Your skin is the largest organ that you have, covering your entire body, nearly 2 square yards of surface! Your Skin accounts for approximately 16 percent of your body weight.

And yet we nearly ignore the care of our Skin; we always seem to forget that our skin is an organ that works to protect EVERYTHING on the inside. We also forget to nourish and cleanse our skin like we should.

The best way to cleanse the skin is by sweating. If we aren’t sweating, we aren’t able to cleanse the toxins and filth from the pores of the skin. Sure, bathing is extremely important and a very good way to flush filth and toxins from the surface of the skin, but it isn’t a very efficient way to cleanse the pores deeply; especially if we are only showering rather than bathing. Saunas are an awesome way to cleanse deeply the entire surface of the body because saunas promotes whole body sweats. Many people think that swimming is good, and it is, if and only if, the water is not chlorinated, Fluorinated or toxic by some other unnatural chemical.

The funny thing about skin is; it’s not very smart.

When I was studying under PANNA (Pesticide Awareness North America) about the effects of Pesticides and Toxins on our skin and in our bodies, I was really quite shocked when the Bio-Chemist said to me, “Sue, whenever our skin is exposed to an un-natural element…it doesn’t know what to do.” He explained the skin will absorb any element that it doesn’t recognize and it can take up to 20 minutes for the body to realize that it just absorbed a toxin….so at that point it will rally its’ systems to try to get rid of this toxin and by the time it does, it can be too late. Toxic Poisoning can already have taken place and the body may or may not be able to rid itself of the ill effects.

He further explained that the Skin when exposed to a pure unaltered product, (in its natural state, not modified, or hydrogenated etc.; in other words, the way that God made it!)  recognizes the product, and then can “decide” if it would like to absorb it or not.

That’s why two people can put on their skin the same natural lotion, or even a few drops of Lugol’s Iodine and one person will absorb the product quickly and the second may not seem to absorb anything…why?

Because when the body is exposed to a natural product, it will “decide” if it needs this nourishment, and if yes, it absorbs; if not, it will not absorb! What? Too Cool! Right?

So, Toxins can trick the body by being unrecognizable and then poison the body; and natural products actually nourish if needed.

This is why we carry only “safe” skin products in our store. Our very favorite being the Orémus  products. The Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are made from Organic and natural ingredients, making them safe for our families, from babies to adults.

Another thing to understand is that all of the Orémus products are safe to use with homeopathy. The blends contain no mint or camphorated essential oils. We are very pleased to have these products in our own lives and just as pleased to be able to offer them to others as well.

May God Bless You and Yours,           

Sue Meyer







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