listened to the Latest Podcast on Asthma yet?  Here is a great preview!

Do you remember when you were a little kid playing hide-n-seek? Well I do. With two older brothers and three younger siblings, we played by the hour when Dad and Mom were gone…why then? Because we could go into the forbidden zones! The attic! Mom and Dad’s closet, under their bed, the far corners of the basement! We could move boxes, build forts, and pull moms best dresses down just far enough to hide our feet! These games were some of my best memories.

Of course, you knew this must have been going somewhere, right? I remember these moments because they were so scary! I can remember being so scared I could feel my heart beating so hard in my chest that I knew it would beat right through the front of my chest…and I knew for sure that anyone getting close to my hiding place could surely hear my heart as well! Oh, and forget about breathing. My breathing was as loud as a freight train, so I’d have to hold my breath when I thought anyone was even in the same room because I knew for sure I’d give myself away. I seriously knew that they could hear me breathing from across the room!


I know, these fears were my delusions, weren’t they?

Yes, I set my own stage, I made my own reality, I created my own fears. I did it then and I continue to do it today.

Of course, I am not nearly as exciting as I was 45 years ago, so my delusions are now on a much lower and boring scale, but I still have them. Everyone does. We had them as children, and we have them as adults.

Let’s talk about this.

Why can 10 people be in say; a 5 car pileup on the intersection of two busy roads and when questioned, no two of these people will tell the same story? Why is that? Because. Each one of these 10 people experienced something entirely different. They will tell to the best of their ability the actual event, but they will also pour into the story their experience of that event.

At the moment of the accident, each one of these 10 people were in their own little world, with their own little thoughts, maybe engaged in conversation, maybe listening to radio, maybe scared of being late for work, maybe anticipating a fun date, maybe excited about an upcoming meeting….it doesn’t matter. Whatever their thoughts or moods were at that exact moment…. that is what they took into the accident with them.

So, each person, sliding into the accident brought with them their own little stage; their props, their mind set, their fears… and so their perception will be totally different then even the guy sitting next to them.

This is why in homeopathy we say that ONLY the patient himself can tell you what he is experiencing….or what his experience was…. whether it be tragedy, illness, exposure, fright, or any other situation. Only that patient can give you the hints to his needed remedy. To his reality. To his sensation.


God bless you and yours,

Sue Meyer


For more information, go here to listen to the latest Podcast on Asthma and learn more about how our experiences shape our own world, and yes, even our Dis-Ease state.

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NEW on the Podcast: Asthma and Homeopathy

Asthma is physical. Very physical. Very distressing and very scary. Not only for the patient, but for everyone around them.  Tune in as we talk about Asthma Triggers and homeopathy in this episode.

Listen to the Podcast here:

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NEW on the Podcast: Acute Basic Treatment in Homeopathy

Why is it that homeopathic directions are never the same twice?  When to use Homeopathy, Which Potency, Frequency, Water Dilution, Granules, Pellets, Globules….the possibilities are basically endless when it comes to homeopathic treatment.

Listen to the podcast here:


And get the show guide here:


Do you like Sue’s Podcast?  You can help her by rating us on I-Tunes!  Click the iTunes image to go to our profile.  Thank you!!


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Homeopathy Basics 101

Why is it that homeopathic directions never seem to be the same twice in a row?

When to use Homeopathy, Which Potency, Frequency, Water Dilution, Granules, Pellets, Globules….the possibilities are basically endless when it comes to homeopathic treatment.

So how is a Mom or Dad supposed to know What to use, When to use it, How often to use it, When to stop giving a remedy, What cancels a remedy, and Even Where do I store my remedies…are there any more Do’s and Don’ts?

When using homeopathy for issues like illness or injury, the basics are simple.

Our book, “Homeopathy for Mommies” really helps to take the guess work out of learning how use homeopathy; and in our upcoming podcast “Basics 101” we will discuss this so that everyone can get a handle on feeling confident in the use of homeopathy.  Look for our podcast to be available next week!


