Emotional Healing With Homeopathy

I was reminded today about the importance of Emotion.

The deepest part of man and who he is…is expressed by emotion. Laughter, tears, anger, hugs, a kiss, even a smile helps us to express our emotions; what we are feeling and how we want to convey these feelings to others.

Emotion is a gift. It is a gift from our Good Lord that allows us the physical expression of our feelings.

And feelings of course are bodily expressions of what has already been processed in the mind.
As the mind processes all internal and external stimuli, it assesses its own health, vitality, hunger, pain, etc…the mind is in a constant scan mode for all things affecting it…A smile from another person, or a frown for instance. It must decide in a micro moment how it is to handle being separated from a parent or sibling. How it is going to handle being cold or wet, what to do when bullied or left behind. The mind processes all stimuli quickly and then throws to the body it’s decision as to how it wants the body to respond. It throws the body symptoms. Symptoms are a form of communication between the mind and the body.

This one of a kind response (Symptom) is determined by the personality of the person, his upbringing which incorporates his morality, his determination, his fortitude and other such virtues or weaknesses.

You see, our natural inclinations and weaknesses are the landing zone for the symptoms which the mind throws externally. A symptom is the only way that the mind has to convey what needs to be addressed, so as to help it heal any parts needing to be healed.

So, when a little girl suddenly develops bright blue veins around her eyes and temple area…step back and try to see the whole picture. She’s 3, it probably not  high blood pressure….oh! could it be that she is suppressing her sorrow for her missing twin?
A dose of Ignatia will quickly help her mind to relax and dissipate the sorrow of her loss.

You see when an emotion is suppressed, for any reason; whether because it’s not socially acceptable to cry or throw something…or when fear of your surroundings or of others keeps one from expressing your emotion…the mind must quickly decide how to ask for help, so it throws out symptoms.

When we learn to understand these symptoms, we will be able to use homeopathy more efficiently.

Aconite: Shock and Fear; patient will be found to say, “Am I going to die?” or “I’m dying!”
 I had one client whose needed remedy was Aconite, but I, as an inexperienced homeopath was fooled by her language for a time, when the main theme of her case was, “I’m tough, and I’m not afraid of anything!” Like a Homonym being the opposite of a word can lead us to understand the meaning of that which is being described., so too…spontaneous denial (unprovoked questioning) of a known sensation or strong rubric, can actually lead us to the correct remedy.

Arnica: Shock: No fear of death, but actual injury or trauma that may cause the body to progress into shock.

Arsenicum: This remedy is wonderful when there is an anxiousness with fear. The fear may not be expressed as fear, but the anxiety in situations of change or during times of loss of health or material goods may call for this remedy.

Coffea: Excitement, inability to sleep due to mind activity and excitement.

Colocynthis: Anger with indignation; vomiting better bending forward.

Cuprum: Loss of spouse or lifestyle can cause this kind of reaction; cramps in muscles, twitchings, esp. toes, fingers, can indicate anger and inflexibility.

Gelsmium, Causticum: Any emotion that cause severe trembling.

Ignatia: Acute sorrow; causing a hysterical reaction; whether that symptom is suppressed to affect the body physically with, say “Blue” Veins around the eyes, twitching, etc. or hysterical sobbing….any strange or hysterical emotion caused by grief.

Lycopodium, Silicea: Sweating hands, fear of speaking in front of others, or what others think of them.

Natrum muraticum: Chronic grief, causing deep sadness.

Staphysagria: A very important remedy when the emotion has been suppressed due feelings of embarrassment or humiliations…A young adult was relieved of great sadness with a dose of Staphysagria 20. His sorrow stemmed from being thrust into an unfamiliar world of business, with little training; and even though the tasks were being met, he felt inadequate and “abused” by those to whom he looked for guidance and comradery.”

Stramonium: Fear. The kind of fear that leaves the child with wild eyes and a frozen in fear look.

These are just a few of the remedies that are wonderful to address the symptoms that different Emotions can convey upon the body. These remedies can be given so that the body can more easily find balance during times of stress or high emotion.

I’ve taken cases in which the client needed a remedy for shock or grief that had happened years ago; and was still unresolved. One such case was caused by an event from nearly 50 years prior. It is amazing what steps the body goes through in an attempt to scream for help. Everything from Heartburn, Hernias, even Heart Attacks can be warning signs that the mind sends out as symptoms of suppressed Emotion.

So, when a situation arises, please don’t hesitate to give a wonderfully helpful homeopathic remedy, as soon as possible.

So many chronic conditions can be avoided when an acute remedy is given to soothe the mind and calm the symptoms…

I had a friend say to me, “ I will never attend a funeral or a wedding without Ignatia again!


May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer

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Life Experiences and Homeopathy – As Unique As You Are

Have you listened to the Latest Podcast on Asthma yet?  Here is a great preview!

Do you remember when you were a little kid playing hide-n-seek? Well I do. With two older brothers and three younger siblings, we played by the hour when Dad and Mom were gone…why then? Because we could go into the forbidden zones! The attic! Mom and Dad’s closet, under their bed, the far corners of the basement! We could move boxes, build forts, and pull moms best dresses down just far enough to hide our feet! These games were some of my best memories.

Of course, you knew this must have been going somewhere, right? I remember these moments because they were so scary! I can remember being so scared I could feel my heart beating so hard in my chest that I knew it would beat right through the front of my chest…and I knew for sure that anyone getting close to my hiding place could surely hear my heart as well! Oh, and forget about breathing. My breathing was as loud as a freight train, so I’d have to hold my breath when I thought anyone was even in the same room because I knew for sure I’d give myself away. I seriously knew that they could hear me breathing from across the room!


I know, these fears were my delusions, weren’t they?

Yes, I set my own stage, I made my own reality, I created my own fears. I did it then and I continue to do it today.

Of course, I am not nearly as exciting as I was 45 years ago, so my delusions are now on a much lower and boring scale, but I still have them. Everyone does. We had them as children, and we have them as adults.

Let’s talk about this.

Why can 10 people be in say; a 5 car pileup on the intersection of two busy roads and when questioned, no two of these people will tell the same story? Why is that? Because. Each one of these 10 people experienced something entirely different. They will tell to the best of their ability the actual event, but they will also pour into the story their experience of that event.

At the moment of the accident, each one of these 10 people were in their own little world, with their own little thoughts, maybe engaged in conversation, maybe listening to radio, maybe scared of being late for work, maybe anticipating a fun date, maybe excited about an upcoming meeting….it doesn’t matter. Whatever their thoughts or moods were at that exact moment…. that is what they took into the accident with them.

So, each person, sliding into the accident brought with them their own little stage; their props, their mind set, their fears… and so their perception will be totally different then even the guy sitting next to them.

This is why in homeopathy we say that ONLY the patient himself can tell you what he is experiencing….or what his experience was…. whether it be tragedy, illness, exposure, fright, or any other situation. Only that patient can give you the hints to his needed remedy. To his reality. To his sensation.


God bless you and yours,

Sue Meyer


For more information, go here to listen to the latest Podcast on Asthma and learn more about how our experiences shape our own world, and yes, even our Dis-Ease state.

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