What is CEASE “Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression”

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to take the case of an Asperger’s child. This child was special to say the least! His brilliance was astounding and his level of knowledge in mechanics and physics was unparalleled for his age.

I was very thankful for having had this experience and really felt that because of it, I was given a glimpse to the complexity of man; only in the sense that there is so much to the human mind that is yet untouched or understood in modern society.

Many health professionals feel that Asperger’s is a genetic pre-disposition that inclines the child toward a higher than average intellect. (Genius in many cases) This extraordinary intellect however may be coupled with a tendency to impaired social skills and/or restrictive or repetitive patterns of interest and activities.

It was the belief of Tinnus Smits M.D. a Dutch doctor working with Autism patients who felt that the genetic pre-disposition of Asperger’s could easily be pushed into a full Autistic state if the child were to be vaccinated or exposed to a particular toxin.

Dr. Smits worked diligently to unmask the mystery of Autism. He was able to link the disease to causative factors coupled with the disposition of the child and then began to cure the disease in many. Dr. Tinnus Smits passed away in 2010.

Today, his research has continued with the help and dedication of wonderful Homeopaths Like Kim Kalina CCH, RSHom (NA), currently of Denmark and is the Core Instructor of the North American CEASE Certification courses, and teaches both initial certification and advanced CEASE courses all over the world. She is a nationally certified and registered homeopath through CHC and NASH, and has been a homeopathic practitioner for nearly 20 years. She began studying with Tinus Smits in 2005 and has been using and promoting his work at his request ever since. In particular, Kim has facilitated and taught his vaccination clearing protocols since 2005, Inspiring Homeopathy initiations internationally since 2007, and also served as editor (along with Tim Owens) of the final version of Dr. Smits’ Inspiring Homeopathy book in 2011.

I am honored that I was able to attend the CEASE Certification Course in Minneapolis, MN, this past month. Kim Kalina is an astounding homeopath and a truly gifted teacher. Her knowledge of Autism and other drug induced diseases in admirable to even the most educated and my only regret is that I am only now discovering the full program.

CEASE is a highly effective way to address many stubborn chronic complaints that fail to resolve with constitutional homeopathy. Only too often in chronic situations, there can be a setback in the healing process and what seems to be the perfect remedy fails to hold, or to completely cure. These are often cases where an obstacle to cure is present. Now, with the work of Dr. Smits being perfected and taught around the world; this CEASE Program is being used successfully in autism, ADD/ADHD, depression, arthritis and more.

CEASE is a combination format used to aid the body in healing itself; this method is highly effective. Upon assessment of a case it is determined how to precede in aiding the body to rid itself of the aggravating factors, and then the three step program is applied.

1. Isopathic remedies are given to aid the body in detoxifying the causative factor of disease.
2. Orthomolecular supplements are given to support the body’s cellular systems during detoxifying process.
3. Homeopathic constitutional remedy is used to strengthen the body at all levels for a balanced and complete healing.

I am so excited to have this knowledge for use in case work. I can see how CEASE will work to restore the health of many.
I am also thrilled that Kim has orchestrated an elaborate network of dedicated professionals to be available literally around the clock if needed for help or to answer simple questions.

I am so very Thankful to Kim and to all who are working to bring this amazing knowledge to light.

CEASE is knowledge that everyone should understand…if only that they should understand why it is needed.

May God Bless You and Yours,
Sue Meyer


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The Winds of Change

When my oldest son was younger, I was his Den Mother, as he grew, and there was a need for a new “Boy Scout” leader, I became that role as well.  I loved working with the boys; and as it turned out, they were really teaching me.  I organized the meetings and gave directions as to what I expected them to learn for the next meeting, and guess what?  They would learn it so well that I would stand in amazement!  Then they would proceed to teach the teacher!  A good system.  Efficient, and fun as well!

I was a wonderfully successful Boy Scout leader, when all I really knew was how to read, follow directions and oh, yeah…I had a great love for my son, and the “desire” for him to learn how to survive in the wilderness and to have fun doing it!

The Boy Scouts used to be an awesome way for boys to become young men.  Today politics has changed that simple program; I won’t go into a lot of detail, but the point is, it’s changed.  Everything has changed…

I received a link this morning about an Amish man imprisoned for making a salve.  You can read the article here: Amish Farmer Sam Girod is in Jail…His Enemies Want Him There for Life.  Imprisoned…just for making a homemade salve and claiming it had some healing properties.  A salve that almost anyone could make in their own kitchen!

The following quote is from a 1955 book called: “Enemies are Human” by Reinhold Pabel.

