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Do you remember when you were a little kid playing hide-n-seek? Well I do. With two older brothers and three younger siblings, we played by the hour when Dad and Mom were gone…why then? Because we could go into the forbidden zones! The attic! Mom and Dad’s closet, under their bed, the far corners of the basement! We could move boxes, build forts, and pull moms best dresses down just far enough to hide our feet! These games were some of my best memories.

Of course, you knew this must have been going somewhere, right? I remember these moments because they were so scary! I can remember being so scared I could feel my heart beating so hard in my chest that I knew it would beat right through the front of my chest…and I knew for sure that anyone getting close to my hiding place could surely hear my heart as well! Oh, and forget about breathing. My breathing was as loud as a freight train, so I’d have to hold my breath when I thought anyone was even in the same room because I knew for sure I’d give myself away. I seriously knew that they could hear me breathing from across the room!


I know, these fears were my delusions, weren’t they?

Yes, I set my own stage, I made my own reality, I created my own fears. I did it then and I continue to do it today.

Of course, I am not nearly as exciting as I was 45 years ago, so my delusions are now on a much lower and boring scale, but I still have them. Everyone does. We had them as children, and we have them as adults.

Let’s talk about this.

Why can 10 people be in say; a 5 car pileup on the intersection of two busy roads and when questioned, no two of these people will tell the same story? Why is that? Because. Each one of these 10 people experienced something entirely different. They will tell to the best of their ability the actual event, but they will also pour into the story their experience of that event.

At the moment of the accident, each one of these 10 people were in their own little world, with their own little thoughts, maybe engaged in conversation, maybe listening to radio, maybe scared of being late for work, maybe anticipating a fun date, maybe excited about an upcoming meeting….it doesn’t matter. Whatever their thoughts or moods were at that exact moment…. that is what they took into the accident with them.

So, each person, sliding into the accident brought with them their own little stage; their props, their mind set, their fears… and so their perception will be totally different then even the guy sitting next to them.

This is why in homeopathy we say that ONLY the patient himself can tell you what he is experiencing….or what his experience was…. whether it be tragedy, illness, exposure, fright, or any other situation. Only that patient can give you the hints to his needed remedy. To his reality. To his sensation.


God bless you and yours,

Sue Meyer


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