In this live 2 hour Zoom webinar, Sue Meyer will go over the basics of using homeopathy and ensure that you leave this class feeling confident in using homeopathy with your family.  This class is an introductory class to her Fall Study Group Series!


  • How to choose a homeopathic remedy
  • How dosage works with homeopathy
  • What is the differences in potency and how to use them
  • How to know if a remedy is working
  • What interferes with remedies – how this happens
  • Aggravations vs. proving a remedy
  • When to change remedies if it doesn’t appear to be working or new symptoms present
  • Ask your questions!  Live Q&A with Sue throughout class

Date: TBA

Cost:  $39.95

At this time, a class is not scheduled but you may join the waiting list here!  Another class will be scheduled when we reach at least 20 people on the waitlist.

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