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First Aid Kit for Summer Fun!

With all the talk of Summer coming on; Bugs, Sunburns and Injuries, I am asked…What do you suggest that I carry in a First Aid Kit, Sue?

I must laugh because my husband always used to say, “Can we just get going?”
Of course, he was referring to the fact that the kids were all ready and getting antsy, to go on our hike or bike ride or were already loaded in the boat while I was still scrambling, trying to make sure that my first aid kit was complete… finding of course, that it wasn’t, because someone had used the last bandage or taken the last of the Phenocane…….

Every Mother’s scenario, right?

So, why don’t we have list in the lid of our little bag that states that the last person using this bag MUST check off that which he has used?

And What are the most important items to be carried for any possible injury or illness when out and about?

Really, this is the ultimate question!

My kids still laugh and talk about how I was always prepared. There was rarely a time when I didn’t have something that couldn’t be improvised to help in a particular emergency or in an injury situation.

In my experience, you want to pack items that can be used for multiple scenarios.
I’ve listed a few of my favorite items.
The problem is expense; all of my suggested items, gathered together for what I call a pretty complete little first aid kit will cost over $100.00. Of course, it’s worth it to have this very mobile kit on hand for family adventures.

Make Your Own Homeopathy First Aid Kit for Summer Fun!

There are a few homeopathic remedies or combinations for emergency situations,
that you shouldn’t leave home without.

Tissue Sprain -Homeopathic Special Order Combo Remedy – For Trauma, bruising, cuts, scapes, inflammation, poison ivy, etc. (Arnica, Hypericum, Bryonia, Rhus-t., Ruta, Symphytum)
This remedy is great to have on hand for acute situations.

Bug Bite -Homeopathic Special Order Combo Remedy – For Bites & Stings, puncture wounds. (Apis, Vespa, Ledum) This remedy is great to have on hand for acute situations.

Aconite 200c – Homeopathic Remedy – Shock, Exposure, Fright.

Apis 200c – Homeopathic Special Order Remedy – High Potency to address possible Anaphylactic Shock or Sunburn.

Arsenicum – For any situation that toxic poisoning may have taken place, for actual poisoning or when someone “feels” that they’ve been exposed to something they shouldn’t have been exposed to.

Belladonna 30c – In the event of possible viral exposure or illness/fever, that comes on quickly.

Carbo veg. 30c – A wonderful remedy when the lack of oxygen or lack of reaction in the patient is prominent.

Nux Vomica 30c – The “Too Much” remedy. Literally too much of anything, food, drink, play, etc.

Senna 6c – Homeopathic Special Order Remedy – Constipation, esp. while traveling.

Poison Ivy Soap – After hiking in the woods, this soap may help neutralize recent exposure to Poison Ivy/oak., Or help with effects of poison ivy/oak outbreak.

Poison Ivy Cream – May aid in ridding the effects of poison ivy/oak.

All Natural Bug spray – Any All Natural Bug spray should be carried for times that bugs are encountered. Many homemade concoctions are very efficient. Honest brand is also very good.

Lavender Essential Oil – for use internally or externally to cleanse wounds or injuries; can be used directly on ulcers, teething gums, rashes, canker sores, etc. one or two drops directly to area, works to numb and kill bacteria efficiently; without suppressing symptoms or homeopathic treatment.

Aloe Vera / Blend – is a favorite for persons with severe sunburn. I love the Oremus cream for injuries and minor sunburn, but I also have seen the miracles of Aloe Vera gel. Very often I add Calendula and Hypericum tincture and Lavender Essential Oil to the Aloe for a perfect blend of Healing Miracle! This blend smeared gently over the sunburned area brings instant pain relief and often brings complete healing by morning. A 4 oz. bottle can treat two persons quite efficiently.

Oremus Orignial Dry / Injured Skin Cream – a wonderful Essential Oil based cream for possibly relieving issues due to dry skin, injury, sunburn, etc.

Ankle Wrap – an important item to have in any kit. Great for wrapping ankles or joints; Sprains, strains, wounds that need a bandage to stay in place; or can be unwound to be used as a sling or tie.

