mommies-cover-webThis is a comprehensive guide for teaching care-givers.

Homeopathy for Mommies book will help to take the fear out of caring for a sick child or ailing spouse. Here, we’ll teach you what to do when there’s been an injury. It needn’t be scary. When you understand how and why something works, then you gain confidence.

Health is simple. Good Food, simple remedies, oils, and herbs when needed. It’s only when we complicate the care, that things become overwhelming.


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Homepathy for Mommies: Family Guide for the Acute Use of Homeopathy

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Sue’s book Homeopathy for Mommies has been a wonderful tool for my family as we have discovered the healing use of homeopathy this past year. She has put the information in a format that is so easy for a mom to use and find the information quickly. I also use the book to add my own notes as to what remedy works for my family members. I have purchased several Homeopathy for Mommies books as gifts for others that have shown interest. Sue’s podcast is also informational and enjoyable to listen to. The book and podcast have been a blessing to us and I’m looking forward to the online ‘Crash Course’ in Homeopathy.” – Kerri R. 

I discovered Sue thru an awesome radio show called Homeopathy for Mommies.  What a treat and a service for the community!  Sue shares her knowledge and experiences so freely!  It is obvious that Sue has a passion for homeopathy and helping families heal and stay healthy.  Sue has graciously taken the time out of her busy schedule to answer all my questions.  I ordered her book, Homeopathy for Mommies, and it has literally stayed by my bedside for over a year.  I refer to it so often that 2 pages have  accidentally been ripped out and my toddler has colored on it more than once.  I guess she thought it was interesting since Mommy looks at it and scribbles notes in the margins so often.  I am a trained herbalist, have used homeopathic remedies for over a decade, and have read plenty of books on homeopathy, but Sue’s book has taught me so much that I now realize how much I didn’t know!  I love the format of her book and the ease of finding the correct remedy.  I think everyone should own a copy of Homeopathy For Mommies and start healing your family today!” – Deanna W.