Like everything in life my involvement with homeopathy seems to be a miracle. A good friend and homeopath first introduced me to the use of homeopathy when I was at the tender age of thirty-three, and needless to say I was overwhelmed!

At that time of my life, I had several years of nurse’s aide work under my belt, and eight children, all of whom had been immunized. These two qualifications, which I came to realize years later, gave me an unofficial insight and deeper understanding, of the pharmaceuticals. And to what I now know as “drug induced” disease.

For our family going to the doctor was the norm: a regular routine for a mother with many children. I didn’t even consider it frightening that on any given day during the cold and flu season, a visitor would find one to three bottles of “yummy,” pink medicine known as Amoxicillin in the door of the refrigerator!

I had been born and raised on a farm, but was now living on a small hobby farm with the basic pets and essential “hobby farm fare” for the children. I considered medication a way of life. You can only imagine my surprise when I heard of homeopathy. I was told that this natural way had been in existence for centuries, and could bring health to my family without drugs! I was ready for something new and like many mothers, had been blessed with an inquiring mind that wanted to learn and try anything that not only sounded reasonable, but could help my family.

Shortly after beginning the use of these interesting remedies, one of our horses developed several illnesses, which gave us multiple occasions to see homeopathy work at its finest! These few health recoveries were nothing less than miraculous!

The first time that my friend suggested I use a particular remedy, I thought it was similar to other pharmaceutical medicines. He very gently explained the difference, and gave me the Phytolacca, to help with the pain of mastitis, leaving me to ponder this new way of thinking. To my amazement the remedy worked so quickly, I had to call and thank him.

Shortly after our discussion and my subsequent cure, my son who was then eight-years old, woke one morning with what I knew any doctor would diagnose as meningitis. I knew this because five years prior I had been hospitalized and quarantined with bacterial meningitis. Seeing how quickly and miraculously homeopathy remedies worked, I wanted to try this route. I did not want to take my son to an M.D., so I called my friend and homeopath. He asked why I thought it was meningitis, so I told him. Then I suggested that even if I was wrong about the diagnosis the doctor would have to take all precautions and quarantine my son. He agreed to help. I was told to give my son Belladonna. It was a 30x potency that I was able to acquire, and then I repeated the dose in fifteen minute increments.

I did as I was told and called to report at the half hour mark. I was very afraid because my son’s temperature had risen from 101.5° to 105° during that thirty minutes! I asked what was happening as you can imagine my alarm!

My friend simply explained, “It’s working, the Belladonna is interrupting the virus.” He then added, “Give him another dose and wait.”

I did as he directed. My son fell asleep for two hours, and when he woke, he said, “Mom, I can move my head!” His cure was quick and complete. I was told two weeks later, that the area public school in the town where my husband worked had been closed due to a meningitis outbreak! Two boys had died, because the disease was viral and the antibiotics were useless. My husband became a believer.

Since that time, I’ve tackled everything from simple colds and flus to serious spleen injuries, broken legs, ribs, tendon damage, eye problems, teething, infected gums, miscarriage, prostate problems, birth trauma, burns, swollen joints, allergies, ulcerative colitis, vertigo, renal colic, uterine infections, infertility, learning disabilities, and even problems with our animals. I’ve used remedies that have cured horses of West Nile disease, asthma attacks, and tetanus. Our cow was helped when she had Ketosis and then fertility problems…the list goes on.   

There is however one event that I must mention, for which I will be forever thankful to homeopathy, and it has to do with the life saving properties of Arnica. Our young daughter fell from a runaway horse, crushing the skull above her left ear. I was able to administer several doses of arnica even in her unconscious state before we arrived at the hospital. I knew nothing about brain injury at that time. But, I do now.

Fortunately, our stay in the hospital was only for the sole purpose of watching her get well. She needed no surgery, medicine or treatment, other than the continued doses of Arnica that we were giving her. The doctors would rush her in for a CT scan every time she sneezed just so, and even tried to put her on antibiotics when she began to lose her hearing, saying that, “she must be getting an infection.” I suggested that it was trauma related and refused to allow them to put her on anything until she could see the audiologist. To the doctors dismay the so called infection was blood which was already draining down into her ear canal from the trauma site. This was four days earlier than was normal for a trauma of this type!

When our daughter was released after five days in the hospital, the Neurosurgeon confided to us that 50% of these types of brain injuries, simply do not live, and the other 50% do not make the type of recovery that our daughter had made. He did not call her recovery miraculous, but encompassed 100% of all people with this type of head injury as either, dead, or never fully recovered.

My daughter was tested by more doctors that we could count. Medical doctors, and psychologists alike had to give her a perfect score for brain function, and even found her to be in the highest level for age classification, and this was just five days after her accident. Needless to say, I really became a believer.

It was at this point that I realized I really needed to learn more. I wanted to study and learn all I could because I witnessed first-hand the wonders of this amazing natural way of treating illness. Which brings us to this book. As I began my studies deeper into the realm of chronic healing, I began to compile notes. My purpose was twofold to use the information as a reference for myself and to share this with my children. My initial compiled notes were called “If I Can’t Call Mom, because it’s the Middle of the Night” book for my married children. It has grown to what you hold in your hands today. This book is a product of my attempt to bring the use of these fantastic remedies into an understandable format that can easily be shared with those who want to learn more.

There are hundreds if not thousands of reference books to choose from when learning about homeopathy. I have studied and read dozens of them, in my effort to learn how to get and then keep my family healthy. Being a teacher I thought it would be efficacious to condense some of this already available knowledge from the great Masters, like those mentioned in the introduction of this work, into a quick guide for acute family use.

Since many of my children were older when I began to use homeopathy, they left home without a full understanding or knowledge of its use, which is the main reason you hold this book in your hands. I wanted them to learn the beautiful simplicity of these remedies. This book is an attempt to make up for lost time.

My younger children, now totaling eleven, are actually quite proficient in understanding which remedy to reach for in just about any situation. I am also fortunate that now my daughters and daughter-in-laws work diligently to treat and care for their little ones, with homeopathy: thus creating an atmosphere of trust and knowledge between parents and children.

It is my prayer that this next generation grows into adulthood with good health and vitality, and with strength and wisdom. They will be taught to understand their own bodies, to be in tune with the mental as well as the physical pain, which is their personal warning signal, in any disease, and for any weakness they can combat with knowledge. 

Sue Meyer

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