May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer

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Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils


I can’t stress enough how pure Therapeutic Essential Oils are an excellent source of nutrition for the body, rich in minerals and nutrients that are needed for conductivity of body functions. Our new Podcast about ADD and ADHD is a perfect example of how the body can be triggered by the olfactory sense to read the constituents of essential oils to balance and even enhance neurotransmitter functions.

Essential Oils are truly a gift from our Creator and are nowadays available to even the most modest of income family.

Essential Oils can be used topically like I said to kill bacteria, nourish, and aid in the healing process, but they can also be used to trigger healing simply by inhalation for many issues.

Our Oil called “Plague Away” is awesome to use in a diffuser to cleanse the air from bacteria and virus. This combination Essential Oil of Cinnamon, Clove and Lemon are not only efficient in controlling micro-bacterial and viral properties, but it is also a wonderful oil to enhance digestion and is even wonderful to brighten the mood and uplift even the darkest person. I’ve been diffusing this oil in our store this Christmas season which is getting compliments galore!

There are nearly as many oils as there are plants…so it can become overwhelming. Don’t stress about knowing them all, just learn them slowly. Then you’ll begin to understand groups of oils, much like you understand food; much like citrus fruits are all rich in vitamin c, and so you’ll quickly begin to understand groups of oils being strong in similar constituents. It’s the availability and scent of certain oils that regulate the price and popularity of an oil.

One of the most important Essential Oils to have on hand is Frankincense. This oil made form the Boswellian Frankincense trees is what is called a “Precious” oil. This oil is harvested only once a year. These trees are protected and the resin is collected only once a year in a religious ceremony. The men from the region go in and slash the trees, and after the trees have bled their resin, the women and children go in to harvest.

This is one of the gifts of the Magi to Our Lord at His birth. It is an amazing oil which fumigates, aids the respiratory and digestive systems of the body and is known for balancing the body’s energy. It is a perfect oil for using daily. It is believed that Frankincense will keep the human body at its optimum energy level and is easily combined with other oils to energize, rejuvenate and nourish any pertinent need the body may have.

Frankincense measures at147 MHz, it has been discovered that the general healthy human frequency is within the range of 62-72 Hz (which, when converted to MHz, is identical to the frequency of Frankincense.) Therefore, Frankincense is extremely efficient at optimizing the body’s energy pattern. It resonates at the highest human body frequency, and like a tuning fork being struck and coming close to the instrument, raises the frequency to match the higher of the two frequencies. Frankincense acts in such a way, so as to finely tune the instrument, the body!

When the body’s frequency drops to lower levels it enables the appearance of variety of diseases. For example, at even the slightly lower level of 58 Hz, diseases like cold and flu were more likely to appear. On much lower levels (42 Hz) Cancer appears in many humans.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

May God Bless You, and Yours.

Sue Meyer

Visit our store to see our great selection of high-quality Essential Oils.




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Healing Properties of Essential Oils

essential-oils-1433694_640Essential Oils have been coveted for centuries as miraculous healing solutions. They have been used medicinally, for food preservation, cooking, in religious ceremonies, as pesticides and for many, many other uses.

The healing properties of Essential oils are of such benefit that until modern times with better extracting methods, only the very rich could afford to have possession of them. Today, even the most modest income families have the availability of these oils at their disposal.

Another modern benefit is our understanding of the specific constituents contained in the different oils. We now understand why certain oils are good for a particular issue and we have a clearer understanding of how they work to our benefit.

We thought it would be fun to talk about a few of the more common oils and how you can easily bring them into your home and use them safely with your family.

In “Homeopathy for Mommies” book, pg. 195-197 you’ll find some very basic information on the medicinal uses and some of the wonderful healing and anti-bacterial properties of my favorite, “can’t live without” oils. Also, on our podcast “Sprains, Strains, and Breaks” you can hear me talk about some of my experiences with the use of Essential Oils.

It’s important to understand that not all oils are the same. Quality is key. Organic, Wild crafted, Therapeutic grade, Pure. These are all things to look for.

In many combination oils, they will add a carrier oil to dilute the actual essential oil. Also in oils called absolutes, you can end up with less than half quantity of essential oil. So make sure that your oils are Pure, Therapeutic grade and of high quality so that you are getting the full benefits of unadulterated plant oil.

