November 9, 2016 – An exciting day! Today we have a new President of the United States of America!

We don’t have regular television. As it turns out, I hear that many families don’t. So, the entire campaign this past year has been brought to me through friends, not the media. A much easier way to hear what’s going on, rather than having to sit through all the media opinions. Which, as it turns out…really were opinions. And now the American people have spoken loud and clear.

All this brought me round to thinking about our country and disease.

Disease is just that. Dis-Ease.

It is a state of un-easiness. Left unchecked or worse yet, suppressed, dis-ease will continue to destroy from within.

Bad laws, or laws that go against the laws of nature work to destroy the harmony of man. Man, is endowed with a conscience. Every civilization ever recorded has acknowledged a higher power, has valued the family, work ethics and the environment in which they live.

Every culture has valued these things because these are a few of the innate desires that God has instilled in man. Therefore, they are all good.

When laws are passed that are not for the true “good” of man, then un-easiness will set in. As it permeates the country; dis-ease will follow.

Much like physical illness in the body. Mental uneasiness is the prelude to actual dis-ease. In order to heal that which is ailing, there must be a purging. The symptoms of the dis-ease must be evaluated and addressed.

That’s what America has just done! It seems we have recognized the symptoms and have begun the process of purging that which is causing the dis-ease of our country. Even though the new President is only a mere man, with faults like all men. He does have good business sense, believes in Capitalism which supports the natural laws instilled in man to better himself. And at this point he supports the family and their unborn.

So, folks. Our work and prayers have been answered, but we must not lower our hands from prayer. It will take more prayers and more sacrifice from each and every one of us, if our new President is to have any effect on the dis-ease of this country.

May God Bless Us…Every ONE.


*Just as Pyrogenium, Silicea and either Mercurious or Hep. Sulph., aid in the eradication of infection of the physical body. “Dis-ease.” Prayer and fasting aid in the eradication of infection of the mind. “Dis-Ease.”

All “Dis-Ease” affects the multitudes.









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