This week I would like to tell you a little bit about Apis, a wonderful homeopathic remedy known for its ability to help alleviate swelling.  To tell you more about this remedy, I have story about this same wonderful uncle I wrote about a few weeks ago! I mentioned his bees…as a child I only remember being both afraid and fascinated!

One day I was at Uncle Oakley’s and he must have asked me to stay in front of the house while he went and tended to his bees… I remember thinking that I was going to get in trouble for peeking around the house to watch him! It didn’t dawn on me then, but I’m sure that he asked me to stay in the front so that I wouldn’t upset the fine workings of the bee kingdom.

As I watched Uncle Oakley in his netted hat and shawl, he worked around the hives with ease. It was so amazing to watch him unafraid while all those bees just hummed about!

 My dad tells the story that my uncle would actually reach out and take hold of a bee, then hold the bee to one of his joints. The bee would sting the joint and he would repeat the process with another bee and another joint until all his painful joints had been stung.

Uncle Oakley was always ahead of science….he knew that like cured like. In homeopathy, the remedy Apis (bee venom) will alleviate the like symptoms of a bee sting.

Yes, he had arthritis, but who knows how bad it would have been, had he not done his bee therapy!

You see, like does cure like, and in homeopathy, we understand that the world of “like” is most efficient when it is given is minute dilutions. Hence, homeopathy. Micro doses of a substance, so diluted that it can cause the body to affect its own cure; acting on a trigger like action of the original substance.



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