Sue Meyer, Author of Homeopathy for Mommies, is available to travel and teach seminars on Homeopathy in your area. In an effort to reach as many people as possible and help others truly understand Homeopathy, she is available, with advanced notice, to travel to any area in the U.S.
You can do your part by bringing Sue to your area to introduce your friends and relatives, to the wonderful world of Homeopathy and Natural Alternative Health Care.
Sue has three classes that she really enjoys teaching on a regular basis.

  1. Crash Course: Teaching from the Homeopathy for Mommies book. A 5-hour Seminar that includes What is homeopathy, how do I use it; Homeopathic and Natural First Aid, Acute Illness, Most of the Basic Homeopathic Remedies from the book, and A Bit on Essential Oils What is safe with the use of Homeopathy and What is the Raindrop in Essential Oils.
  2. A More Advanced Class in Homeopathy: A 5.5 hour Seminar that is geared to the desires of the class. Usually held the day following the Crash Course, Sue likes to elaborate on the following; Acute illness, Some Chronic diseases. Broken Bones, Sprains and Strains.. A bit about Herbs, their uses and how to strengthen the body’s immune system with their use along with homeopathy. And then invites the group to bring written questions Q & A time, in order to fully help the group to have a complete understanding of homeopathy. (Sue does not answer any personal health questions, only generic questions.)
  3. World Disease and Homeoprophylaxis: 5.5 hour Seminar That covers the World Disease and Homeoprophylaxis Kit and Diseases. In this Seminar the group will be amazed at how Sue can bring to simplicity all the world’s major diseases and make them less scary to the average parent. Sue tells about the disease, how to immunize against it, for prevention; and then what to do if there is an outbreak or if a patient is showing symptoms of a particular disease. An amazing class for everyone! (Prerequisite: Crash Course or other basic Homeopathic training.)

The Hostess will always earn gifts, which vary from one of our kits valued at $149.00 to our Top selling kits valued at $499.99. Depending on the Seminar or Seminars booked. We offer even more incentives! Email us at: for more details. *Depending on location, there is a minimum attendance requirement. Seminar costs also vary; according to one, two or three-day format and attendance.

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