Blessed With the Flu?


One of life’s most trying moments as a mother is when the stomach flu was in the house! I don’t generally have a weak stomach, but there were times over the years that I realized my Guardian Angel must have been helping me, A LOT! Some of the messes that I had to clean up were unbelievable. I was always thrilled when the child was able to make it to the designated target.

As disgusting as this is, there is much to learn from what the child is vomiting. What color, consistency, frothy, watery, undigested food? Is he vomiting forcibly, or retching miserably before finally being able to vomit. Does he have dry heaves, is he relieved after vomiting or not? Does the diarrhea accompany the vomiting? So many questions, right?

In our podcasts on the stomach flu, I talked about some of these things, it is really hard to cover everything. But if you slow down enough to think about the symptoms, you’ll will be able to find the correct remedy very quickly. In the book Homeopathy for Mommies, you’ll find the top few remedies for the stomach flu and the symptoms that accompany each. Like Veratrum, Podophyllum and Arsenicum as the top three for the tummy flu.

Recently, there was a bug in our house, it seemed to hit everyone a bit differently; one had a slight fever and vomiting with much fatigue. One had much fatigue, slight fever and diarrhea. One had stomach pain, no fever and fatigue. They all complained of severe pain in the stomach area.

Well when I woke at midnight with a sharp pain in my solar plexus, I thought maybe I’m just nervous about something, a bit later, I began to feel nauseous. “Oh, No!” I don’t have time to be sick. So, I rose from my nice cozy bed and trod downstairs to take Arsenicum 6c; I felt that it worked right off. But after watching the kids for a few days, I knew that their digestion was a bit backed up, so I also took a large glass of water, mixed 1 tsp. magnesium sulphate (good o’l Epsom Salt) plugged my nose and drank it down. By morning I was feeling better. I managed to keep the digestion going in the right direction and only had bit of pain throughout the next day.

It was for good reason that doctors used to give Cod Liver Oil or Castor oil to their patients. These remedies kept the food moving through so that the digestion didn’t become stagnant. I find Mag. Sulph. An easier option. There is little or no cramping and it does manage to push through anything that needs a shove.

When there is a virus that the body is trying to fight, the first thing that shuts down is the digestion. So, by getting anything undigested out efficiently, the body has less to contend with and can more efficiently deal with the illness.

I just wanted to give a few words of encouragement to all You mommies and care givers for the upcoming flu season; when you are down there on the floor cleaning up the most vial of bodily fluids, know that you are blessed. You are blessed to have someone to care for and love. And know that all of heaven smiles at your physical sacrifice and the love that you put into caring for your family.

May God Bless You and Yours,
Sue Meyer

Check out Sue’s Podcasts for tips to help Protect your Family against the Cold & Flu


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Preparing For Colds & Flu Season

Have you ever found yourself saying to your children: “Do as I say, not as I do!” or in my case today; as I don’t do!

Sitting behind an adorable little family this past Sunday morning at Mass, trying like crazy to keep my eyes diverted from the cute little kids, and focusing on my prayers and all things holy…

I suddenly realized that here we are, well into the Fall Season and I haven’t even begun the Influenza Protocol for my family!

Why you ask, did I think of that at that moment?

Well, this adorable little family with their three beautiful children, could no more focus on the holy than I could…they were all snuffing and running at the nose, blowing and coughing all over each other, the pews, and everything around them.  As bad as I felt for them, I was suddenly angry at myself, for neglecting my own family.

I am being very serious here folks; if you want to help your family avoid the Flu (Respiratory Influenza) this year, get them on the protocol that is formatted in the book: Homeopathy for Mommies; It’s two simple remedies, given in an alternating fashion to immunize, so to speak, against the Flu virus.

These two remedies have been recommended by homeopaths around the world, for well over a hundred years to aid the body’s own defense mechanism in a prophylactic way to protect itself. And to eventually alter the pre-disposition to catch colds and flu like symptoms.

So, please do yourself and your family the favor of beginning the protocol today!

You can learn all about it, by listening to the Podcast: Colds and Flu, Part One and Part Two, or by reading it in the book: Homeopathy for Mommies, pages: 108-111.

And then tell someone you love about this. They can do what they want with the information, “Free Will” you know, but you will have done your part to get the information out there!


May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer



Check out Sue’s Podcasts for tips to help Protect your Family against the Cold & Flu




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