What is a Homeopathic Consult like?

This really is the million-dollar question!

Because quite honestly, I’ve never seen any two exactly the same.

However, we can give you a pretty good idea of what you or someone you know and love can expect during and from a homeopathic consultation.

But first, if I may take you down memory lane for a moment.

When I was a little girl, I can remember my mom and a couple of relatives discussing their doctors. (My dad used to call these “hen” parties) I must have been around 8 or 9, and being as though children of my day were not allowed to speak while adults were talking, we ended up being very good listeners!

Anyway, I knew our family doctor of course, and yes, I was convinced he thought our family was by far his favorite people ever, and I knew that I thought the world of him as well; after all, he delivered me!

 I did not know the doctor my Aunt worked for, but she too was clearly convinced that he was a wonderful doctor and worthy of much praise. Then there was the other relative (a distant cousin, only allowed in the conversation because she was a neighbor as well).

The point here is: as I listened to these moms discuss the praises of their care ‘givers….I realized that they couldn’t all be right! It’s just that they had to defend their choice of Man (in this case all three were men) to whom they had entrusted the care of their families.

It may very well have been that conversation that made me realize, no-one could be as wonderful as these women were defending. It gave me an uneasiness to realize they trusted these mere humans with the lives of their families.

I have never made that mistake. I’ve been forced to trust for lack of any other choice, but I have not gone into my family’s health care with starry eyes. I pray none of you do either.

So, Yes. If anything goes wrong with our health. I now seek a Homeopath,  Chiropractor, Acupuncturist or Naturopath…I often end up at a hospital for emergencies…but for serious conditions; only the natural world for me!

So, back to a homeopathic consultation!

First, find a homeopath that you “feel” comfortable with. This is important just like in the old days…because we are human and there are some that you will find are easier to be at ease with, so make sure you find this comfort in the person you choose.

You will be asked to fill out a comprehensive medical background form. History, vaccinations, current conditions, and the issue or issues most concerning to you. You will be asked questions like what foods do you crave, or dislike, and other similar questions.

You may be meeting with the Homeopath in His or her office or you may be meeting on a video conference (which is preferable by many)… either way, the consult will be held in a professional manner and will be confidential and efficient.

[If it is a child requiring the consult, usually the parent will consult with the homeopath separately from the child, so the homeopath can gain insight to the true issue of the case, but then the homeopath will want to meet with the child alone (parents can sit out of direct vision but within ear shot) so that his/her story may be told from his/her perspective, without trying to please the parent or look to the parent for help or affirmation.]

When you meet with the homeopath, the meeting will be very relaxed and there is usually no examination, unless there are visible physical issues that need to be addressed. The homeopath may ask to see your tongue or look into your eyes, or feel any swollen lymph glands that be an issue as well.

The meeting is very noninvasive.

You will be asked about your condition or concerns and asked to describe what’s been going on with your health and in your life. The homeopath will ask you to give as much detail as you can or describe. He/She may then ask some specific questions, but only after you’ve completed your description of all you have to say.

Homeopathy is about getting to the bottom of what’s been going on, you know the story that has brought you to this place of “non-well.” It is about the whole person, and that person’s perception of his or her own reality.

In other words, a good homeopath has been trained to hear and to perceive that which is out of balance and will use these clues to find the simillimum in the case. He or she will then study the medical form, use what’s been learned through the consult and then apply this knowledge to their suggestion in the form of a remedy or changes that should be made.

Homeopathy triggers the body to bring back the balance it so desires…remember, symptoms are the minds way of telling the body what it needs. A good homeopath is the detective that knows how to read these clues.

Just as St. Benedict used to say to his seminarians: “Listen to a man but for five minutes, and he will give a way his heart.”

In other words, our language is expressed verbally, and are the mind’s key to unlocking that which the body needs.

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer


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