A friend emailed and asked what I thought of x-rays. Long story short, I’m no expert, but I do know that every x-ray has an effect upon the delicate workings of the body.

According to the Mayo Clinic; “The amount of radiation you're exposed to during an X-ray depends on the tissue or organ being examined. Sensitivity to the radiation depends on your age, with children being more sensitive than adults. Generally, however, radiation exposure from an X-ray is low, and the benefit from these tests far outweigh the risks. However, if you're pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant, tell your doctor before having an X-ray. Though the risk of most diagnostic X-rays to an unborn baby is small, your doctor may consider another imaging test, such as ultrasound.”

So, in other words…even the Mayo Clinic, a highly-respected hospital, contradicts itself in trying to give their patients comfort that x-rays are not harmful.

Natural Medicine advocates say that you should never get x-rays because they are very dangerous.

But what is this danger? And how do you really know what you should allow for yourself or your children?

And if you “must” get an x-ray, what can you do to protect as far as possible?

According to Ener-Chi Wellness Centre; “No matter how important x-rays are medically, they have their side effects like any other form of radiation.

…exposure to these high-frequency waves… unless it is an absolute emergency, getting an x-ray done must be avoided as far as possible.

Some of its harmful effects:

  • Due to their relatively smaller physical size, children are more sensitive to the radiation as it could badly affect their genitals. Parents accompanying their children during x-ray check-ups should wear x-ray prevention clothes as a precaution.
  • Exposure to radiation as a fetus ups the chances of cancer by 40%, of developing tumour(s) by 50% and of leukemia by 70%.
  • Thyroid glands, which are the primary glands of metabolism and energy, are also known victims of x-rays. They are particularly sensitive to radiation because of which, excessive exposure to radiation can lead to various thyroid conditions. Asking for a thyroid collar when getting your head, neck or collarbone area x-rayed could be a preventive measure.
  • Reports say that when exposed to x-rays, especially in the lower abdominal region, a person is at the risk of developing genetic damage that could turn hereditary. They also link diseases like diabetes, high BP, coronary heart disease, strokes and cataracts with exposure to x-rays.”

Honestly, I know very little about x-rays. I do know that there are many factors that determine the long-term effects, all of which we could write another book. Even then, there would still be the question: What can I do if and when, I or my family needs an x-ray?

Well, I believe that we should all become more cautious. Don’t just let the dentist routinely do x-rays. This may upset the average dentist. But it is still your choice. You needn’t feel any duty to order undue tests for your family.

Also, mammograms seem to be a huge business, when in reality, they should be discontinued, (not only for the above reasons) but because the technology of the Thermograms literally makes a mammogram obsolete. Thermograms are revolutionary when it comes to detecting abnormalities in the body.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor if he or she is suggesting a mammogram or x-rays. Most doctors really do care. X-rays have been the norm for so many years that it’s going to take the patients to change protocol. If you sincerely express your concerns to your doctor, even in an emergency, he will understand and even consider different tests if time and availability allows.

If, of course, there is an emergency and the need is real, and if  the technology doesn’t allow for a different way of looking at an issue…it would probably be wise to agree to the x-ray and then to be pro-active.

There are a handful of remedies that are often used in treating radiation exposure due to x-rays and other radiation exposure, depending on the situation or even symptoms that may follow x-rays and or exposure.

 You may take or give any of the following homeopathic remedies:

Most frequently used remedies are:

  • X-ray 200c, this remedy directly made from exposure to x-ray radiation, can be given before and again after x-rays to aid the body in alleviating harmful effects.
  • Cadmium sulph 200c (for exposure) can also be given before and again following an x-ray to aid the body in alleviating harmful effects. Or if there is much vomiting, [green, blood, mucus], stomach pains, weakness or exhaustion; desires small sips of water.
  • Radium bromatum.- can be used before and following, but is often used for the effects of x-ray especially when skin symptoms manifest; such as itching, burning, swelling or even ulcers.

Anytime there is a situation that calls for a deeper look at the goings-on of the body, please, take a small step back. Say an earnest prayer, and truly ask for guidance. Every decision that you make really does matter. Most of the time you have a choice. The clinic or hospital will not always tell or offer you that choice, so educate yourself. Know your choices. Knowledge is power; and Knowledge will give you the confidence to stand firm in your decision. 

You are given charge of your family…. God has appointed you.

May He Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer 




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