Why is it that homeopathic directions never seem to be the same twice in a row?

When to use Homeopathy, Which Potency, Frequency, Water Dilution, Granules, Pellets, Globules….the possibilities are basically endless when it comes to homeopathic treatment.

So how is a Mom or Dad supposed to know What to use, When to use it, How often to use it, When to stop giving a remedy, What cancels a remedy, and Even Where do I store my remedies…are there any more Do’s and Don’ts?

When using homeopathy for issues like illness or injury, the basics are simple.

Our book, “Homeopathy for Mommies” really helps to take the guess work out of learning how use homeopathy; and in our podcast “Basics 101” we will discuss this so that everyone can get a handle on feeling confident in the use of homeopathy.  You can listen to it here! 

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May God Bless You and Yours,

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