One of my very first memories as a child was walking up the road to my Great-Uncle’s house to have breakfast there. I remember my eldest brother taking me by the hand to walk the three quarter mile trek to Uncle Oakley’s house. I must have been afraid or really excited to remember such detail, I was just four years old. When we arrived at Uncle Oakley’s he told us that the rice’n raisins was nearly done and that we were to take a seat at the small table while we waited; no one, not even my mom could make rice’n raisins like Uncle Oakley…he drenched the piping hot dish with butter, honey from his own bees, and just the right amount of ground cinnamon!

As I watched Uncle Oakley hobble around the kitchen on his crippled leg, I remember feeling sad for him. He worked so hard to make us breakfast and he seemed oh so happy to do it. Never a complaint, only cute little smiles and a friendly light tap. You see, my great uncle, and I do mean GREAT uncle, had hip joint disease. He had been crippled for years and in what had to be excruciating pain. All they could do for his degeneration was to put a lift in his shoe…oddly enough the lift was heavy metal and only added to the difficulty of his moving and walking around.

I’m telling you this, because today, with the use of Homeopathy, we now know that we can alter this pre-disposition of hip joint disease, and even in the early stages stop its progression.

When I was first studying homeopathy and the course of disease, I would find myself at a standstill; the terms, the definitions, nothing seemed to follow suit as I studied disease. Then it dawned on me that the names of certain diseases had been changed, the …itises, and …isms and …cides were now in code so to speak. So I ordered a very old Gould’s Medical dictionary and began to really study. The world unfolded as did the quite simple world of disease. There really are only a handful of diseases known to man and then within each category of viral or bacterial disease, there are only a few more genres or sub-categories. I found the world of disease fascinating to say the least. And when I realized that the hip joint disease, the one that Kent referred to under several remedies, was nothing other than a form of Tuberculosis that happened to land in the hip joint rather that than the lung, well, so much became very clear!

You see, Tuberculosis does run in families, like cancer or weakness of the mind or diabetes, and this is what my uncle suffered from…and many of my relatives from 3 sides. When the body is susceptible to a particular disease, it is then compromised or thrown into a weakened condition, then that which it is most subject to can actually take hold and manifest itself. We are exposed to Tuberculosis almost daily in this or any other country, but a healthy body just throws it off. A weakened body may find itself infected and unable to throw off the bacteria quickly, so the bacteria finds a place to land and sets up house.  Once the bacteria finds a home; in the lungs, hip, or other joint, organ, muscle skin or lymph, then it starts eating all the healthy tissue around it. This is what is known as cheesy necrosis. The white, cottage cheese like pus that comes out of boils, the cheesy pus around the hips that are operated on, the destruction of lung tissue due to Tuberculosis…all of these diseases are a form of Tuberculosis!

Tuberculinum bovine is a nosode made from the diseased tissue of cattle with Tuberculosis

Tuberculinum avaire; from a Tubercular diseased chicken

Bacillinum ; from the sputum of a human patient with tuberculosis

Of course all of these remedies are so dilute that there is no organic substance left…only the trigger factor-the megahertz measurement of the original tincture, which is enough to intrinsically trigger the body to steep up its vital force, to heal against the disease.

And we are told that Tuberculosis has been eradicated, and only exists is third world countries. Ha, not so, it’s here, very bold and very destructive….it’s just being called by other names so as to hide its true identity!

God bless you and yours,




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