So here we are…if you read last months Blog, Homeopathy vs. Pharmaceutical – Part I,  and are back to learn about “Cleaning-Up” from Pharmaceuticals, Then, Yay for You! You have taken the first step to good health and Natural Vitality.

If you listen to my Podcasts or are in our Members Corner, you know that one of my main concerns for Americans today, is our Food Source.

Back in the early 60’s our food supply began to be inundated by Pesticides. This term being generic for all Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides and now Neonicotinoids, which is proving to be an extreme threat to the Nations Honey Bee population, as well as the Human population.


We now have GMO’s at the top of our Food Chain which have taken the 50-year-old Toxic Pesticide threat, to New Heights on the Danger Scale!


GMO – Genetically Modified Organism…in other words: Food Organism that has had the DNA Chain Modified; so that Neither Insect nor Man can recognize it as food and is TOXIC if ingested.

Water: Much of our water today has Chlorine, Fluoride and other Toxic elements added to it, which makes it poisonous to our body rather than sustaining. We must find a GOOD Source of Natural Spring Water to drink and cook with. 

Oh, and we can’t forget the EMF’s (ElectroMagnetic Field Force), Wi-Fi Emissions and Stray Voltage that our body’s must constantly battle.  These emissions cause stress on the Natural Energy Level of our Body, which yearns for a few moments of reprieve from this constant barrage of EMF.

On top of all these Toxic Elements and Emissions that work to make us sick, we are further encouraged to Get Vaccinated for literally every Cold, Flu or Childhood Disease known to man.

If fully vaccinated, the average child will receive over 70 Vaccines by the age of 10. This over-whelming inundation of Synthetically Altered Chemical toxins hits the body like a bomb-shell, creating its own Disease State, coined “Vaccinosis” in 1903 by Compton Burnett and is today one of the biggest controversies in the “Real News” media.

So, we are made sick in a plethora of ways, and then given Pharmaceutical drugs to suppress the symptoms of stress and illness on our body….


How are we to Clean-up and begin to retrieve the Natural Health and Vitality that we now realize is being threatened in today’s World?


1)  Eat Organic and/or Non-GMO Foods. The choices are becoming more abundant than even just a few years ago. Many families report that they can’t afford organic food. I admit, that if you shop at a regular grocery store, it can be very spendy.

Thank the Good Lord that we have organizations like Weston A. Price to help direct us to Farmers Markets and other organic food sources. Also, many communities have begun their own Food Co-ops and buying clubs; or find a store like The Outpost Mercantile that carries Organic bulk Foods; Seeds, grains, flours and Beans.

Of course the best option is to grow your own meat, fruit and vegetables; but this has become an impossibility for many families today….again, group organization can bring fresh foods into the urban areas.

The Most important thing to remember is… Read the label!   Avoid GMO (if it doesn’t say Non-GMO…don’t eat it!)

Avoid all additives: MSG, High Fructose Corn syrup, hydrogenated, hydrolyzed, etc. Avoid food dyes, Nitrates, Nitrites, Phosphates and other preservatives…the list seems endless, but it is quite simple; if you can’t read it, don’t eat it!

I have one customer that comes into our store and she has one rule that she tells her children: Keep it simple. More than 5 ingredients. Don’t eat it!


Keep your Water Clean!


2)  Your Water Source:  One of the most important things to pay attention to! Pure, spring well water, that has nothing added to it is the best! Try as much as possible to avoid storing or drinking from plastic containers as these compounds the level of estrogen interrupters that you are exposed to.  (Even if it’s a “safe” plastic, it’s best to drink from glass, paper or stainless steel.)

If you are drinking RO (reverse osmosis) water; you should add ½ tsp. of Himalayan Mineral Salt to every gallon. This will restore the natural mineral content that God Places in all-Natural Spring Water. All Water must be fortified by natural minerals in order to be properly utilized by the body.


3)   Protect yourself and your family as much as possible from EMF’s. Consider Personal EMF Protection or Room/ Whole Home Protection Units from Companies like, Q-Link, or Swiss Harmony.

These are units that work to nullify the harmful effects of EMF emissions in small areas of your life. I highly stress a safe zone within the HOME, so that the body can have a non-stress place to rest and sleep, 10 or more hours a day!

I personally wear a Q-Link which I am never without. As well as units negating our wi-fi router, computers, smart phones, etc.

4)   Don’t vaccinate. There are Homeopathic Nosodes that can be used to Immunize the body naturally.  You can find out more about Homeoprophylaxis in my Treating World's Diseases &  Homeoprophylaxis Course.  You can preview Session 1 free HERE!

If, vaccinations have been given: you can use the Vaccine Mini Clean-up Kit with suggested instructions or use Thuja and Natrum-sulph in 30c potency to aid the body in nullifying the harmful effects of past vaccinations. 

I recommend this procedure for ANYONE that has been vaccinated.

5)    If Pharmaceutical drugs have been given in the past. I often suggest that homeopathy be used to “Clean-up” the body. There are three common remedies that work well together to aid in cleansing the body, especially the liver of pharma toxins and they are: Nux-v. 6c., Arsenicum 6c., and Silica 6c. You can find them together in my Pharmaceutical Clean Up Kit.  Remedies like these can be taken to trigger the body to “Clean-up”. They cause little, if any aggravation, and can be used for young and old alike.

(In our Members Corner we have short training podcasts, or video that help to explain further the use of these remedies.)

Depending on the person, I often suggest that Activated Charcoal, Vitamin C and/or Cod Liver Oil be taken as well. These are Natural elements that aid the body in its detox process as well.

So, if you are new to The Natural Health Realm…this may seem quite over-whelming. But it really isn’t. We have all of this explained more fully on our website or in our Members Corner and when you take some quiet time to absorb the simplicity of what I’m suggesting; you will realize that this is just basic common sense with a couple of old-time remedies added to make “Cleaning-up” more efficacious. And when you turn away from the Media Driven Diet and begin to eat only Nutritious foods…you and your family will find New Vitality and experience less Illness.


Join us next Month for Part III: I’ve been working to “Clean” myself and my family….now what?


God bless you and yours,

Sue Meyer, ND CCH









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