I was listening to conversation the other day between two mothers. Still, after years of medical research and all our modern medical tactics, the disease called Lyme is still a mystery to so many.

So, I thought I’d say a few words.

It is known that the bacterial infection transmitted by a tick carrying Lyme can cause a raft of horrible health issues. The interesting fact is that, no two persons with Lyme have the exact symptoms. One of the reasons it is so hard to diagnose.

We were once told that you’d get a Bullseye where bit, if the tick was a carrier, then we were told, no, not necessarily.

The news media has had a veritable field day with the whole Lyme scare.

I am not saying that this isn’t an awful disease. Because it is. We know that many deep-seated diseases may actually be a complicated Lyme disease….

So let’s start there….A complicated Lyme disease?

The body gets a bacterial infection. EEK! The infection begins to incubate…the body begins to throw off minor symptoms of this bacterial infection incubating…here is where homeopathy comes in. TREAT THE SYMPTOMS!

Don’t cover them up or suppress them with aspirin, Tylenol, anti-biotics, ect.

Remember, Like Cures Like.

And because the body is so smart…the mind will assess the situation and throw symptoms to the external in an effort to communicate what is needed for healing.

Yes, it is a mystery to me how the mind knows intuitively what is needed for healing. But I question not the mind of God. He has given us everything that we need for healing, and good men before us who have keenly used their intellect to carefully record their knowledge….this is the subject of another blog.

So, the Lyme disease.
I have seen bullseyes, I’ve had people come to me after they’ve taken antibiotics and are still symptomatic, I’ve had them call if they suspect they have Lyme and I’ve had them tell me that they tested positive but don’t want to take what the doctor suggests…I’ve seen many scenarios. All are scary, and all are serious. They are serious, because our health is very fragile and must not be taken lightly.

The fear factor is also huge, so don’t hesitate to take a dose of Aconite 200c for this fear of dying or dread of deadly disease.

Then take any other appropriate remedy for the symptoms.

Very often Merc. Sol is a good one to address the infections or fever. Merc. Has many hot then cold symptoms indicative of fever. But be willing to study your Homeopathy for Mommies book to discover the best remedy for your symptoms.

And, then always take Silicea 6c to aid the body’s (get the disease out of here) process.

Also, in my book Homeopathy for Mommies, you’ll find in the Disease section a recipe that I suggest to everyone who may suspect or know they have the disease.

I suggest the use of the Lyme Nosode alternating with Silicea 6c. This has been a most effective duo for alleviating the symptoms of the disease, for good.

You can find the Lyme Disease Mini-Kit for sale here!

I also suggest the Lyme nosode to prophylactically immunize yourself and your family against the infection. Taken before exposure, the nosode is very effective to strengthen the body’s immune system against the disease.
You may also like to listen to my podcast about Lyme Disease.

So, don’t fear. Be prudent and take charge of your family’s health.

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer ND CCH

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