Here at Homeopathy for Mommies, we have begun a monthly study course. This course has been designed by myself and my wonderful assistant, Joy.

I use the word designed, very loosely, because what we are really doing, is teaching in a methodical way, basic, Hahnemann Homeopathy. We are going back to the very basics and moving forward through time and technique.

In homeopathy; it has all been done. All the historical data is well documented and solid. Records, provings, cases, elements, remedies, and more. The study of homeopathy is today as it was nearly 300 yrs. ago., with the addition of case work, more remedy provings etc. but it is still methodical and always efficient.

So, by designed, I mean that; I have prepared a series of classes for families who want to learn the intricate workings of homeopathy. These classes will take the parent or caregiver from knowing only the name of Homeopathy, to understanding the advent of, all the way through to our modern day acute care, Classical homeopathy. This study will leave even the most humble caregiver feeling proficient and capable to care for others with homeopathy.

They will learn well, over 150 individual homeopathic remedies, they will understand today’s miasms, and the remedy kingdoms. They will learn how to apply their knowledge helping others to live a healthier life and to discern if they would like to continue their study in homeopathy.

We will then offer to continue our studies to learn how a Certified Homeopath takes the case of a chronically ill patient.

We are only one month into what will be approximately a one year live webinar course. So, may I encourage anyone who has been considering study in this area to jump in, so that you too may be a part of this very exciting study group.

Joy has set up an ongoing private Facebook group for all our students, with each recorded webinar, homework, questions and posts being easily accessible to all on a continuous and permanent basis.

I am very thankful for this opportunity to teach that which is most dear to my heart; and has been the focus of my continuing education for the past 20 yrs.

James Tyler Kent writes: Man’s integrity; “Just as soon as you leave out integrity, and believe that a man can do just as he pleases, you leave out everything that pertains to principle and you leave out the foundation of success. But when these principles are carried out, when a man has made himself thoroughly conversant with the Materia Medica (encyclopedia of therapeutic properties of each homeopathic drug) and thoroughly intelligent in its application, when he is circumspect in his very interior life as to the carrying out of these principles, then he will lead himself into a use that is most delightful, because by such means he may cause diseases to disappear, and may win the lasting friendship and respect of a class of people worth working for.

He has more than that, he has a clear conscience with all that belongs to it; he is living a life of innocence. When he lives such a life he does not allow himself to wink at the notions that are carried out in families, as for example, how to prevent the production of offspring, how to avoid bearing children, how to separate man and wife by teaching them the nasty little methods of avoiding the bringing forth of offspring. The meddling with these vices and the advocating of them will prevent the father and mother from being cured of their chronic diseases. Unless people lead an orderly life, they will not be cured of their chronic diseases. It is your duty as physicians to inculcate such principles among them that they may live an orderly life. The physician who does not know what order is ought not to be trusted.”

This is why I love homeopathy! Our early teachers were moral, upright men leading a life of order, following the code of natural law and Christian morality. They were clear and concise about the causes of acute and chronic disease, and weren’t wishy washy about how man had to live by this moral code of ethics if wanted his mind and conscience to be clear and his body to be healthy!

If you would like to learn more about the topics for our upcoming classes, or what is included with the study course, go here!

May God bless you and yours

Sue Meyer



The live webinar is over, but you can still watch the replay until the end of the month.

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