I had a young mother call the other day about Tetanus.

Her young son had stepped on a nail while playing in the woods.

She was nervous about Tetanus, so she called me; mainly for reassurance that she was doing all the right things.

You see, she did take her son in to the pediatrician, who suggested that she vaccinate for Tetanus. However, since he had never been vaccinated and there was now an injury that may potentially lead to the possibility of Tetanus, she was told that the child would need the immunoglobulin before he can have the Tetanus vaccine, and she’d have to go to the hospital for that.

This poor mother. She trusts her doctor, yet she feels in her heart that she shouldn’t give the vaccine.

Hence the phone call to me.

She had listened to my Podcast on Tetanus and had done much research.

Everything about the injury looked healthy.

The brother who pulled out the nail, reported to his mother that it had bled Well! (a good sign)

Then Mom soaked the foot in Epsom salt to pull any foreign substance from the site of the wound. (excellent)

She had used Lavender to kill bacteria. (one of the best anti-bacterial available to date)

She took the child to the doctor. (which was something she felt she needed to do. (Perfect)

The doctor did not pressure her but made his suggestion.

So, after weighing her research and the doctors suggestion… she was opting to go the natural route, which was to fight her intellectual fear, and to go with what her heart was saying….(sometimes, that is all we have [with prayer of course])

She was going to give Ledum and Hypericum…just in case the body had been exposed to Tetanus. (Perfect [ Homeopathy for Mommies, pg. 135])

She was doing everything right!

Compton Burnett; wrote over one hundred years ago, that Hypericum was the cure for Tetanus, but we also give Ledum in alternating fashion to address the puncture wound.

If given a chance to heal itself, the body is an amazing miracle.

Check out my Podcast below on Treating Tetanus with Homeopathy, as well as a Helpful Free handout!

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer ND CCH


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