Now that you and your family have been working to “Clean-Up” and to live life a bit differently, I am sure that you are feeling better and more energetic.

There are a few things that you need to know in order to stay Healthy.

Continue to eat a well-balanced diet. Including grass fed meats, fats and butter. Wild game, Fish, Raw milk, and eggs. Raw and steamed Veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains. As well as fermented and cultured foods.
Watch our Heritage Series Recipes (if you are part of our Members Corner) to learn how to do many of these things for yourself!

If you are eating healthy foods, and getting a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals, your body will not have strange cravings. If there are strong cravings or a desire to over-eat. You may need more minerals or vitamins? (Depending on your dietary needs. Don’t hesitate to learn a bit about Muscle Response testing in order to know if you or your family are in need of any extra vitamins or minerals. [Always take supplements in Whole Food Form or in Organic Herbal form if at all possible])

It is good to stop eating …just before you get too full. For digestions sake! It is also good to drink something warm, hot or at least room temperature with your meal, as James Tyler Kent, stated that is aids in digestion. (He encouraged a cup of tea or coffee with the meal)

Drink Good Water, a full glass at a time. 2- 4 times a day. Green Tea and Organic flavored Teas are good as well, hot or cold. Avoid too many stimulants like Coffee, black tea and alcohol.

Avoid all processed foods.

Use Real Salt or Himalayan salt only. It is rich in trace minerals.

Make sure you are getting good Fish in your diet, or take a Good Fish Oil, several times a week. And don’t be afraid of using GOOD oil in your diet. Raw butter, Olive oil, Coconut oil, and organic sunflower oil, are all I ever use. (Avoid Canola oil, I won’t go into that here)

Keep Arsenicum 30c or 200c and Activated Charcoal on hand in case of toxin exposure.

Have a basic Homeopathic kit on hand and know how to use it for Illness and Injury. Homeopathy for Mommies Crash Course is excellent for learning the basics, as well as Our Podcast: Basics 101….and all the podcasts for that matter!

Keep Epsom Salt on hand for Soaking puncture wounds and tired, sore muscles.

In your First aid kit, make sure you have Gauze, St John’s Wart and Calendula for soaking wounds and healing burns.

Keep Frankincense Resin, Turmeric, and or Phenocane on hand for injuries, inflammation and indigestion.

I like to have Essential Oils on hand for Injuries, cleaning my house, to rub on to start my day as well as before bed to relax for a better night’s sleep. (Lavender is a must. But I love so many! Right?)

Exercise 20-60 minutes a day. All at once or in spurts. Doesn’t matter. But don’t neglect the fact that your body must work…. By the sweat of your brow, man must live.

Get your sleep. Children 10 hours a day. Adults 7-8. Your body can heal ONLY when it is resting. It MUST have its Sleep. So often people think they are tough because they can go without sleep. Well, the joke will be on them before too long. The body is designed to sleep. Every day. To rest and rejuvenate, daily.

That’s about it Folks. No big secret.

I have people ask me all the time which diets I promote or what I think about exercise equipment and all my favorite kitchen equipment or blenders, etc.

The truth is: The secret to life is to live simply. To rise in the morning, kneel in Thanksgiving for the new day, to offer everything that you think, say and do for the Greater Honor and Glory of God and for the good of your soul and for the souls of those around you… to Have a Joyful Heart and sincere smile.
To work hard and well. To be moderate in food, drink and relaxation. To play at least a little. To hug your children a lot and to enjoy the little moments.
To Not allow yourself to dwell on negative thoughts, but to throw yourself into doing for others.

IF you can focus on the above criteria…your mind will be strong, your spirit willing and your body will follow suit! You will live a Long, Happy Life with Joy and Laughter.

If you do get run down. Take a nap and some vitamin C!

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer, ND CCH

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