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Homeopathy Basics Sale!

Are you New to Homeopathy or looking for handy kits at great prices? Check out our Homeopathy Basics Sale! SAVE on our must-have small kits and Crash Course in Homeopathy!

This month, we are introducing our NEW First Aid Homeo-Quick Kit in a handy tin carry case! Introductory Price of $49.00 (that’s a savings of $10). Get Sue’s top 10 Favorite First Aid remedies, including Arnica, in handy 2 dram size. People are loving this new kit!

Also, our Small Personal 16 Kit is On Sale for Only $69.00 (Savings of $10). Includes the 16 most used 2 dram remedies. This is a great kit to simply have on hand. It is a bit bulkier than most personal kits, because of the 2-dram size. But it gets used “So Often!” Mommies carry it in their diaper bag, and grandmas in their purses. Moms love this little kit because it will save the day more times than not!

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Or do you have all of the remedies you need but are just looking to learn more about Homeopathy? Check out Sue Meyer’s Crash Course in Homeopathy! Save $20 on this course during the month of January!

This course is a 10-Class AUDIO Series based on her book, Homeopathy for Mommies, that gives you a “Crash Course” in learning how to use homeopathy to treat acute conditions in your family. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Lifetime access. You can view the Syllabus and preview the first class HERE!

*Sale ends January 31st.  Please allow 3-5 days processing time for small kits and up to 2 weeks on large kits.

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Letter from Sue – Crash Course in Homeopathy


Dear Friends,

Thank You for your interest in Homeopathy. Your family will realize in twenty years what a gift you have given them; because when their health and their children’s health is okey dokey, and they have to watch their friends and neighbors suffer from debilitating illness and disease…they will say, Thank You, Mom, Thank You Dad, thank you for this un-purchasable gift!

Everything that we do in this life is done in stages, from Infancy, to crawling, toddling, running, learning, sports, higher academics, raising a family, learning a trade, or a foreign language;  whatever we do, we will learn it in a systematic and methodical way.

Homeopathy is no different. When I was first introduced to this wonderful world of non-medicine…I was flabbergasted to say the least! I was so over-whelmed at the fact that a tiny little pellet would trigger my body to…. what?……..“Heal itself?!?!?!?”

Amazing and unbelievable when you have been raised in the Allopathic world (world of pharmaceuticals).

So, that is how Homeopathy for Mommies began. My Excitement and Enthusiasm for this world of Natural Health had to be shared or I would have exploded!

Our Crash Course in Homeopathy, offered on our website, is just that… a Beginner’s Guide to understanding what homeopathy is, how it works, why it works, and then how to begin using the top 80 remedies in your home. I use my own personal stories to help drive home the deep healing properties of these wonderful little remedies. I have been thanked by more moms and dads than I can count! I’ve received phone calls from Naturopaths and Chiropractors from around the country who have been trying to learn homeopathy to round out their practice…. they thanked me for making the process so simple! One doctor said, “I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the concept of homeopathy, until I stumbled on to your training. Thank You for making this so understandable.”

I said you’re very welcome, but honestly, it isn’t me. All of this knowledge has already been put out by the best of the best. It just took someone like me… a real tenderfoot to the world of homeopathy to get frustrated enough, (because there was no single book that actually explained everything I needed to know to help me get my family healthy) …. that I began compiling notes and combining the information that I found helpful in my world and before you know it…. after a few short years of systematic and methodical study and the actual use of the remedies, we had the Homeopathy for Mommies Crash Course!

This course has been on sale at an introductory price of $30.00! We have had the price so low, so that the many folks who have been waiting patiently for me to get this on-line, could finally purchase their course, and for all our new friends as well! We have decided to hold the sale at this price until…Friday, September 30th.

But, marketing research has shown that even if you have the very best product on the market….if you don’t price the product according to the market….yours will not sell. Sad to say, it’s true. So even though this awesome course is easily worth over $500.00 for all of the information that it contains and the fact that it will be yours to listen to over and over and over again; my conscience will not let me price it that high. I want it to be affordable to families, but I also want it to sell so more families can learn about the wonderful benefits of Homeopathy. So the moral dilemma?  

The new regular price for our Crash Course will be $129.00, beginning October 1st. Still almost $400.00 less than it’s worth.  I hope that you will take advantage of the low Introductory Price of $30.00 for the Crash Course in Homeopathy and begin your study today!   

Thank You Again for your sincere desire to what is right for your family.


May God Bless You and Yours, Sue Meyer


To learn more about the Crash Course and view the Syllabus, go here. 

Check out our

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