This course has been designed to help take the mystery out of the subject of vaccination versus immunization as we try to answer the many question that most parents have on the subject.  We also go the next step to discuss each disease that parents are asked to give vaccinations for as well as the majority of worlds diseases and how to immunize for them or how to treat them in case someone contracts the disease.

In the full course, we discuss World Disease, look at the options for immunization, and study Homeopathic Nosodes made from the actual diseases from all around the world, many of which the populations are vaccinated for on a regular basis.  We are going to talk about these diseases and what to do if they are in your neighborhood.


Printables Also included:

ALL of Sue’s notes and additional references

Dr. Isaac Golden’s Immunization Protocols

Vaccine Cleanup Protocol

Pharmaceutical Cleanup Protocol

Fourth Dilution Instructions

Homeopathic Vaccine Chart for your family

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