Hello Friends,

I wanted to take a few minutes and address this issue. Why Fight?

Since the Creation of man, we have had to fight to survive. Literally, fight! Man has had to fight those who wanted to take his land, his home, even his children.

Man has had to fight to survive harsh weather, draught, famine, flood and a raft of other calamities.

History is Alive with stories of men and countries who have fought for their rights….many of these stories of are of victories, many are of defeat.

But this is the way of the world.

Here on earth, there is strife, there is pain, there is suffering.

Tis that way, due to Original sin, and there is nothing that we can do about it, except to live a life striving for holiness and to persevere.

If we hope to escape this world and obtain heaven, we too must fight.

Today, the fight has changed. Technology and instant everything has made man more greedy then ever. We want instant gratification and we want it better, faster, and we even think that we deserve it! Too funny for words!

The truth is, we don’t really deserve anything….we need to remember that we are nothing. We are man, made in the image and likeness of God.

We are supposed to be fighting to survive, by fighting the good fight! We are supposed to be helping our neighbor, taking care of widows and orphans. We are supposed to be feeding the hungry and caring for the sick.

We are supposed to be fighting for the rights of the unborn and those with no voice.

We are supposed to be helping those who can’t help themselves.

When we open our hearts to help others, truly help others, we can then see the truth of the world.

That world wants to swallow us whole. The world wants to take away our dignity, our freedom, our right to choose what is right for our family.

The world wants to dictate to us how we should live, where we should live and in what class we should live.

Unless we want to be swallowed alive…we must fight!

We must fight for the right to Life, fight for the right of choice…to vaccinate or not to vaccinate! We must fight for the right to use natural God given herbs and remedies!

Sue speaking with Senator Torrey Westrom

I was Blessed this past week to see this fight in action!!!

Hundreds of families converged on the Capital of St. Paul, Minnesota for the Freedom Rally, to do just this. FIGHT!

It was a most impressive sight; The bill, SF-1520, proposed by State Senator Chris Eaton (DFL, District 40), a ‘deletion bill’ which eliminates all conscientious and religious vaccination exemptions, hit the news on Thursday Feb. 21, 2019 and by Monday Feb. 25th, the most amazing event…

An organized rally, to fight for the right to keep Religious and Conscientious Exemptions – not to vaccinate, expected a thousand persons to be present.

That rally, turned into, SEVERAL thousand persons. And I say persons, because it was a show of Families! Dads and Moms with their children and grandmas and grandpas! It was the most beautiful display of Charity that I have seen in a long while.

Charity? Yes, because these families braved -15 degree temperatures, hazardous road conditions and many personal obstacles to be at this rally. It was amazing!

And the Senators and Representatives who delivered speeches to encourage the families present, to continue with the fight for their rights was phenomenal!

These public Representatives that have the courage to step forward with their constituents was most impressive to say the least!

Some of the wonderful Senators who spoke were Senator Andrew Mathews (R, District 15), Representative Jeremy Munson (HD, 23B), Senator Jim Abeler (R, Disctrict 35), Senator Scott Jensen (R, District 47), Senator Bruce Anderson (R, District 29), Senator Dan Hall (R, District 56), Senator Mark Johnson (R, District 01).  I also want to thank my Representative Torrey Westrom (R, District 12) for taking the time to speak with me about this important issue and for his support of a parents' choice for vaccines.

I want the message to go out to everyone reading this letter to know how proud I am of each and everyone of you! I have been going to the Capitol to speak and stand for issues that protect Human life and dignity for over 20 years, but never have I felt more hopeful for man than I did that day!

Our group with Senator Torrey Westrom

Why? Because what I witnessed that day was a display of courage from the interior of the family. The Family is God’s mini church. It is a holy unit. And that day. It was the family that was standing proud and tall for the defense of our God Given Rights!

We will continue to fight this good fight for parental rights, to choose whether to vaccinate or not, and the fight will also continue on for access to Homeopathy.  In April, I will be traveling to Washington D.C. for Homeopathy on the Hill, organized by Americans for Homeopathy Choice.  I will be giving a speech in D.C. at this event, and hope that you will join us!  We will fight to keep our rights for free choice of natural health care, for not only our generation, but for future generations as well!  I encourage each and everyone of you to join us in this fight for parental medical rights as well as the fight to keep access to Homeopathy, whether in D.C., or by helping out at home by contacting your representatives.  To learn how you can help, GO HERE! 

Now is the time to find the courage within yourselves and to stand up for these important issues for our families…Fight for the right to life, fight for the right of vaccination choice and alternative medicine.


May God Bless America,

Sue Meyer, ND CCH



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