Emotions and Staphysagria

For the second time in as many months, I’ve had occasion to use a very popular remedy called, Staphysagria. This remedy is famous for physical issues like Surgery, incisions, having been cut, or injured.

It is a remedy quite famous for the emotional effects of physical and emotional harm to a victim. It is the number one remedy For Urinary tract infection with burning, from catheter, or the new bride: especially after humiliation.

Also, from the effects of Kidney stone blasting.

This remedy is amazing for healing “the whole person” during difficult times of injury and victimization.

I wanted to mention this today because, when I first began using homeopathy, I would kind of gloss over remedies that I didn’t feel really pertained to my world.

I thought that a remedy for urinary tract infections or emotional victims was not anything I had a need for.

Well, I was very wrong.  I now realize that this is one of those remedies that will probably be needed in just about everyone’s life at some time or other. 

For instance:

Staphysagria: A loving family begins a new business. Everything is going well, but there are so many changes in their lives. Longer hours, less family and prayer time. They find that they are only able to sit together for a meal on Sundays. Even the children are working beyond what should be expected of most adults. The parents become cranky and find that they are critical and demanding, but must keep up the stern attitude for fear that this new business venture will fail if they don’t elicit proper work habit from the entire family.

One day as the mother is correcting something that one her children did wrong, the child says, “You’re always yelling.” The mom, without skipping a beat, says, well just do it the way I tell you to; and you need to move more quickly!

So, without having listened to what her child was even saying, she just lectured more.

When she turned, the child had disappeared from the room. She called. No answer. She looked for the child. To no avail. She looked and looked, calling. Still, no answer. Then she saw the child hiding under a table. The child did not want to come out.

Suddenly she realized that she had literally driven the child into hiding by her hard, critical ways. It wasn’t that she was stern. It was because her own frustrations were being taken out on those she loved most! She was demanding without be loving and nurturing!

She had failed to see what this new lifestyle had done to the child. There was no balance, the child felt used and abused without comfort for their efforts (they felt victimized).

This mother, whom the child loved dearly, had actually been abusing the child’s trust and destroying their sense of comfort and safety.

What a horrible realization for this mother. (But God is good, realization is a gift, even though it can be hurtful) She gave the child a dose of Staphysagria 200c. The child immediately smiled and from that moment on, both child and mother were more content and open with their feelings. They were able to talk and work through the difficult times that they were going through.

Staphysagria: you wake one morning, your mood is ok, you know that there is a full agenda today and you already feel pressed for time. Your left eye is twitching with no other symptoms of illness or an impending cold? Hmm? Gosh, this eye is bothering me.

So, what is my real issue? Stress. I can’t seem to ever catch up on everything that others expect of me. (I am a victim of demand)…..one dose of Staphysagria 30c or 200c will alleviate the twitch and calm the mind feeling so used by those demanding of your time and attention.

Staphysagria: all families go through difficult times. Words can be exchanged, hurtful things said or not said that impact everyone.

It is “How” each person is affected that we need to look at. The Staphysagria person will feel like they are the “VICTIM,” they will use words like, I was betrayed, they just use me, I’m not really loved, I’m just used.

Ailments from shame, punishment, vexation and suppressed anger. Was insulted: being too dignified to fight, subdued his wrath and went home sick, trembling and exhausted.

It’s during times like this that the mind will be so hurt, it will throw symptoms out like retained urine, burning and aching in the kidney region, twitching eye, and more.

So many different symptoms can all point to the remedy called Staphysagria, if they “feel” they have been used, abused or made the victim.

No other remedy has the ability to heal the whole person, feeling victimized, like Staphysagria.

Any Ailments caused by or accompanied by a sense of violation with resentment: humiliation, embarrassment, bullied, offended, yelled at: physical/ sexual abuse: especially with suppression of anger-seething inside: deep guilt, shame. Gets testy, throws tantrums.

Think of Staphysagria!

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer


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Welcome to Homeopathy For Mommies!