“It was not until the late thirties that Hitler’s principal idea of the Thousand Year Reich became evident in all its monstrosity.  His first goal was to eliminate the undesirables…The Police State was born.  Schools, press, radio became coordinated.  Those who refused to cooperate were thrown into concentration camps…Intricate machinery was constructed which was designed to allow the Government to supervise every phase of private life so thoroughly that any attempt to protest could be nipped in the bud.  In spite of this, many people did not take everything lying down.  True: the majority of them just clenched their fists in their pockets and kept their mouths shut…..if they had been faced with the alternative of keeping quiet of losing their jobs, homes, or even their lives.…The concentration camps were filled not only with Jews, but also with many German nonconformists, victims of political and religious persecution…”

Boy Scouts and WWII?  This is a very thin thread but try to follow me please…

When I think about the Boy Scouts, I think about Survival.  The knowledge to survive with the barest of equipment.  The Boy Scouts of America have been undermined by political rhetoric.  Now an Amish man being arrested for his act of Treason? 

Where are we today; does this not ring the same bell as the quote from the 1955 book quoting pre-war Germany?

The point is, we are losing our rights quicker than we can even keep track.  I went to place an order the other day with a company that I have used for over 15 years.  This company has helped me learn so much about herbs and essential oils.  They have always had tons of information both on their website and given personally when I call.  To my shock and dismay, there is no longer ANY information outside the name of the Herbs of Oils listed on their website . Our favorite Government Organization has dis-allowed any “claims or unsubstantiated” claims. Going so far as to say even Historical data is now unsubstantiated. 

Homeopathic remedies are also under constant attack.  As I write this, another bill is before session to take the use of homeopathic remedies away from us, and to make them available by prescription only. 

I don’t have any answers.  But if I may suggest…Have no fear!  Fear is caused by lack of faith, or lack of knowledge.

Pray.  If you are inspiried, follow through.

Be prudent.  Arm yourself and your family with Knowledge.

Basic Boy Scout type training should be a given for every family.  It is the single best field First Aid training available to date.

Learn Homeopathy, and have the most basic remedies on hand.


May God bless you and yours,

Sue Meyer


My favorites to have on hand are:

Of course there are many other good reference books, but these are by far my personal favorites!


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Homeopathy Seminar March 17-18 Louisville, KY

We are excited to share that Sue Meyer from Homeopathy for Mommies and Homeopathy for Mommies Radio Podcasts will be traveling to Louisville, KY, to give a 2 day Homeopathy Seminar.  All are invited to attend! Come for one day, or for both; and have the chance to meet Sue and learn more about Homeopathy and how you can use it to treat and care for your family.

Friday Seminar Topics Include: Introduction to Homeopathy; including all of the remedies in Sue’s book, Injury, and First Aid

Saturday Seminar Topics Include: Infection, Acute Disease, Essential Oils, and Homeoprophylaxis – Homeopathic Immunizations

Seminar will be held at:  The Sword & The Scone Tea Parlor & Boutique in Louisville, Kentucky

Cost: $40 for 1 day, or $60 for both days.

Register here through The Outpost Mercantile.

*There will be an hour lunch break each day.  Lunch will be available for purchase at The Sword & The Scone Tea Parlor.  Please see Menu here and e-mail Meal Orders to Stephanie at by Monday, March 13th.   “Endless Tea” also available for 2 hours during lunch for only $3.95, over 40 Teas to choose from!

See Flyer for more information.

Register Here! 

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Homeopathy For Mommies Training Seminar – January 23, 2016 – Machesney Park, IL

Are you looking for Alternatives in Health Care? 

Sue Meyer will be having a Homeopathy For Mommies Beginner Seminar focusing on Family Health and Acute Illness in Machesney Park, IL.   This Seminar will be held on Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Learn Easy, Efficient and Affordable ways to make and keep your family healthy.  All the rave is going the Natural Alternative route………but where can anyone turn to get easy, reliable answers, from real people that they can talk to?

This Seminar is a great way to learn about Natural Medicine and Homeopathy, in a way that is understandable and by a Consultant who welcomes any questions in the field of acute illness.

We will discuss many Natural Alternatives; Learning ways to get and keep your family healthy; we will touch on Herbs, Essential Oils, Fever reducing methods, the Do’s and Do not’s when ill or injured….with an intense focus in the field of Homeopathy.

You will be given a fountain of solid information that will surely be of use to you and your family, now and in the years to come.  You will also have the opportunity to learn the unique art of knowing how and when to implement Homeopathic Remedies and their valuable uses.

 This will be 5 ½ hours of information filled study; Class fee of $30.00 for Early Registration and $35.00 at the door.

Bring your own Sack Lunch for the short noon break, a Notebook/Pen & Your Questions

Bring a Friend along to have your Name entered into a drawing for free Organic Cold/Flu Rub Cream.

 If you are interested in attending, please contact Sue Meyer at 320-351-7678 for more information.

  See Flyer for more information.  Homeopathy For Mommies Off-Site Flyer Session 1


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