Bandages –For injuries or wounds; 4×4 gauze

Charcoal Capsules – super to have on hand if bad water or food has been consumed. Charcoal swallowed with water, will pull toxins from the system and pull them safely from the body, expelling them through natural means.

Phenocane Anti-Inflammatory Capsules – The only anti-inflammatory that I ever recommend… Very often the pain is so intense that the body may have trouble beginning the healing process; that is one of the reasons I recommend Phenocane. It starts the anti-inflammatory process so efficiently that the body can then read the homeopathic remedy to begin healing. (The wonderful world of natural medicine! I Love it!)
* I tell folks that if this doesn’t work; the issue isn’t inflammation

Scissors, nail clipper, jack-knife or all three – A good Jack knife is key for survival. Explanation to lengthy for this space!

Wet Ones – Ha! One of the best inventions Ever! Can be used to clean wounds, wash the body when no clean water is available, to clean wounds when needed or even as emergency Toilet paper!

Zip ties – these take up literally no room in your first aid kit…3 or 4 should be carried.

And One of My Favorites! Boy Scout Trick #1 _ Shoe Goo….can literally be used to fix your shoes, mend the tent, and can be used as fuel to start a fire, even in the pouring rain! (just squeeze 1-2 inches out onto a twig and light for an even, steady burn which easily ignites wet wood)

*For a more extended hike, the Life Straw should be added. (this is a charcoal filter unit that can filter stream or lake water through a straw for emergency drinking water.

*Food- Non-disintegrating food, such as nuts or other dried food, that doesn’t take up bulk space, for emergency situations.

There are so many more suggestions that can be added to your families’ first aid kit.
But I’ve found that if you have the above items, you can pretty much tackle any small emergency.

Wishing you and your family a fun, safe, and healthy summer!

May God Bless You and Yours,
Sue Meyer


Check out Sue’s 2 Part Podcast Series on Bugs, Bites and Stings.  Great information to have as you begin your outdoor Summer adventures!  FREE Handout also available!



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The Winds of Change

When my oldest son was younger, I was his Den Mother, as he grew, and there was a need for a new “Boy Scout” leader, I became that role as well.  I loved working with the boys; and as it turned out, they were really teaching me.  I organized the meetings and gave directions as to what I expected them to learn for the next meeting, and guess what?  They would learn it so well that I would stand in amazement!  Then they would proceed to teach the teacher!  A good system.  Efficient, and fun as well!

I was a wonderfully successful Boy Scout leader, when all I really knew was how to read, follow directions and oh, yeah…I had a great love for my son, and the “desire” for him to learn how to survive in the wilderness and to have fun doing it!

The Boy Scouts used to be an awesome way for boys to become young men.  Today politics has changed that simple program; I won’t go into a lot of detail, but the point is, it’s changed.  Everything has changed…

I received a link this morning about an Amish man imprisoned for making a salve.  You can read the article here: Amish Farmer Sam Girod is in Jail…His Enemies Want Him There for Life.  Imprisoned…just for making a homemade salve and claiming it had some healing properties.  A salve that almost anyone could make in their own kitchen!

The following quote is from a 1955 book called: “Enemies are Human” by Reinhold Pabel.

“It was not until the late thirties that Hitler’s principal idea of the Thousand Year Reich became evident in all its monstrosity.  His first goal was to eliminate the undesirables…The Police State was born.  Schools, press, radio became coordinated.  Those who refused to cooperate were thrown into concentration camps…Intricate machinery was constructed which was designed to allow the Government to supervise every phase of private life so thoroughly that any attempt to protest could be nipped in the bud.  In spite of this, many people did not take everything lying down.  True: the majority of them just clenched their fists in their pockets and kept their mouths shut…..if they had been faced with the alternative of keeping quiet of losing their jobs, homes, or even their lives.…The concentration camps were filled not only with Jews, but also with many German nonconformists, victims of political and religious persecution…”

Boy Scouts and WWII?  This is a very thin thread but try to follow me please…

When I think about the Boy Scouts, I think about Survival.  The knowledge to survive with the barest of equipment.  The Boy Scouts of America have been undermined by political rhetoric.  Now an Amish man being arrested for his act of Treason? 

