First Aid Kit for Summer Fun!

With all the talk of Summer coming on; Bugs, Sunburns and Injuries, I am asked…What do you suggest that I carry in a First Aid Kit, Sue?

I must laugh because my husband always used to say, “Can we just get going?”
Of course, he was referring to the fact that the kids were all ready and getting antsy, to go on our hike or bike ride or were already loaded in the boat while I was still scrambling, trying to make sure that my first aid kit was complete… finding of course, that it wasn’t, because someone had used the last bandage or taken the last of the Phenocane…….

Every Mother’s scenario, right?

So, why don’t we have list in the lid of our little bag that states that the last person using this bag MUST check off that which he has used?

And What are the most important items to be carried for any possible injury or illness when out and about?

Really, this is the ultimate question!

My kids still laugh and talk about how I was always prepared. There was rarely a time when I didn’t have something that couldn’t be improvised to help in a particular emergency or in an injury situation.

In my experience, you want to pack items that can be used for multiple scenarios.
I’ve listed a few of my favorite items.
The problem is expense; all of my suggested items, gathered together for what I call a pretty complete little first aid kit will cost over $100.00. Of course, it’s worth it to have this very mobile kit on hand for family adventures.

Make Your Own Homeopathy First Aid Kit for Summer Fun!

There are a few homeopathic remedies or combinations for emergency situations,
that you shouldn’t leave home without.

Tissue Sprain -Homeopathic Special Order Combo Remedy – For Trauma, bruising, cuts, scapes, inflammation, poison ivy, etc. (Arnica, Hypericum, Bryonia, Rhus-t., Ruta, Symphytum)
This remedy is great to have on hand for acute situations.

Bug Bite -Homeopathic Special Order Combo Remedy – For Bites & Stings, puncture wounds. (Apis, Vespa, Ledum) This remedy is great to have on hand for acute situations.

Aconite 200c – Homeopathic Remedy – Shock, Exposure, Fright.

Apis 200c – Homeopathic Special Order Remedy – High Potency to address possible Anaphylactic Shock or Sunburn.

Arsenicum – For any situation that toxic poisoning may have taken place, for actual poisoning or when someone “feels” that they’ve been exposed to something they shouldn’t have been exposed to.

Belladonna 30c – In the event of possible viral exposure or illness/fever, that comes on quickly.

Carbo veg. 30c – A wonderful remedy when the lack of oxygen or lack of reaction in the patient is prominent.

Nux Vomica 30c – The “Too Much” remedy. Literally too much of anything, food, drink, play, etc.

Senna 6c – Homeopathic Special Order Remedy – Constipation, esp. while traveling.

Poison Ivy Soap – After hiking in the woods, this soap may help neutralize recent exposure to Poison Ivy/oak., Or help with effects of poison ivy/oak outbreak.

Poison Ivy Cream – May aid in ridding the effects of poison ivy/oak.

All Natural Bug spray – Any All Natural Bug spray should be carried for times that bugs are encountered. Many homemade concoctions are very efficient. Honest brand is also very good.

Lavender Essential Oil – for use internally or externally to cleanse wounds or injuries; can be used directly on ulcers, teething gums, rashes, canker sores, etc. one or two drops directly to area, works to numb and kill bacteria efficiently; without suppressing symptoms or homeopathic treatment.

Aloe Vera / Blend – is a favorite for persons with severe sunburn. I love the Oremus cream for injuries and minor sunburn, but I also have seen the miracles of Aloe Vera gel. Very often I add Calendula and Hypericum tincture and Lavender Essential Oil to the Aloe for a perfect blend of Healing Miracle! This blend smeared gently over the sunburned area brings instant pain relief and often brings complete healing by morning. A 4 oz. bottle can treat two persons quite efficiently.

Oremus Orignial Dry / Injured Skin Cream – a wonderful Essential Oil based cream for possibly relieving issues due to dry skin, injury, sunburn, etc.

Ankle Wrap – an important item to have in any kit. Great for wrapping ankles or joints; Sprains, strains, wounds that need a bandage to stay in place; or can be unwound to be used as a sling or tie.

Bandages –For injuries or wounds; 4×4 gauze

Charcoal Capsules – super to have on hand if bad water or food has been consumed. Charcoal swallowed with water, will pull toxins from the system and pull them safely from the body, expelling them through natural means.

