2020!  Oh, my goodness!  The year that my generation looked to as the Sci-Fi Future! And Oh, my goodness, it has come true!

Phones that can give directions, that we can interact with, and even ask for recipes! Literally unbelievable! We have Smart Phones, Smart TV’s, Alexa, and other electronics that can run our entire home on command…this really is amazing!

However, with all these amazing advancements, does come concerns. All these technological advancements have a way of interrupting our body’s natural energy pattern. I know that I have discussed this subject in great detail…. but I want you to know how very important it is.

We cannot get away from these amazing messages bouncing around the airwaves. Soon, there will not be a remote area left anywhere that cell reception is not available…

My message, please protect your personal spaces. Protect your immediate person with the Q-link or a device from Swiss Harmony (two companies that I have used and greatly trust). Protect your home and especially your sleep spaces with devices like these.

Have the homeopathic remedy Mag-pol-ambo on hand (available in our Members Corner) for headaches and bouts of unexplainable anger (often persons working on computers all day will have symptoms like this)

Only a few short years ago, Brain cancer was the rarest type of cancer, today it is at an all-time high and quickly becoming the fastest growing type of cancer on the planet…and that is only 15 years after the advent of the smart wave.

For all those that love technology, 2020 can be an amazing time to be alive…Let’s just be prudent, and do all that we can to protect our health from these all-new Sci-Fi features!


For everyone that loves Homeopathy, or believes that we have a right to choose the Health Care we want our family, I ask you to take  a few moments to fight for that choice…no, you don’t have to pick up your musket at this time…all you have to do is go to:  https://homeopathychoice.org/fdacomment/ and comment on the FDA guidance there.  This isn’t the American revolution, but we are fighting for the same right! The right to CHOOSE! Thanks to Paola Brown, a dear sweet young lady with a warriors heart, we have many ears tilted our way…tilted, not turned. WE Need To TURN these ears and let every member of the FDA know that we want what we want! We Americans have fought for the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I’m not about to give up that right now! Not after so many have fought and sacrificed and died for me to have this right. Please fight for your rights too! Please let your choice be heard and ask your friends and families to fight for their freedom as well!



May God Bless America!

Sue Meyer, ND CCH




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