“This class has been so exciting!  I’m learning so much and can’t wait to learn more.  Thanks for being willing to share your knowledge with us Sue!  I’ve used remedies for years and read books but have never really learned these basics.” – Deanna

Have you wished that you could be part of a study group that was led by someone who could answer your most pressing questions about homeopathy?  Have you considered going to school to be a homeopath to learn to take cases?  This study group is for you!


Sue Meyer of Homeopathy for Mommies is doing a series of live webinars once a month for those who want to learn more about Homeopathy and Case Taking. These 2-hour live webinars will be focused webinars.


Advanced Homeopathy and Case Taking Study Group

Watch a segment from Class 2:  James Tyler Kent’s Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy:


A full Study of Homeopathy, from the quiet beginnings of Hahnemann, through the ages of it’s fulfillment to this date, with Great Homeopaths like: Boericke, Clarke, Herring, Kent, Allen, and many others – moving into Rajan Sankaran’s Sensation Method.  Previous classes included:


Philosophy:  Hahnemann Organon of Medicine, 5th and 6th Editions., Hahnemann: Chronic Diseases, Theoretical Part., Kent: Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy. And Hierarchy of Symptoms.

Materia Medica:  Boericke Materia Medica with Repertory, Clarke, J.H. Dictionary of Practical Materia Media, Kent, Lectures on Homeopathic Materia Medica, Morrison, Desktop Guide & Companion to Physical Pathology

Repertory:   Kent, Repertory

Having the books are not necessary but recommended. We will provide detailed notes for this class and also a video and audio replay will be available to all students with lifetime availability.  You will have the opportunity for live Q&A on these webinars during the last 15 minutes of the class.

Cost of Live Classes:  $49.00 Each ($225 value)

Class 5 on February 27:

Continued Study of Understanding Kingdoms and their languages in the Sensation Method and  continued remedy list study with sensation method language.

-The Polycrests. What is a polycrest, and why are they so important.
-Significance of the Kingdoms in Acutes and Case Taking.
-Kingdom Study_MINERALS
– Kingdom Study_PLANTS
-Plant Chart Sensations
-Kingdom Study_ANIMALS
-Mammal Remedies
-Sensations paper, how certain remedies are just known for their sensations.

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Class Replays Available for Purchase:

Class 1 Replay – Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine – Replay Available for Purchase!

Class 2 – Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy with James Tyler Kent – Replay Available to Purchase!

Class 3 – Understanding Keynote and Remedy Study – Replay Available for Purchase!

Class 4:  A Review of Minerals in the Sensation Method and continued remedy list study 

SAVE THE DATE for these webinars in 2018:

  • March 13
  • April 10
  • May 8

Time:  7 PM – 9 PM CST*

Cost:  $49.00 per class

*Replays will be available for all who register.

NOTE:  These classes are an important foundation for the Advanced Homeopathy class series that Sue will be teaching in the Spring/Summer of 2018.  It is then that we will begin the study of: 9. Polycrests, 10. & 11.  Miasms , 12. & 13 Kingdoms, 14. & 15. Case-Taking, 16. Case Analysis, 17. Posology, Follow-up. and then finally, the In-Depth study of the Sensation Method.