CBD Oil is a Hot topic today.  Many wonder if you can take the Cannabis Herb AND take homeopathy at the same time? Will the Herb cancel the remedy? Let's take a look at these questions.

1. Can this be used in conjunction with Homeopathy

2. Cannabis Indica vs Cannabis Sativa

Wow, what an interesting subject!

John H. Clarke Reveals much about these two Plants:

Cannabis Indica, (Hashish) has been used in the East as an intoxicant and gives this sphere of action: It produces a state of exaltation with sublime visions, delusions and hallucinations in great variety. Time seems interminable, space illimitable. Imagines himself in a room of which the walls gradually close in upon him. ….Uncontrollable laughter. Inability to fix thoughts. Forgets what he intends to write or speak . Produces a sensation of levitation. AS IF IN A DREAM.

Cannabis Sativa, (Hemp) Closely resembles its plant cousin but the mental symptoms and head symptoms are less pronounced and the eye and genitourinary symptoms more so. Sensations are: AS IF HOT WATER WERE POURED OVER FROM ANUS; FROM HEART” As if pinched with pincers in back. Pressure as with a sharp point in coccyx.

The Hot issue today is: Can we take the Cannabis Herb AND take homeopathy at the same time? Will the Herb cancel the remedy?

The simple truth is that historically Cannabis has been used in Tincture form as well as in all potencies for many health issues and mind symptoms.

So, according to John H. Clarke, a favorite homeopath of late 19th Century; The use of CBD Oil will not cancel homeopathic treatment so long as the remedies are compatible to the Cannabis.

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