Once upon a time, I literally vowed to myself that I would never write another letter. Writing can get one into so much trouble. Let it be written; Let it be done. You cannot take away that which has been etched in stone.

That’s why it is so hard for me to write these blogs. The podcast isn’t such a big deal, folks listen, retain up to 20% of what I’m yakking about, giggle a bit, learn one or two things that they may or may not ever use and then move on. They don’t dissect every little word and scrutinize each statement, they just listen and hopefully learn.

Why am I mentioning yet another of my weaknesses? Because we all have them. Some of us are more reluctant to admit it than others, but we are all imperfect.

And because people are imperfect; Nations, Politics, Curriculums, all things that are run and written up by people are imperfect. We are not God. We can be inspired, but the human factor tends to flavor our work.

There have been so many wonderful things accomplished by so many wonderfully clever people…. Dr. Samuel J. Hahnemann was one of those men.

What he began was based on the teachings of the Original Father of Medicine: Hippocrates; “Like Cures Like”. He took that which was already understood, and expounded upon it. He spent the last years of his life learning and teaching about homeopathy, based upon this “Like cures Like” theory. Because it made sense. He didn’t change it, he only amplified the info., and made it more understandable…but he was not perfect, he didn’t know, “everything.”

Homeopathic books are often based on provings, cases, and protocols that have worked for one doctor or another. If the book was written by one of the Original Great Homeopathic Doctors, I say that it is a great book. I say great because, these were written after much research and in depth proving. The information is worth your time to study. Rarely did the personality control the writing. Records were kept and recorded so that other doctors would be able to know what had already been studied, and what the results were. I consider these books worth holding on to.
In Today’s world of homeopathy, we are seeing so many “changes” that people keep asking me, what style or method of homeopathy do you think I should study?

Again, I am human. I make at least one or two mistakes a year. (Ok, I’m totally laughing here) But about homeopathy I have very strong opinions.
I am Classical. Remedies are proven one at a time, they simply cannot prove a combination remedy. I have used combination remedies, but when I do, I always explain that the body is reading only one remedy at a time.

And, I also tell folks that homeopathy hasn’t changed. What worked two hundred years ago, still works the same way today. However, there are many wonderful strides being made when it comes to the language.

The Cheat Sheet Charts, as I like to call them, is a style of coming to the correct remedy more efficiently. This was put together by Rajan Sankaran and Jan Scholten, and taught very efficiently by Rajan’s student Dinesh Chauan. It is known as the Sensation method, which is very deceiving because it is still Classical in every sense of the word.

I totally embraced this method because of my devotion and understanding of St. Benedict, who taught, “If you want to know a man, listen to him but for five minutes and he will give away his heart.”

In other words, we cannot help but give a good homeopath all the information necessary for him to be able to find the correct remedy. The human body intrinsically knows what it needs, and will literally “say” what it needs. This is not new. Homeopathy has always worked this way…but after nearly three hundred years, wise listeners have learned to connect the dots and align remedies with language.

There are other forms of prescribing homeopathic remedies. Like protocols. (a protocol is a set system of giving a remedy or series of remedies for a particular illness or complaint) I have come up with my own protocols for certain issues, and there are other protocols that doctors have come up with. These protocols are very often efficient especially for “Acute” illness or hereditary disease. I have not however, found them efficient for long term healing when the issue is of long-standing and there is a “never well since” (other than the flu) in the description. Protocols definitely have their place in the world of homeopathy, but there is no way that a protocol can address the patients trigger. (the trigger is the “human” factor that has allowed the disease state in the first place)

There are also recipes. I mention it here because you will find it stated as such in old books. It is the giving of two or more remedies in succession for an issue like a cough or fever.

At seminar, I met an amazing young homeopathic doctor from India, he said, “Sue, in India we are so busy, that when a mother comes in with a sick child, we discern the symptoms and give the remedy for that illness according to what the child’s body type is; we literally have pictures of four different babies on the wall. These show the main body types.”

So, you see, there is no right or wrong, there are just different ways to come the end. My main advice is to not consider the old classical form of prescribing passé. Learn as much as you can from as many sources as you can. I relish the new, but never discount that which is old, tried and true.

And realize that nothing in homeopathy is ever out…it is only ignored by modern thinkers.

Homeopathy is a wonderful world of true healing…the correct remedy will always trigger the body to begin healing; proper nutrition and lifestyle will aid this process; spiritual correctness will complete the process.

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer


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