Many moms ask me what I think the most important remedies are to have on hand for emergency use or to send along with their children to school or camp.

The problem is, you really can’t foresee the future. I just make sure that at the very least everyone has Arnica on hand.

If family members are away from home and there is the chance that I am not immediately available, I suggest the Homeo-Quick Kit, that we carry in our store and on-line; it is a compact Tin, Homeopathic First Aid Kit that fits easily in any backpack or purse and has several great remedies for most acute situations.

I think it is about the best and easiest little kit for young people (or adults!) to have quick access to for immediate health needs.

Of course, every child needs to be taught to take remedies properly. (away from food, no mint, don’t touch the cap with your mouth, don’t put dropped pellets and put them back into the bottle, etc. A good Podcast to have them listen to is Basics 101)

Another thing to think about is emotional stress when families gear up to go back to school, or to a new school. Grade school children, and kids going off to college will encounter many situations that call for different remedies:

No two people (or children), feel the same way about any given situation; Emotional Stress will be felt differently by different people and require a different remedy. Where one child will feel sadness in a given situation, another child may feel anger, guilt or even fear.

Let’s look at going to school.  

As a child, I was personally so excited for school, I could hardly stand it! I’d lay awake nights and wonder who would be in my class this year? Who I’d get for a teacher…and yes: I’d even get excited about my curriculum! I loved new books and I loved to learn.

However, I was also very quick to feel hurt or sad, when something wasn’t just right.

I can remember in first grade, when my teacher punished a boy (who was very naughty) by tying him to his chair. I was nearly sick by the time I got home, because, even though the young man was a holy terror, I could see the confusion and sadness in his eyes, and it bothered me to the point that I felt ill.

Or, when I didn’t understand what the teacher was trying to teach, I’d get sick to my stomach and I would feel like crying…and I absolutely could not ask for help. I’d just hope and pray that I’d be able to figure it out later.

Oh, and it gets worse! I could never go spend the night at a friends house, or even a relative (except my cousins who lived next door) without getting sick or laying awake all night….I would get so-o-o-o-o Homesick!

Everyone handles situations differently, Adults as well as children. Adults aren’t as likely to get homesick, simply because they have experienced being away from family, and they’ve learned how to cope.

You see, children can very easily become confused about their emotions. And not be able to express them to mom, dad or even teacher.

There are literally dozens of homeopathic remedies available to us for these situations. That’s why it’s nice to know right off the Key Notes or Common Symptoms of remedies that are helpful in the above situation.

Take Coffea for instance; This remedy would have been perfect for me when I was anticipating my upcoming school year!

Coffea: Great Excitability and Sensitivity! Effects of: sudden emotion: especially pleasurable ones.

Then when the little boy was being punished in a way that I didn’t feel right about, I could possibly have used a dose of Causticum: Ailments from long-lasting Grief/Sorrow, Loss of sleep, sudden emotions, fear, fright, joy, anger or vexation: from suppressed eruptions.

When there appears to be a Great Strength about the person, those who have a strong sense of JUSTICE….but they have much Pain or Weakness, think of Causticum.

This remedy is great for people who cannot tolerate seeing an injustice. They are sensitive and greatly affected by the loss of a loved one, bad news, or frightening injuries: it makes them angry and argumentative! They feel grief deeply. And are often Ambitionless.

Oh, and the situation of not being able to ask for help: Golly Gee, I wish I would have had a dose of Lycopodium: Performance anxiety initially: but will shine through and do fine: often person has been embarrassed or picked on.

Like (Silica), This Patient has increasing dread/Anxiety of appearing in public, yet does not want to be alone. He feels incompetent, and unable to fulfill his duties. He may procrastinate, forget or make mistakes: yet is very capable when finally getting to it.  “Want of Grit”: fear before exam, appearing in public, delusion will fail, covers up inner weakness.

Silica: Cares very deeply about what others think of him/her and this alone can cause undo stress in their life. Ill effects of Suppressed Sweat, especially Feet. Stone-Cutting. Loss of fluids, Injury, strains. Vaccinations. Splinters, foreign objects in tissue. Overwork, mental or physical.

And of course, the homesickness. There are many situations that can cause a child to become homesick. One of the best remedies for this is Capsicum. It is an amazing remedy to nullify the effects of homesickness. I wish my parents had know about homeopathy when I was small. It would have made my social life a bit easier!

* Homesickness w/red cheeks, Sentimental, nostalgic moods. Sleeplessness from emotions, homesickness or cough. Sleepy after meals. Daytime Yawning. “As if” Falling from a height during Sleep.

Persons tend to be jovial, yet get angry at trifles.

And how sad is it when a child has tears or is sobbing and is unable to express themselves or is nearly hysterical…

Benzoic acid can be of help for the silent anxiety and Activity of mind while at work followed by anxiety. Fear follows hurry.

Child cross, wants to nursed in arms, will not be laid down.

Ignatia for hysterics or for suppressed hysterics (where deep sadness is felt, but the child cannot cry)

Homeopathy is a wonderful, quick tool that we have access to, and the correct remedy, can quickly alleviate sadness, frustration, confusion, homesickness and even anger in situations that our children may encounter.

God bless you and yours,

Sue Meyer, ND CCH


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