Have you ever found yourself saying to your children: “Do as I say, not as I do!” or in my case today; as I don’t do!

Sitting behind an adorable little family this past Sunday morning at Mass, trying like crazy to keep my eyes diverted from the cute little kids, and focusing on my prayers and all things holy…

I suddenly realized that here we are, well into the Fall Season and I haven’t even begun the Influenza Protocol for my family!

Why you ask, did I think of that at that moment?

Well, this adorable little family with their three beautiful children, could no more focus on the holy than I could…they were all snuffing and running at the nose, blowing and coughing all over each other, the pews, and everything around them.  As bad as I felt for them, I was suddenly angry at myself, for neglecting my own family.

I am being very serious here folks; if you want to help your family avoid the Flu (Respiratory Influenza) this year, get them on the protocol that is formatted in the book: Homeopathy for Mommies; It’s two simple remedies, given in an alternating fashion to immunize, so to speak, against the Flu virus.

These two remedies have been recommended by homeopaths around the world, for well over a hundred years to aid the body’s own defense mechanism in a prophylactic way to protect itself. And to eventually alter the pre-disposition to catch colds and flu like symptoms.

So, please do yourself and your family the favor of beginning the protocol today!  You can find out more information in my podcast The Flu Duo.  In this podcast I share more about these two homeopathic remedies and my protocol for flu prevention that I like to start this time of the year to prevent my family from getting the flu during the winter.

You can also get a handy FREE Flu Duo printable with remedy information here!

For more helpful tips on dealing with Colds and the Flu, listen to my Podcasts below, or read it in the book: Homeopathy for Mommies, pages: 108-111.

And then tell someone you love about this. They can do what they want with the information, “Free Will” you know, but you will have done your part to get the information out there!

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer 


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Homeopathic Remedies to help you through Cold & Flu Season!