Welcome to our new Homeopathy for Mommies blog! We are very excited for this addition to our new Homeopathy for Mommies website.  I hope to share with you some wonderful stories and helpful information to help guide and inspire you on your journey in Homeopathy and Natural Health.  As we begin this sharing, I thought that it might be fun to give you a little background about myself.

I’m Sue Meyer, 54 yrs., young now! Ha, ha, so you can see that age really is not an important issue in my world.  I feel good, sometimes tired; but I think that has to do with the super good looking husband of 35 yrs., the 11 children that we had together, our 7 in-law children, our beautiful 27 grand-babes….our new business, The Outpost Mercantile, my radio podcast show, Homeopathy for Mommies and the fact that I miss visiting with my parents since we’ve moved!

Yes, I’m busy, but quite honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way…busy hands will keep you out of trouble and usually on the straight and narrow!

My husband and I were both born and raised on the Farm; He came from Northern Iowa, I from central Michigan. Hard work and great fun was definitely a huge part of my upbringing….I think that my husband worked harder than I, but we both learned how to work in the garden, raise and care for farm animals, milk cows, compost manure (in other words how to clean the barn!).  We learned everything from the dishes and laundry in the house to feeding calves and baling hay in the field….all farm kids learn this stuff…because it’s the way of life. Unfortunately today, very few kids have this well rounded lifestyle and they’re expected to learn it in a book without any actual “hands on” training.

I’m telling you all this, because I think that it’s really important to understand that we were formed. Children are formed, taught, nurtured into the people that they become as adults.

I was taught the value of growing and cooking your own food, the importance of a proper, well rounded diet, and the necessity of cleanliness of mind, body and spirit. That making my bed was the first step to maturity and that if I couldn’t accomplish this small insignificant task, I would never be able to do anything worthwhile or lasting!

I’m boring you to death with all this because as we get to know each other better through this blog, I want you to understand where I come from.

Life is important to me. Every person that I meet is important to me, because they are important to God. And I love to help others learn how to be healthy and encourage Joy! Each day is new, and each day we should always choose Joy!

So this is my story in a Nutshell. Not really special, but very solid, and I am so excited to share with you many stories and very basic life lessons and information!

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What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a valid form of natural healing which has been used to heal patients for over 200 hundred years. World wide (outside the USA) it is one of the most popular forms healing, with clinical studies that are impressive to even the most skeptical critique.

Homeopathy does not treat disease, per se; it treats the symptoms of disease – therefore treating the “patient” who has a disease.

When someone has an illness or a disease, that person will have physical and/or mental complaints.

In homeopathy, we listen to the patient. We observe his symptoms, and then we choose a remedy that is most similar to what he is describing or to what we can observe.

Like cures like. Simillimum.

Ten men can have a headache. You may find that no two of them describe their headache in the same manner. The location, the intensity, the sensation of pain (shooting, stabbing, pulsing, throbbing, etc) what makes it feel better or worse. These are all “symptoms” that will indicate the correct remedy.

This is the beauty of homeopathy…it’s not generic; it caters to each individual and their very own, unique complaints.

It was suggested to me, that I should try to explain how and why homeopathy works within this book. Let’s just say that as much as I would love to go into the nuts and bolts, so to speak, of these fascinating little remedies, I must refrain. I want to keep this book simple, therefore leaving the inquiring mind to research these questions elsewhere. Some suggested reading would encompass the works of:

Samuel J. Hahnemann, James Tyler Kent, William Boericke, C.M..F.von Boenninghausen, and John H. Clarke; to name only a few of the truly devoted men, to whom the study and use of homeopathy will forever be grateful.

The following quote from the Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy 61 (Nov/Dec 1968): 197-212, is the bear bones basics of homeopathy:

Developed in the 18th century by a German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy is a natural pharmaceutical science that uses very small diluted doses from plants, minerals and animals to activate the body’s own healing process, which allows the body to heal naturally. The first law of homeopathy is that like cures like, or the “Law of Similars.

Hence: The Million Dollar Question: Why then, is homeopathy not more popular or widely known within the United States?

That answer may be very simple…

Homeopathic remedies are made from naturally occurring,

God-given elements that can not be… “Patented.”

Taken from; Orémus Family Guide to Homeopathy

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