Pheew!!! What a trip! Two Weeks on the Road with my daughters, Abby and Sophi!

After teaching a two-day seminar in Grand Rapids, Michigan and a three-day seminar in Buffalo, New York, where we were able to sneak in a visit to Niagara Falls and Our Lady of Victory Basilica ….needless to say, I was still a bit wired when I landed in Washington D.C.!

I had never been to the U.S. Capital and was immediately Awe struck as I traversed the city to get to the Ronald Reagan; Arlington National Airport, to pick up my daughter, Crystal and her little boy, as well as my Friend Sue. The city follows the Potomac, so you always have a sense of History, even before you see the amazing monuments!

So, I finally get to put my finger to the pulse of America! A thrill for sure!

Like I mentioned in my first article, Capitol Hill 2019; my friend Paola Brown, President of Americans for Homeopathy Choice,  is amazing in her organizational skills! She managed to bring over 150 people from around the United States for Training Exercises, a Dinner, a Foot Guided Tour around all the Major Monuments in Washington D.C., and several other get-togethers for the group, so that we could gain the knowledge that we needed to approach our Congress-men/women, Senators, or Representatives with confidence and determination!

It was a whirl-wind three days and I for one am thrilled that I was able to be a part of this New Campaign of Americans to Keep Our Homeopathy a Choice! Three days actually went very quickly! We met so many new people that it was overwhelming at times, but we were all there for the same reason, so most didn’t mind if you had to ask them more then once to repeat their name and state! Ha! Fine, I have a harder time remembering names than most!

After preparing to meet with our State Rep.’s, we headed for Capitol Hill! We were given a folder with helpful reminders, and one to leave with our Congressman or Senator; most of us only earned a meeting with our HLA, the Health Legislative Assistant. Which in my case was a young lady named Rebekah Solem. She was more then pleasant and yet had an air of serious responsibility about her. She made me feel at ease very quickly and I proceeded to tell her what I hoped to gain by this meeting.

As she took notes and seemed to be interested, I found my mind wandering. I knew that there was a major chance she didn’t even know what Homeopathy was, even though I informed her of my meeting intentions via email several times. I knew that my Congressman didn’t want to meet with me, because his Minnesota LA had declined my meeting request BEFORE I even had a chance to offer dates or times that would work for me…so here I sat. A very official, yet sincere young lady taking notes….how to impress upon her WHY it is so important to keep Homeopathy a Choice for Americans?!?!?

Well, I followed my note promptings so that I didn’t get side tracked and begin talking about anything outside of Homeopathy….And then I told her very simply why Homeopathy was important to ME!

I could see her eyes shift just a bit….Oh! My Goodness! She had been day-dreaming too!!!!

Long Story Short; I do believe that my meeting was a good start. I believe that she was moved just enough to maybe check it out for herself, so that if her boss, My Congressman, asks her for her opinion or her insight on the subject of Homeopathy…she may go to bat for Me, Sue Meyer and her many Blessings….her Family- A Wonderful Husband, eleven Children, soon to be 36 grandchildren, and friends from around the U.S., ALL, who use Homeopathy!

We MUST to Keep up the Good Fight Folks, It’s the only thing that stands between Homeopathy Choice or No Choice.

May God Bless America!

Sue Meyer, ND, CCH


Do stay tuned for articles over the next few months, I met so many wonderful new friends, too many to mention by name; But two I must mention;

“Jayna Ray,” a wonderful young lady working with Paola Brown, has written and put to music a beautiful song, about the wonders of Homeopathy….She has shared this music with me and we plan to interview in the near future!

Also, “Ananda Moore,” a talented Homeopath from Canada who has dedicated nearly ten years of her life to telling the “True” story about homeopathy in today’s world. We attended this Red Carpet Event, to watch the screening of Her movie, Magic Pills, while in D.C. and I came away even more excited to help her promote her movie… for anyone who seeks the Truth!  (See pictures from this Red Carpet event below!  If you have the opportunity to see or host this film, please do!)

It was an honor and a privilege to meet these women, both of whom have gentle souls, yet are courageous and talented and determined beyond words!

We will have to chat more about all of this!





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