This week, I would like to share with you a little more about Arnica; it is such an important remedy to always have on hand.  My dear friend Kim wrote a letter for my Blog post last week.  In the letter Kim shared with us that her son had an accident and fell and hit the concrete curb.  She was able to give him Arnica and it helped him immensely. Below is an excerpt from my Homeopathy for Mommies Book on Arnica.  As you read through it, I think you will realize just how important Arnica is and how it can be used to treat such a large variety of ailments!  Enjoy!


ARNICA “Bruised” 

From Homeopathy for Mommies, by Sue Meyer

(Leopard’s Bane-plant) (Acute Remedy)


Injury: *Always give Arnica, in all cases of accident or injury, shock, is the great silent killer: 200c a.s.a.p. and again every 15 min. until outward symptoms subside. Even when unconscious, pellets given under the tongue or inside the cheek are safe. (Lyle W. MorganPh.D.,H.M.D.) (For shock, if patient says he is alright-give Arnica: if patient says he’s going to die-give Aconite.)
Bodily Soreness from any Cause: Accidental blows, sprains, overwork of muscles.
*Suits Well: Sanguine, plethoric red-faced persons. Cerebral congestion. Persons easily made car-sick. Those who are sensitive to injuries and who feel the effects of them long after.
*Effects of: Mechanical injuries. Fright, financial loss, anger. Overuse of any organ Operations. Insects stings. Splinters.
Blood/Hemorrhage: For any type of Hemorrhage: Spinal hemorrhage: Retinal hemorrhage. Anti-inflammatory, for hemorrhage.
Cough/Croup/Larynx: Violent, spasmodic cough with facial herpes. Cardiac cough: during sleep, worse exercise. Whooping cough, child cries before cough.
Eyes: Helps heal broken blood vessels, from injury or cough.
Fear from shock due to injury: When patient says, “I’m ok, don’t worry about me.” Give Arnica any potency, (200c best for shock situation, but give whichever potency is available) *Remember: shock is the number one silent killer following accidents/trauma, even when patient claims to be well.
Head: Head injury or strokes that effect mental functions. Head injury, strokes. 6c daily to prevent stroke. 30c to repair old stroke (the sooner the better).
Heart: Palpitations after shock or injury: shake whole body.
Injury: Trauma of injury, physical Exhaustion.
Dislocation: give to control
Shock/HemorrhagePre& post, dental, surgical, operationsUse before and after hard work.
          Injuries: Take 3x’s–5 min. apart: then 2-4 x’s every 15 min.: then hourly as needed.
          Birthing: Give 200c (or whatever potency you have available) after delivery to both mother and child for trauma/bruising, retention of urine.
Concussion: Cerebral Unconsciousness…always the first remedy of choice in any head injury or concussion…. Prevents concussion. (give a.s.a.p. in any potency available [200c is preferable for emergencies])
Growth/Development/Limbs/Joints: Backache with muscle strain. Overuse, Over-lifting. Bruises from injuries. Blows.
Mouth/Teeth: Always give Arnica on the way to the dentist! Or for any type of injury/Bleeding or trauma to the mouth, teeth, gums, tongue.
Sensation: “I feel bruised” “It feels like I’ve been beat up. Everything on which he lies seems too hard. Sore/Bruised.
*Worse: At rest: when lying down: from wine.
*Better: From contact: motion.


*Taken from Sue Meyer's Book, Homeopathy for Mommies.


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