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Interested In Learning More About Homeopathic Immunizations?

What is Homeopathic Immunization? How can I treat my family safely for any of the World’s Diseases if they are in my neighborhood? Are there safe natural alternatives for my family?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, you will want to check out this great NEW resource for parents and caregivers seeking a safe and natural alternative for their family.

Through her extensive research and experience, Sue Meyer has developed a New Online Training Course to help take the mystery out of the subject of vaccination versus immunization. 

This course is such a great resource for parents and caregivers seeking a safe and natural alternative.  We try to answer the many questions that most parents have on the subject.  Sue also goes the next step to discuss each disease that parents are asked to give vaccination for as well as the majority of the Worlds Diseases and how to immunize for them or how to treat them in case someone contracts the disease.

Would you like to learn more about WHY Sue decided that using Homeopathy to Immunize or treat diseases was better for her family?  You can read her BLOG post about her family’s decision to use Homeopathy here.

I have to giggle whenever someone asks me to tell “My Story” about my road to using only Homeopathy vs. Conventional Allopathic Medicine, and my non-use of vaccinations.

Why do I giggle? Because I’m happy! I’m so happy that God led our family away from the pharmaceutical world of drugs and the stream-line media based mentality…

It is so important for parents to be informed that there are Safe and Natural Alternatives available for them and their loved ones. 

We sincerely hope that you will take the time to learn more about Homeoprophylaxis and how you can use it for your own family.


You can PREVIEW the First Session for FREE!  (Preview Available in both Podcast and Video Format)  


Several Printables Included in the Course:

  • ALL of Sue’s notes and additional references
  • Dr. Isaac Golden’s Immunization Protocols
  • Vaccine Cleanup Protocol
  • Pharmaceutical Cleanup Protocol
  • Fourth Dilution Instructions
  • Homeopathic Vaccine Chart for your family

Preview Course Here!! 

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New Training Course – Treating MRSA

learning-to-treat-mrsaHave you noticed the newest course that we have to offer on MRSA? I do hope that you check it out.  You may not have MRSA in your home and you may never have it.  Thank the Good Lord for that.  But it is my suggestion that you become familiar with this disease, as it is a Staph Infection.  It is a smart infection and can protect itself from anti-biotic. 

I believe that it’s import to know what you can about such things so that you know what you can do to help others, and to have what you need on hand.  It is one of those situations you think you’ll never have to face, but you should at least have the best information possible in case you do. 

That is why we have created a new MRSA Training on how to treat MRSA with my protocol.  We are happy to offer it to our special followers at an introductory price of  $30 for a limited time, along with a special discount on the MRSA Kit (with everything you need) until December 1, 2016.

I’ve been asked why it is that I offer the free podcasts and now have begun to “sell” courses. Well, there are many reasons. The first and most important is that I feel more at liberty to say what I think in a format that we can monitor the listeners! Ha! Ha!  I am also able to go more in-depth in the training courses.

This course about MRSA is so easy to understand that you will be glad you took the time and spent the $ to have access to it. This is information that is basic. Not Just for MRSA. It is basic information that very few know about. Of course, like all of God’s natural remedies, it is more broad spectrum than just one disease. So, it is with sincerity that I say. Please consider adding this course to your library of Natural Remedies. 

One of our Homeopathy For Mommies friends had this to say about MRSA…

“When I developed, what seemed very much like the symptoms of MRSA, I was alarmed and so began the treatment that is suggested in this MRSA course. Within days, I did notice a huge improvement in the way I felt. After only two weeks I realized that my 20 +plus years of fighting Candida seemed to be over. Not realizing of course that the MRSA treatment also is noted for curing Candida! I don’t know if I had MRSA, but the symptoms are now all gone after only a few weeks. I’m so Thankful that I knew about this protocol. Thanking God for wonderful information.” Sincerely, Marie…

As always, if you have questions, email us at  God bless you and your family!

May God Bless You and Yours,

Remember the Introductory Price of $30 lasts until December 1, 2016.  After that, the regular price will be $49.99.



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