Where are we today; does this not ring the same bell as the quote from the 1955 book quoting pre-war Germany?

The point is, we are losing our rights quicker than we can even keep track.  I went to place an order the other day with a company that I have used for over 15 years.  This company has helped me learn so much about herbs and essential oils.  They have always had tons of information both on their website and given personally when I call.  To my shock and dismay, there is no longer ANY information outside the name of the Herbs of Oils listed on their website . Our favorite Government Organization has dis-allowed any “claims or unsubstantiated” claims. Going so far as to say even Historical data is now unsubstantiated. 

Homeopathic remedies are also under constant attack.  As I write this, another bill is before session to take the use of homeopathic remedies away from us, and to make them available by prescription only. 

I don’t have any answers.  But if I may suggest…Have no fear!  Fear is caused by lack of faith, or lack of knowledge.

Pray.  If you are inspiried, follow through.

Be prudent.  Arm yourself and your family with Knowledge.

Basic Boy Scout type training should be a given for every family.  It is the single best field First Aid training available to date.

Learn Homeopathy, and have the most basic remedies on hand.


May God bless you and yours,

Sue Meyer


My favorites to have on hand are:

Of course there are many other good reference books, but these are by far my personal favorites!


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Arnica – The First Aid Remedy

This week, I would like to share with you a little more about Arnica; it is such an important remedy to always have on hand.  My dear friend Kim wrote a letter for my Blog post last week.  In the letter Kim shared with us that her son had an accident and fell and hit the concrete curb.  She was able to give him Arnica and it helped him immensely. Below is an excerpt from my Homeopathy for Mommies Book on Arnica.  As you read through it, I think you will realize just how important Arnica is and how it can be used to treat such a large variety of ailments!  Enjoy!


ARNICA “Bruised” 

From Homeopathy for Mommies, by Sue Meyer

(Leopard’s Bane-plant) (Acute Remedy)


Injury: *Always give Arnica, in all cases of accident or injury, shock, is the great silent killer: 200c a.s.a.p. and again every 15 min. until outward symptoms subside. Even when unconscious, pellets given under the tongue or inside the cheek are safe. (Lyle W. MorganPh.D.,H.M.D.) (For shock, if patient says he is alright-give Arnica: if patient says he’s going to die-give Aconite.)
Bodily Soreness from any Cause: Accidental blows, sprains, overwork of muscles.
*Suits Well: Sanguine, plethoric red-faced persons. Cerebral congestion. Persons easily made car-sick. Those who are sensitive to injuries and who feel the effects of them long after.
*Effects of: Mechanical injuries. Fright, financial loss, anger. Overuse of any organ Operations. Insects stings. Splinters.
Blood/Hemorrhage: For any type of Hemorrhage: Spinal hemorrhage: Retinal hemorrhage. Anti-inflammatory, for hemorrhage.
Cough/Croup/Larynx: Violent, spasmodic cough with facial herpes. Cardiac cough: during sleep, worse exercise. Whooping cough, child cries before cough.
Eyes: Helps heal broken blood vessels, from injury or cough.
Fear from shock due to injury: When patient says, “I’m ok, don’t worry about me.” Give Arnica any potency, (200c best for shock situation, but give whichever potency is available) *Remember: shock is the number one silent killer following accidents/trauma, even when patient claims to be well.
Head: Head injury or strokes that effect mental functions. Head injury, strokes. 6c daily to prevent stroke. 30c to repair old stroke (the sooner the better).
Heart: Palpitations after shock or injury: shake whole body.
Injury: Trauma of injury, physical Exhaustion.
Dislocation: give to control
Shock/HemorrhagePre& post, dental, surgical, operationsUse before and after hard work.
          Injuries: Take 3x’s–5 min. apart: then 2-4 x’s every 15 min.: then hourly as needed.
          Birthing: Give 200c (or whatever potency you have available) after delivery to both mother and child for trauma/bruising, retention of urine.
Concussion: Cerebral Unconsciousness…always the first remedy of choice in any head injury or concussion…. Prevents concussion. (give a.s.a.p. in any potency available [200c is preferable for emergencies])
Growth/Development/Limbs/Joints: Backache with muscle strain. Overuse, Over-lifting. Bruises from injuries. Blows.
Mouth/Teeth: Always give Arnica on the way to the dentist! Or for any type of injury/Bleeding or trauma to the mouth, teeth, gums, tongue.
Sensation: “I feel bruised” “It feels like I’ve been beat up. Everything on which he lies seems too hard. Sore/Bruised.
*Worse: At rest: when lying down: from wine.
*Better: From contact: motion.


