In our world today, choosing Natural Health or Homeopathy isn't always easy.

I think that one of the saddest things about our society today is fear. The immense fear that we are inoculated with from the time we are small about literally everything, from food, to exercise, how much you should or shouldn’t eat or drink, germs, deadly viruses, robbers, terrorists; the list goes on and on.

The latest scare tactic is telling parents that they absolutely MUST not under any circumstances put even a blanket in their child’s crib, or they could die!

This is for real. This is what they tell parents, and it is actually a law in some daycares.

I had eleven children; and the child-care vogue went through three stages during that twenty-two-year phase. The nurses sending me home from the hospital with my first three children, were very careful to explained that I must always place my baby on his tummy so that if he were to spit up during his sleep, he wouldn’t choke on his own vomit and suffocate.

The next phase was to never lay the child on the tummy or back, but always prop them on their side with a pillow behind the back, and with my last child the new phase was to place her directly on her back in the crib. Today, vogue is to place nothing in the crib with your baby, not even a blanket AND lay baby on his back.

That’s right, these fears have conditioned us to actually listen to the “Professionals”, after all, they must know what they are talking about! Right?
(So, a child dies from SIDS; and as it so happens, he was vaccinated the day before…and there was a blanket in the crib? Which one do you think will get the blame?)

It’s so embarrassing to really stop and think about how far we’ve fallen as a society to realize that we have lost all common sense. I’ll admit, it even took me about 6 months to suspect that my child had his own favorite way of sleeping…so I asked my grandma about it. “Oh dear”, she said to me. “Just let him sleep however he is most comfortable, but always make sure that he is being placed from side to side or in rotating positions so that his head forms properly, don’t need no lop-sided baby!” In my defense, I was only 19, and I knew what I was being told didn’t sound reasonable, but they were the professionals. Right?

So, my point is; why do we as adults, when we begin having children, find that we’re afraid to take full responsibility for them? We are conditioned to relinquish our God-given, parental rights because that is what society tells us is best for our wee ones.

For instance; when I found out that my neighbors homeschooled their children I was afraid! I was afraid that I’d be arrested for association! I honestly didn’t even know it was legal!

Oh, and the vaccinations…again, it didn’t sound reasonable, but the nurse said it was law, and the reason I had to sign the little waiver, was to say that I had read what I might expect. I didn’t know. I was conditioned.

So much fear. You must vaccinate, it’s the law. If your child is sick, you must take him in to the doctor, it’s the law.

You are the parent, you actually do have the right to make all decisions for your child. Yes, if your child is injured and needs his bone set or stiches…get him in. If he has a fever, give him Belladonna. If he’s throwing up, give him Arsenicum or Ipecac. Little Tommy bumps his head, give him a dose of Arnica. Learning homeopathy can seem overwhelming at first; just ask my first homeopath!

That’s why we began Homeopathy for Mommies. To help others, just like I was helped. The very best aspect of homeopathy is that it is so very safe. It’s safe from before birth…to natural death.

It is so easy to take charge of your family’s health and welfare, because once you make that decision and stick to it you will be given an immense grace. You will feel calm and have a confidence that you didn’t have before. Everything in your life will change. You will start to see truths and fabrications for what they really are. Homeopathy can be a huge part of this new life.

When I began using my natural remedies and took charge of my family’s health, it was like the scales fell from my eyes. Everything was clearer and life had a whole new meaning. I was no longer trying to survive. I began living.

You can as well. Don’t be afraid. Start small. We have an awesome little kit, we call our Small Personal Kit. It has 16 widely popular remedies, and is a great place to begin your new adventure into the world of natural medicine. We also offer our New First Aid Homeo-Quick Kit, which includes my top 10 favorite First Aid remedies in a handy carry tin.  Homeopathy is so simple. Go to our Blog “Homeopathy 101” or click on our Podcasts, and scroll down to our very first podcast; “How do I use Homeopathy?”. If it “makes sense” scroll up and listen to all our podcasts, or even consider our “Crash Course” in homeopathy, to learn how to take care of your family; simply and perfectly.

May God Bless You and yours,
Sue Meyer ND CCH

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