Have you wished that you could be part of a study group that was lead by someone who could answer your most pressing questions about homeopathy?  This fall, Sue Meyer of Homeopathy for Mommies will be doing a series of live webinars once a month for those who want to learn more about using homeopathy to treat acute conditions. These 2-hour live webinars will be focused webinars.

A Mother’s Journey into the World of Homeopathy

A full Study of Homeopathy, from the quiet beginnings of Hahnemann, through the ages of it’s fulfillment to this date, with Great Homeopaths like: Boericke, Clarke, Herring, Kent, Allen, and many others.

Our classes could be based on these subjects. Some can be done in one class, while others will need more time:


1. Hahnemann Organon of Medicine, 5th and 6th Editions.

2. Hahnemann: Chronic Diseases, Theoretical Part.

3. Kent: Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy. And Hierarchy of Symptoms.

Materia Medica:

4. & 5. Boericke Materia Medica with Repertory, Clarke, J.H. Dictionary of Practical Materia Media.

6. Kent, Lectures on Homeopathic Materia Medica. (They will have a list of Remedies to study)

7. Morrison, Desktop Guide & Companion to Physical Pathology

*Other books to consider: Structure and Function of the Body and The Human Body in Health & Disease both by Thibodeau / Patton. (These we may decide to study from together or the group may want to study on their own)


8. Kent, Repertory.

We will be emailing a finalized schedule to everyone who signs up to be notified below toward the end of this month.  You will have the opportunity for live Q&A on these webinars so that your questions can be answered.

SAVE THE DATE for these webinars through December (will continue into the winter months, dates will be announced later):

      • September 12

      • October 10

      • November 14

      • December 12

Time:  7 PM – 9 PM CST*

*Replays will be available for all who register.

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NOTE:  These classes are an important foundation for the Advanced Homeopathy class series that Sue will be teaching in the Spring/Summer of 2018.  It is then that we will begin the study of: 9. Polycrests, 10. & 11.  Miasms , 12. & 13 Kingdoms, 14. & 15. Case-Taking, 16. Case Analysis, 17. Posology, Follow-up. and then finally, the In-Depth study of the Sensation Method.