It’s your chance, and I didn’t want you to miss it.  I want you to hear about how you can, firsthand, protect health freedoms WHILE also learning how to use homeopathy…and the moment is just around the corner…

Americans for Homeopathy Choice, an organization I support, has been hosting a special, FREE 7-Day Webinar series featuring President, Paola Brown who has been interviewing amazing advocates and professionals that love and use homeopathy every day. Every night, we've learned about what YOU can do to protect our freedom to use homeopathy while also learning how to use this wonderful medicine.

This free webinar series ended last Sunday, but it has been such a raging success that they have invited ME to participate in the Encore!

When: The encore goes from this Friday July 20th – Sunday the 22nd. I'll be speaking Friday night.

WHERE: Americans for Homeopathy Choice Facebook page

WHY: Medical freedom is under attack on every front, & FDA has targeted homeopathy.

PLEASE join us to learn more about this amazing medicine and how you can help in the fight to save it. There’s no time to lose!

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