One of the most affordable ways to start your journey in homeopathy is to buy a kit.  It saves you money over time and gives you a supply of remedies to start your journey in homeopathic care for your family.  These are the kits that we offer in our store:

Family Kit 
Small Personal Kit 
Homeo-Quick Kit
Starter/Influenza Kit 
Mini Flu Prevention Kit
Homeoprophylaxis Kit
World Disease/Homeoprophylaxis Kit 
Birthing Kit 
First Aid Kit 
Color and Sound  
Pet Kit 

For kit contents list, please email to request.  Thanks!

Current Specials!

Family Kit  (Over $600.00 value) includes an organized zippered vinyl case.    $499.00

This kit Includes a hard copy of Homeopathy for Mommies Book & All of the Remedies Mentioned in the book. Each remedy comes in a One dram brown glass vial.  This kit is perfect for the family who has been using homeopathy for ages or for the beginner. A must have for anyone trekking in the Alternative Health direction.


Small Personal Kit:   16 most used; 2 dram remedies           $79.00   $69.00  ON SALE through 1/31/18

This is a kit that I like to simply have on hand. It is a bit bulkier than most personal kits, because of the 2 dram size. But it gets used “So Often!” Mommies carry it in their diaper bag, and grandmas in their purses. I love this little kit because it will save the day more times than not!

NEW First Aid Homeo-Quick Kit in Tin Case: Top 10 First Aid Remedies; 2 dram remedies           $59.00   $49.00  ON SALE through 1/31/18

Sue’s top 10 favorite First Aid Remedies in handy tin case, including Arnica.
2 dram remedy size.

Starter/Influenza Kit:  25 – 1 dram remedies. (includes 3 nosodes)      $149.00   

In addition to the Homeopathy for Mommies Kit; (Which all of the remedies in this kit are contained) I like to have this Flu kit on hand as well. Why? Because it’s just so nice to have the whole Flu Arsenal in a compact and organized area. If the Flu hits town, this kit will lead you through prophylactically immunizing your family and / or aiding their recovery with specific well explained remedies.


Mini Flu Prevention Kit with Directions:  2 – 1 dram remedies    $19.99

The remedies in this kit may aid to prophylactically keep you and your family influenza free this season.


Homeoprophylaxis Kit: Includes 16 1-dram remedies       $169.00

Homeoprophylaxis Immunzation Kit as suggested in the Homeoprophylaxis Course, with Isaac Golden’s recommended remedies and potencies.

World. Disease/Homeoprophylaxis Kit:     includes zippered vinyl case; 42 Nosodes/12 others 1 dram remedies plus 14 1 dram remedies for the Homeoprophylaxis Kit    ($109 off)  $499.00   

Includes all 42 Nosodes and 12 other 1 dram remedies from the World’s Diseases Kit as well as the additional 14 1 dram remedies needed to complete the Homeoprophylaxis Kit with the remedies and potencies recommended by Isaac Golden.

The remedies in this kit have been carefully chosen to help parents prophylactically immunize their young or not so young families. This kit contains nosodes and other hard to find remedies that may be used with ease in your home. Not only are the all-important nosodes for world diseases contained in this kit., but many of the homeopathic cures; which were widely promoted and then forgotten for over one hundred years. The Kit also includes remedies that are in the Homeoprophylaxis Immunization Kit, as suggested in the Homeoprophylaxis Course. These 16 remedies are those recommended by Isaac Golden.

Watch the video Sue made about how to use this kit:

Birthing Kit: includes zippered vinyl case; 42 -1 dram remedies  ($50.00 off) $259.00

This kit is a Doula’s dream kit. But it is also a great kit for any family still in the birthing age. Of course, any farmer or pet owner will love this kit as well if their animals are mommies.

I’ve used this kit countless times for my little pets and farm animals!

*Besides the new mothers, you’ll find that many of these remedies are popular for other acute illnesses as well…not just for birthing!


First Aid Kit:   includes zippered vinyl case; 31- 2 dram remedies   ($50.00 off)  $225.00

This kit is a welcome addition to the Homeopathy for Mommies kit. Many of the same remedies, but in higher potency for the Emergency Situation.

I love this kit because when kids are involved, it seems that there are ALWAYS Emergency situations occurring. From that scraped knee to the fall from a bike. This kit will get used more times than you can count!


Color and Sound Kit:   includes 19-1 dram remedies   ($50.00 off) $149.00 

This is a very popular little kit for the serious Alternative Medicine Buff. Each remedy represents one of the Colors from the Rainbow Spectrum or Sounds from the Note Scale.

I personally love these remedies and frequently refer to them as my happy remedies!

Just as a beautiful melody or the sight of a rainbow lifts your spirits, so too do these remedies.

They work to balance the body and bring the same tranquility as the Special God Given Wonders of Color and Sound.


Pet Kit:    includes 20-1 dr. combo remedies/nosodes    ($25.00 off)   $175.00

This kit is geared for the serious Dog or Cat owner. Each remedy is a combination remedy for a particular known disease or ailment and may be used prophylactically or to aid in recovery; or is a remedy to help with some acute situation that may arise with your pet.

This kit will be cherished by any pet owner. And makes a great gift as well!


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