This week I had to share the following letter from a dear friend in Kentucky: because her passion and description are priceless!

It reminds me of what I told the Neurosurgeon when he discharged our daughter from the hospital with her recovering head injury: “It’s amazing what Arnica and Prayer will do!”

May God Bless you and Yours,

Sue Meyer


Hello Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you my experience at the ER with my son who fell on the concrete curb. If any do not know: He was taken by ambulance to U of L Hospital Wednesday, Sept 21st with neck and head injuries. No fractures in the neck. Probably strained, sprained or some type of soft tissue damage. His head diagnoses was: closed head injury, fracture of Frontal bone, frontal sinus fracture, orbital roof fracture, all right side. The fracture extends down to his eye socket. He was accidentally hit in the neck with a piece of pipe and then passed out hitting the concrete curb. The doctor said it takes a tremendous amount of force to break that forehead bone! He could not remember some things and was having trouble saying some words. His vision was also blurry. He only had a quarter size abrasion on his forehead, right side, just below the hairline.

When I arrived all I could think about was giving him Arnica as fast I could (this is the remedy you want for any head injury so you don’t have brain damage, reduce swelling and bruising, etc.). If you have ever been in the ER at U of L it is crazy busy and that day was no exception. I saw a lot of trauma come through the doors.

Trying to get Arnica into him without anyone noticing was impossible, we were surrounded. I said a prayer to St. Raphael to shield us. Gave him the remedy and nobody said a word! I was able to give him 3 doses of Arnica 200C within about 45 minutes. The last dose was followed with the pink mouth swabs in water. They were PEPPERMINT flavored!! UGH! Peppermint antinodes (stops them from working) remedies!! Great! So I waited about an hour and gave another dose. **Remember to ask if the mouth swabs are flavored!!!! (or use a washcloth dipped in water, like your grandmother!)

The doctor at first was talking about possible head surgery. After neurosurgery, face, and ophthalmology doctors consulted they decided to take a wait and watch approach. CT scan showed no brain bleed or anything else out of the ordinary. And there was no swelling. His memory checked out later on that night and his vision had returned. In the morning when ophthalmology tested him they said everything was good with his eyes. After we got home I gave him Arnica 1M, 1 dose, as suggested by my homeopathic doctor. We were home the next day by noon.

***I want to stress to you all if you never learn anything about homeopathy except Arnica, you have a tremendous healer in your hands. Please take the time to read and learn all it can do.

You can learn a lot just listening to Sue Meyer’s podcasts, “Homeopathy for Mommies”.


Thank you for reading my little rant, God bless all,

Stay healthy, stay informed, keep learning,

Kim L. Kentucky


PS: If you ever want to know how to give a remedy to someone unconscious, on a Bi-bap machine, or on a ventilator just ask. This is also the remedy for heart attack (200C).

Also, another tip is to purchase Sue Meyer’s book, “Homeopathy for Mommies”, and start building your kit with the remedies in her book. You will literally have your own pharmacy.


Look for our Blog next week when we share more about Arnica and all of its wonderful uses!

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