Two-Part Podcast Series on Essential Oil Basics

Do you want to learn more about the benefits and uses of Essential Oils?  Check out this Great 2-Part Podcast Series on The Basics of Essential Oils.

Essential Oil Basics Podcast

Essential Oil Basics – Part One


Essential Oil Basics – Part Two


In Part One, Sue shares her story about how she was first introduced to Essential Oils and how they really helped her to heal after her broken leg and injured knee.

She tells her experience of being frustrated with the high cost of these wonderful healing oils and explains what she was able to do in order to be able to incorporate Essential Oils into her healing regiment!

In Part Two, Sue Meyer continues her experience with Essential Oils and how they’ve helped her and others to truly heal.
She talks about the different ways that Essential Oils are used medicinally and how they effect the body’s natural senses.

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NEW on the Podcast: Asthma and Homeopathy

Asthma is physical. Very physical. Very distressing and very scary. Not only for the patient, but for everyone around them.  Tune in as we talk about Asthma Triggers and homeopathy in this episode.

Listen to the Podcast here:

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Back to School Wellness Guide!

Have you listened to the latest “Back to School” podcast from Sue Meyer?

Get detailed show notes here on how to stay healthy during the Back to School season!

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Cell Salts Podcasts

Would you like to learn more about Schussler’s 12 Cell Salts?  Check out Sue’s Podcasts for a more in-depth look at the Cell Salts and all of their wonderful health benefits.  In Homeopathy we can use the Cell Salts to trigger the body into balancing itself when stress, lack of sleep, or some other factor knocks us out of balance.  Learn more by listening to the Podcasts below.




What are tissue salts? How are they important? How can tissue salts be a benefit to your body and your overall well being? Tune into part one of this episode with Sue Meyer as she explains the wonderful health benefits.


Cell Salts part 2 podcast


Part two in the series on cell salts and health benefits. In this audio, Sue Meyer discusses Schussler’s 12 Cell Salts, which are known as the Bio-Chemic remedies or the tissue remedies. Want to learn more? Listen now and share this with a friend.

Want to learn more?

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