Phenocane Anti-Inflammatory Capsules – The only anti-inflammatory that I ever recommend… Very often the pain is so intense that the body may have trouble beginning the healing process; that is one of the reasons I recommend Phenocane. It starts the anti-inflammatory process so efficiently that the body can then read the homeopathic remedy to begin healing. (The wonderful world of natural medicine! I Love it!)
* I tell folks that if this doesn’t work; the issue isn’t inflammation

Scissors, nail clipper, jack-knife or all three – A good Jack knife is key for survival. Explanation to lengthy for this space!

Wet Ones – Ha! One of the best inventions Ever! Can be used to clean wounds, wash the body when no clean water is available, to clean wounds when needed or even as emergency Toilet paper!

Zip ties – these take up literally no room in your first aid kit…3 or 4 should be carried.

And One of My Favorites! Boy Scout Trick #1 _ Shoe Goo….can literally be used to fix your shoes, mend the tent, and can be used as fuel to start a fire, even in the pouring rain! (just squeeze 1-2 inches out onto a twig and light for an even, steady burn which easily ignites wet wood)

*For a more extended hike, the Life Straw should be added. (this is a charcoal filter unit that can filter stream or lake water through a straw for emergency drinking water.

*Food- Non-disintegrating food, such as nuts or other dried food, that doesn’t take up bulk space, for emergency situations.

There are so many more suggestions that can be added to your families’ first aid kit.
But I’ve found that if you have the above items, you can pretty much tackle any small emergency.

Wishing you and your family a fun, safe, and healthy summer!

May God Bless You and Yours,
Sue Meyer


Check out Sue’s 2 Part Podcast Series on Bugs, Bites and Stings.  Great information to have as you begin your outdoor Summer adventures!  FREE Handout also available!



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Magnetis Pole

pexels-photo-30269If you haven’t guessed by now, I love to teach through stories and I have another fun story that I must share. Again, my dad related these stories to us as we were growing, but most of them didn’t mean much until the time of life when you need the information!

I guess one such occasion was when I was expecting our first child.

We kids grew up going barefoot all summer long, come fall the sense of suffocation came on with a vengeance as it was time to put shoes on again for school!

So I guess my first pregnancy was key for memories coming to the surface…we were married in January and within three or four weeks, my husband insisted that I go to the Dr. because he said I was acting different!

So obediently, I went to the doctor…I was afraid that I had picked up some dread disease, like the ones I heard of in boot camp!

Well, the doctor said that he suspected pregnancy, and that I was to come back in a few weeks….. A few weeks! Wasn’t there anyway he could tell? We could do a blood test he said, but it is expensive. I told him that I didn’t care! Please do it!

So he took the blood and told me to call back the next day at 4:00.  I did. The doctor personally came to the phone (I’m sure that by now he found me quite humorous!) and he said that the test was positive! What does that mean I asked!….too funny, right? He said you are going to have a baby!

I honestly can’t believe my naivety, even now, after raising almost eleven kids; it simply amazes me as to how truly simple the mind of a child is. I was only eighteen, I was not a dummy by any means, but I hadn’t experienced life yet and the terms by which adults live…..

So, the point of this story; I felt horrible through those first few months of pregnancy. I know that you’ll say all women do….but do they? What time of year are they feeling so poorly? Do they go barefoot in the summer?

Well, as soon as I moved out to the country and began going barefoot again, my weight leveled off, I began having more energy, and I started feeling better. I always felt good when I was expecting during the summer months. I worked in the garden, mowed lawn, water skied, played…and always barefoot.

Uncle Oakley used to say that a woman who carries a child through the summer months will have a healthier child…and that the child’s health will last throughout his lifetime.

Of course today, with all the immunizations being shoved at us and our children and the fact that we can’t go barefoot like we should….well, this is where the Magnetis Pole remedies can come into play. These remedies are made by exposure to the North and South pole magnetisms and can very quickly bring balance to the body…like for anger issues, ingrown toenail, many issues, especially issues that come on from the lack of freedom due to wearing shoes! Ha, ha, I’m not joking!

In other words, any issue due to not getting out and having the earth under your feet type of activity!

So during these last few precious weeks of warmer weather, run, play, work outside every chance you can; and even better, do it barefoot!




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