Dear Friends of Homeopathy for Mommies,

I am so excited to tell you about our new Homeopathy for Mommies Members Corner!  We have been working on this for several months now and are so happy that it is finally here and ready for you!  I have truly enjoyed sharing my knowledge of homeopathy with you through my blogs and my podcasts, which I will continue to do, but it is my hope that in our new Members Corner you can go even deeper into your study of Homeopathy and have access to even more wonderful resources which I will be able to share with you!

Whatever your reason or your story for wanting to learn homeopathy, I hope that I can help you continue on your journey!   Like everything in life my involvement with homeopathy seems to be a miracle.  A good friend and homeopath first introduced me to the use of homeopathy when I was at the tender age of thirty-three, and needless to say I was overwhelmed! At that time of my life, I had several years of nurse’s aide work under my belt, and eight children, all of whom had been immunized. These two qualifications, which I came to realize years later, gave me an unofficial insight and deeper understanding, of the pharmaceuticals, and to what I now know as “drug induced” disease.

For our family going to the doctor was the norm: a regular routine for a mother with many children. I didn’t even consider it frightening that on any given day during the cold and flu season, a visitor would find one to three bottles of “yummy,” pink medicine known as Amoxicillin in the door of the refrigerator!

I had been born and raised on a farm, but was now living on a small hobby farm with the basic pets and essential “hobby farm fare” for the children. I considered medication a way of life. You can only imagine my surprise when I heard of homeopathy. I was told that this natural way had been in existence for centuries, and could bring health to my family without drugs! I was ready for something new and like many mothers, had been blessed with an inquiring mind that wanted to learn and try anything that not only sounded reasonable, but could help my family.

Join Sue Meyer from Homeopathy for Mommies in her new Members Corner!

If you are just finding me, I just wanted to share with you a little bit about why I began Homeopathy for Mommies… 

A little over 10 years ago one of my daughters suffered a very serious head injury.  When our daughter was released after five days in the hospital, the Neurosurgeon confided to us that 50% of these types of brain injuries, simply do not live, and the other 50% do not make the type of recovery that our daughter had made. He did not call her recovery miraculous, but encompassed 100% of all people with this type of head injury as either, dead, or never fully recovered.

My daughter was tested by more doctors that we could count. Medical doctors, and psychologists alike had to give her a perfect score for brain function, and even found her to be in the highest level for age classification, and this was just five days after her accident. Needless to say, I really became a believer.

It was at this point that I realized I really needed to learn more. I wanted to study and learn all I could because I witnessed first-hand the wonders of this amazing natural way of treating illness. Which brings us to Homeopathy for Mommies.  As I began my studies deeper into the realm of chronic healing, I began to compile notes. My purpose was twofold; to use the information as a reference for myself and to share this with my children. My initial compiled notes were called “If I Can’t Call Mom, because it’s the Middle of the Night” book for my married children. It has grown into my Homeopathy for Mommies book that most of you have in your hands today.   Since many of my children were older when I began to use homeopathy, they left home without a full understanding or knowledge of its use, which is the main reason I decided to write this book. I wanted them to learn the beautiful simplicity of these remedies. This book is an attempt to make up for lost time.

As time went on, friends had asked me to come into their homes and teach small classes about Homeopathy.  I learned that I really love teaching others about how to use homeopathy for their families, as well as seeing the spark in someone learning about homeopathy for the first time! From there, I began my Homeopathy for Mommies Radio Podcast, and then in 2016 we started our Homeopathy for Mommies website.  It has been wonderful to connect with people from all over the country, and the world, and to share my knowledge of homeopathy with them.

All of this has brought us to our NEW Members Corner!

You might be wondering why we decided to start this private members section to our website?

There are many reasons that I wanted this “Corner”.  The main reason…So that I may speak freely.  Regardless of the fact that we live in America…we have lost much of our Freedom to speak freely.   Our “Corner” will allow Freedom of Speech without fear of being censored.

In this way, All my Serious Followers, whether they be Mommies, Daddies, Grandparents, Teachers, Students or just concerned Neighbors…Have a Place to Go, to:
  •         Chat in our Private Group Forum with Sue and others about your questions in Homeopathy 
  •         Post Ideas or Ask Questions and have them answered by myself or others who understand the situation
  •         Get NEW Resources Weekly – printable or audio Bonuses each week
  •         Get Members Only Specials – Special Members only discounts each month
  •         Have Access to Our Monthly Bonus Sessions – Detailed Mini-trainings featured each month! (First month is a mini-training on Eczema!)
  •         Have Access to our LIVE Monthly Q&A with Sue and your Peers
  •         Have Access to Our Guest Interviews
  •         Have Access to Our Heritage Series, Recipes and Old Wives Tales.
  •         Have Access to Protocols and Hard to find Remedies
  •         Have Access to Our Resource Library for tons of printables for your Homeopathy Notebook!
  •         and so much more!


Here is a Preview of our Members Corner Dashboard!

 I hope that you will join me in my new Members corner!

I Look forward to Meeting you!
May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer