pexels-photo-30269If you haven't guessed by now, I love to teach through stories and I have another fun story that I must share. Again, my dad related these stories to us as we were growing, but most of them didn’t mean much until the time of life when you need the information!

I guess one such occasion was when I was expecting our first child.

We kids grew up going barefoot all summer long, come fall the sense of suffocation came on with a vengeance as it was time to put shoes on again for school!

So I guess my first pregnancy was key for memories coming to the surface…we were married in January and within three or four weeks, my husband insisted that I go to the Dr. because he said I was acting different!

So obediently, I went to the doctor…I was afraid that I had picked up some dread disease, like the ones I heard of in boot camp!

Well, the doctor said that he suspected pregnancy, and that I was to come back in a few weeks….. A few weeks! Wasn’t there anyway he could tell? We could do a blood test he said, but it is expensive. I told him that I didn’t care! Please do it!

So he took the blood and told me to call back the next day at 4:00.  I did. The doctor personally came to the phone (I’m sure that by now he found me quite humorous!) and he said that the test was positive! What does that mean I asked!….too funny, right? He said you are going to have a baby!

I honestly can’t believe my naivety, even now, after raising almost eleven kids; it simply amazes me as to how truly simple the mind of a child is. I was only eighteen, I was not a dummy by any means, but I hadn’t experienced life yet and the terms by which adults live…..

So, the point of this story; I felt horrible through those first few months of pregnancy. I know that you’ll say all women do….but do they? What time of year are they feeling so poorly? Do they go barefoot in the summer?

Well, as soon as I moved out to the country and began going barefoot again, my weight leveled off, I began having more energy, and I started feeling better. I always felt good when I was expecting during the summer months. I worked in the garden, mowed lawn, water skied, played…and always barefoot.

Uncle Oakley used to say that a woman who carries a child through the summer months will have a healthier child…and that the child’s health will last throughout his lifetime.

Of course today, with all the immunizations being shoved at us and our children and the fact that we can’t go barefoot like we should….well, this is where the Magnetis Pole remedies can come into play. These remedies are made by exposure to the North and South pole magnetisms and can very quickly bring balance to the body…like for anger issues, ingrown toenail, many issues, especially issues that come on from the lack of freedom due to wearing shoes! Ha, ha, I’m not joking!

In other words, any issue due to not getting out and having the earth under your feet type of activity!

So during these last few precious weeks of warmer weather, run, play, work outside every chance you can; and even better, do it barefoot!









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