In this new video training, Sue Meyer talks about “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus” (known as MRSA).  She shares cases that she has successfully treated and the specific protocol has been used with much success by individuals diagnosed with MRSA and by individuals who are suspected of having MRSA but have not been diagnosed and hope not to be. In the medical world, MRSA is incurable and those being diagnosed are considered only in remission should their symptoms disappear. Sue has seen this protocol aid the body to completely rid itself of this dreaded highly infectious Staph infection.   

Course participants also get a special shipping code for the MRSA kit that is available in our online store.  Includes a protocol handout, training slide download, and audio is also available in the student area for download.  Students also have a form to ask questions about this training within the course.  This training is about 40 minutes long and completely online. 

Regular Price: $49.99 ($150 value!)


BONUS:  Students who take this course receive a special free shipping code for the MRSA Kit.