The Beauty of Truth is that it is, Unchanging.

We must stop and remind ourselves of this simple fact. God, Who is Truth and cannot Lie; is Unchanging. Therefore, All Truth, is Unchanging.

Homeopathy, made from a true source of element; by the Creator, is unchanging. Given in granule, pill, pellet or liquid form; naturally trigger the body into a healing direction. No side effects, no harm, no foul.

Pharmaceutical elements are syrups, pills, salves, sprays or injections; made from original elements, altered enough to be allowed a patent or are synthetic in nature. Designed to suppress physical or mental symptoms exhibited by the patient. Very often, there are side effects, due to the immediate toxicity of the element or to the suppression of the original symptom, very often leading to long term effects at a deeper level.

Disease is exactly that, Dis-Ease. It is quite simple to understand that man, made in the image and likeness of God; due to Original Sin, is allowed to suffer Dis-ease, and then to suffer eventual death.

We can also understand that our own Dis-Ease is a testament to our own personal weakness. That which takes root in the mind will eventually become manifest upon the body.

We should learn to be thankful for our illnesses, aches and pains as they are a testimony to our natural weaknesses. Whether inherited or acquired, our Dis-Eases tell us much about ourselves.

Our Dis-Ease, although usually truly painful, embarrassing, or even incapacitating; tell us much about our mental state.

If a man goes to the doctor because he is having severe Heartburn, the doctor will work to suppress his symptom with a Pharmaceutical element…. thereby driving the symptom of Heartburn to a deeper level…(why did he have Heartburn in the first place? Heartburn is indicative of a broken heart. Whether inherited or acquired, it is a symptom that there has a been deeper loss in the history of this patient)

We can follow patients like this for years; back to the doctor for one problem after another. It usually begins with a simple Pharmaceutical element given, then another, finally surgery, and yet another surgery, until there is eventually loss of mobility and bodily functions.

Or, we can learn to use Homeopathy. A remedy well chosen can speak to the body in a natural way, using the energy of the original un-adulterated natural God-given element to urge the body in the healing direction.

Dis-Ease is not a Mystery. It is a weakness. We are supposed to understand this….and then to use our intelligence to understand the importance of the symptom upon our body…It is MY symptom, my weakness…God has given us Elements to use, with Faith, to help bring balance to the weakness within.

So, for those who are just discovering Homeopathy and Natural Medicine….and have been using Pharmaceutical means to drive their Dis-Ease symptoms inward….what are we to do? How do we transition to a life where we use only natural, God-given remedies to urge our bodies into a healing pattern?

Good Question! First, I encourage you to contemplate the above message. When you can understand the deeper meaning of Dis-Ease. Then you will be ready to move into a whole new pattern of living a cleaner, healthier, happier lifestyle.

God bless you and yours,

Sue Meyer, ND CCH


Parts II & III coming soon!

Part II: How to “Clean-up” my body from Pharmaceutical elements.

Part III: I’ve been working to “Clean” myself and my family….now what?


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