*Taken from Sue Meyer’s Book, Homeopathy for Mommies.


Arnica is available for purchase at The Outpost Mercantile.


For those interested, we now have the Influenza Mini Kit available for purchase.  The kit includes 2 remedies and instructions, a must have in preparing for the upcoming Colds & Flu Season.

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Arnica Montana – The “Must Have” on Hand Remedy


This week I had to share the following letter from a dear friend in Kentucky: because her passion and description are priceless!

It reminds me of what I told the Neurosurgeon when he discharged our daughter from the hospital with her recovering head injury: “It’s amazing what Arnica and Prayer will do!” 

May God Bless you and Yours,

Sue Meyer

Hello Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you my experience at the ER with my son who fell on the concrete curb. If any do not know: He was taken by ambulance to U of L Hospital Wednesday, Sept 21st with neck and head injuries. No fractures in the neck. Probably strained, sprained or some type of soft tissue damage. His head diagnoses was: closed head injury, fracture of Frontal bone, frontal sinus fracture, orbital roof fracture, all right side. The fracture extends down to his eye socket. He was accidentally hit in the neck with a piece of pipe and then passed out hitting the concrete curb. The doctor said it takes a tremendous amount of force to break that forehead bone! He could not remember some things and was having trouble saying some words. His vision was also blurry. He only had a quarter size abrasion on his forehead, right side, just below the hairline.

When I arrived all I could think about was giving him Arnica as fast I could (this is the remedy you want for any head injury so you don’t have brain damage, reduce swelling and bruising, etc.). If you have ever been in the ER at U of L it is crazy busy and that day was no exception. I saw a lot of trauma come through the doors.

Trying to get Arnica into him without anyone noticing was impossible, we were surrounded. I said a prayer to St. Raphael to shield us. Gave him the remedy and nobody said a word! I was able to give him 3 doses of Arnica 200C within about 45 minutes. The last dose was followed with the pink mouth swabs in water. They were PEPPERMINT flavored!! UGH! Peppermint antinodes (stops them from working) remedies!! Great! So I waited about an hour and gave another dose. **Remember to ask if the mouth swabs are flavored!!!! (or use a washcloth dipped in water, like your grandmother!)

The doctor at first was talking about possible head surgery. After neurosurgery, face, and ophthalmology doctors consulted they decided to take a wait and watch approach. CT scan showed no brain bleed or anything else out of the ordinary. And there was no swelling. His memory checked out later on that night and his vision had returned. In the morning when ophthalmology tested him they said everything was good with his eyes. After we got home I gave him Arnica 1M, 1 dose, as suggested by my homeopathic doctor. We were home the next day by noon.

***I want to stress to you all if you never learn anything about homeopathy except Arnica, you have a tremendous healer in your hands. Please take the time to read and learn all it can do.

You can learn a lot just listening to Sue Meyer’s podcasts, “Homeopathy for Mommies”.


Thank you for reading my little rant, God bless all,

Stay healthy, stay informed, keep learning,

Kim L. Kentucky


PS: If you ever want to know how to give a remedy to someone unconscious, on a Bi-bap machine, or on a ventilator just ask. This is also the remedy for heart attack (200C).

Also, another tip is to purchase Sue Meyer’s book, “Homeopathy for Mommies”, and start building your kit with the remedies in her book. You will literally have your own pharmacy.


Look for our Blog next week when we share more about Arnica and all of its wonderful uses!


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