Oils are rich in natural constituents from the original plant. Each being unique to God’s design and beneficial for a variety of uses. The properties of each oil vary in use per that design and are easily learned by all members of the family.

One important thing to mention is that in our store, we do not carry any camphorated essential oils because these oils will cancel up to 90% of all homeopathic remedies when used simultaneously. Some homeopathic doctors feel that a good essential oil containing camphor can interrupt a homeopathic remedy for up to 5 weeks. So we use only oils that are homeopathic compatible. I tell folks that we also avoid mints so that in the event that we need to use the homeopathic remedy, Arnica, I want to know that it will work. It’s a choice. And I like to make sure that everyone understands why sometimes a remedy doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more with you about some of the essential oils and how to use them.  I have a few favorites: Like Lavender, Frankincense, Spruce, Fir, Lemongrass, Cypress, Orange, Tangerine,…wow, there are so many favorites!

But the one oil that everyone should know about is Lavender.”  This oil has wonderful antiseptic and anesthetic properties. It can be used internally or externally to kill bacteria, fungus and infections; it can be used undiluted or diluted and does not kill new skin like many over the counter antibiotic creams do.

During WWII it is reported that French doctors ran out of antiseptic solution, so they began using pure Lavender oil for surgery. They used it in the incision before stitching the wound and again after, topically, over the wound before bandaging. The reports indicate that there was not even one case of infection in the patients that used the Lavender oil. This is something to note and remember!

Lavender oil can be used directly on canker and mouth sores, teething babies, cuts, bruises, sores, hangnails, oral thrush, vaginitis, and any other area that is in need healing. Lavender is the only disinfectant that I have in my first aid kit and medicine cabinet. I do have some Ever clear alcohol that I use for cleaning instruments and such, but the lavender is what I use to heal.

God bless you and yours,


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New Training Course – Treating MRSA

learning-to-treat-mrsaHave you noticed the newest course that we have to offer on MRSA? I do hope that you check it out.  You may not have MRSA in your home and you may never have it.  Thank the Good Lord for that.  But it is my suggestion that you become familiar with this disease, as it is a Staph Infection.  It is a smart infection and can protect itself from anti-biotic. 

I believe that it’s import to know what you can about such things so that you know what you can do to help others, and to have what you need on hand.  It is one of those situations you think you’ll never have to face, but you should at least have the best information possible in case you do. 

That is why we have created a new MRSA Training on how to treat MRSA with my protocol.  We are happy to offer it to our special followers at an introductory price of  $30 for a limited time, along with a special discount on the MRSA Kit (with everything you need) until December 1, 2016.

I’ve been asked why it is that I offer the free podcasts and now have begun to “sell” courses. Well, there are many reasons. The first and most important is that I feel more at liberty to say what I think in a format that we can monitor the listeners! Ha! Ha!  I am also able to go more in-depth in the training courses.

This course about MRSA is so easy to understand that you will be glad you took the time and spent the $ to have access to it. This is information that is basic. Not Just for MRSA. It is basic information that very few know about. Of course, like all of God’s natural remedies, it is more broad spectrum than just one disease. So, it is with sincerity that I say. Please consider adding this course to your library of Natural Remedies. 

One of our Homeopathy For Mommies friends had this to say about MRSA…

“When I developed, what seemed very much like the symptoms of MRSA, I was alarmed and so began the treatment that is suggested in this MRSA course. Within days, I did notice a huge improvement in the way I felt. After only two weeks I realized that my 20 +plus years of fighting Candida seemed to be over. Not realizing of course that the MRSA treatment also is noted for curing Candida! I don’t know if I had MRSA, but the symptoms are now all gone after only a few weeks. I’m so Thankful that I knew about this protocol. Thanking God for wonderful information.” Sincerely, Marie…

As always, if you have questions, email us at  God bless you and your family!

May God Bless You and Yours,

Remember the Introductory Price of $30 lasts until December 1, 2016.  After that, the regular price will be $49.99.



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