My heart seems to have slowed down this week after I heard the news that the FDA is making outlandish claims against homeopathic teething drops.

I knew this day would be coming.

Two years ago when the FDA invited Homeopathic Doctors or concerned citizens to give testimony as to why they think we should be allowed to keep homeopathy legal… I knew we were in trouble.

Even the issue itself, is indicative that the FDA has set themselves up as God; and that they have the right to decide for us the kind of treatment we must choose for our families.

At What point do laws stop?

I know that the teething drops caused no deaths.  I know that there will never be a full disclosure.  I know that only the slander of rumor is enough to destroy many people’s confidence in homeopathy. And I know that the FDA knows this as well.

So, to those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear…

Let’s put this behind us enough to continue learning as much as we can, as fast as we can. Let us arm ourselves with knowledge and good remedies. May the REAL God Bless our Efforts!

Teething: Homeopathic Help

  1. What do you do if your baby is quickly becoming famous for the dribbling that he does. It seems that you are forever changing his kerchief, and the poor little tike even has a raw neck from the dribble that he exudes.
  2. Or little Johnny can’t seem to relax and sleep, he keeps rubbing his face and chewing on his hands…
  3. It may seem that your baby is going to teeth forever! Periodic bouts of low grade fever, fussiness, red cheeks and yet no teeth!
  4. I’ve seen some babies get severe diarrhea whenever they are trying to get a tooth, finally after days of nasty, run down the leg style stools, a tooth will finally emerge.
  5. Of course there is the occasional child that will get teeth at 3 months and you won’t know it until she bites you while nursing. We don’t want to fix this!

There are as many teething stories as there are babies in the world, and so there is no one remedy that will “fix” your baby’s teething problems.

However, there is hope!

Kent taught that a child in perfect health, will get his teeth with ease and contentment. So how do we obtain this bliss for our children?

We follow the guiding symptoms.

Each of the above scenarios, indicates a guiding symptom. Right? 

Child #1I would definitely give Calc Carb. if he is a chubby little guy, or Calc phos., if he is more slender and chatty; either type of baby can be pre-disposed to a few teething issues, then I would give him a dose of Plantago maj., a great remedy for teething babies especially when there is much dribble. This remedy is even helpful for adults that are having tooth pains.

Child #2This little guy doesn’t have the dribble or rosy red cheeks, but he is definitely having some frustration, and it’s keeping him awake. In this situation, I’d give either a dose of Coffea or Kresotum.   Kresotum is a very famous remedy for teething, especially when sleeplessness is present, or if when the child begins getting his teeth they seem to darken or go bad almost as soon as they come in.  Another wonderful choice would be a  dose of Coffea; a great remedy whenever a frustrated and very wakeful night ensues from teething or in the older child / adult scenario….little Johnny is excited about his upcoming fishing trip and can’t sleep!

Child # 3:  Again, I’d give a dose of Calc carb or Calc Phos., high potency in a situation where the child is getting older and the constitution seems to be difficult or for delayed dentition…then I’d give Belladonna in an x potency to help with redness and possibly even a dose of Hypericum if the pain seems to come in waves.

Child #4:  The poor little one with diarrhea every time he gets a tooth…I’d try giving Calc carb. or Calc. Phos. to help with the constitutional, then look at one of these three remedies: Chamomilla, Dulcmara or Rhus-tox as a remedy to help with this type of difficult teething.

Of course all of these stories are incomplete in that they don’t tell us if these babies are whiney and clingy or angry with crying and even screaming out with pain…when these situations are evident, think of Pulsatilla for that whiney, clingy child and Chamomilla for the angry one. There are many remedies that could help your child with his teething problems. As always in homeopathy, look at the symptoms. If a remedy fits your child’s situation don’t hesitate to give it. A low potency is always safe and cannot hurt your child. It will either work to alleviate his symptoms; thereby bringing balance and health. Or it will be of no help, indicating that it is the wrong remedy. Simply try another remedy with those same indications. Simillimum.

Good Luck Mommies and Daddies!




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