Our Immune system.

A most basic system in the human body. When we are born, we are under our mother’s Immune System, her protective umbrella so-to-speak.

As our little bodies begin to grow, we learn to read the environment around us. This environment contains elements and bacteria that are new to us. So, the body reads each new thing as a potential threat and produces an “Antigen” for each.

These Antigens will continue to reproduce exactly like the very first read…for our entire life. As our cells die and reproduce, the original Antigen is reproduced so that our body will always recognize that same element that it was already exposed to.

Our body has the capability to read and produce Antigens’ for thousands of potential threatening elements.

Our body’s literally build a storeroom of Antigens in the first several years of our life.

A healthy Immune system is built slowly. One exposure, fever or sniffle upon another. It is only when We suppress a symptom, that the immune building process is interrupted. (this is for another Blog!)

Our Immune System is the Innate Intelligence within our body to keep us safe. Our Immune system is constantly reading all external and internal stimuli so that within a nano-second of time; it can kick-in to protect our body from intruding toxins, virus, bacteria, physical threats, accidents, exhaustion, starvation, and the list goes on.

Our Immune system is our Warning System.

A healthy immune system is constantly scanning the horizon and never sleeps. It will gear up to battle bacteria, virus, pollen, toxins, etc. It will tackle the problem, win the battle, then go back into a resting state…while continuing to scan the horizon for problems again.

Here are some simple ways to help boost the Immune System during times of stress or contagion.


How to Boost the Immune System:

  • Vitamin C – there are three main types of Vitamin C
      • Whole Food Vitamin C; which offers Vitamin C in whole food form which offers all trace minerals and bioflavonoids necessary for complete C protection.
      • Ascorbic acid is water soluble and works to boost the immune system quickly
      • Ascorbyl palmitate is fat soluble which gives it the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, and is good for detoxifying
  • Zinc (esp. for pre-teen and teen years)
  • Elderberry Concentrate
  • Organic Grape Juice and other Organic Juices; like Tomato Juice
  • Homemade Chicken Soup
  • Organic Vegetables – especially from the Broccoli family, Beets, Greens and Carrots
  • GOOD WATER (by good water, I mean spring water or RO water that has been fortified with ½ tsp. Himalayan salt per Gallon of water)
  • NO SUGARS (I allow Maple Syrup or Honey in small amounts)
  • Regular Exercise; At least five days each week to walk briskly. Bike ride. Swim. Etc. Get your body strong. Get it lean. Excess weight always causes a strain on the immune system as it tends to make the body sluggish.
  • Regular and A Full Night’s Sleep; Your body can rejuvenate ONLY when it is in  Full Sleep mode.
  • Practice Temperance: Deny the body excess food or drink even those that are nourishing. (limit quantities to healthful portions)
  • Essential Oils: Are an amazing way to get the nourishing properties of Natural plants and elements. One of my favorites is Frankincense to boost the immune system.


Homeopathic Remedies that help to Boost the Immune System:

Arsenicum For stomach Flu illness. For exposure to toxicity from chemicals, virus. Bacteria.

Aconite Given in alteration with Belladonna. Aconite first and then Belladonna; will often arrest any on-coming virus. Aconite addresses the fright that comes on with any illness and also for any type of “Exposure”

Belladonna Given in alteration with Aconite to arrest most any on-coming virus. Belladonna is known as the great “Viral Interrupter”

Bacillinum For those pre-disposed to Colds and Flu. Given in alternating fashion with Influenzinum; give one dose of either remedy each week in alternating fashion, through the flu season; to Boost the immune system and eliminate the hereditary disposition to colds and flu.

Anas Barb Excellent for the first stages of Influenza or Colds – when the cough or sniffles begin.

Cistus Canadensis Great for when your patient looks as though your patient is suffering intensely. Also, great to give to the healthy people in the house to boost the immune system.

Lathyrus Given to immunize against polio myelitis which is inflammation of the spinal cord. This is inflammation affects both the white and grey matter. Aching of the limb results, due to this type of inflammation. Given in 30c potency is considered to be the “Cure” for Myelitis; Polio Myelitis.


Other Helpful Items:

Activated Charcoal: Anytime there is a fear that toxins or poisoning has taken place. Works to pull toxins from the body in a natural way and pull it from the body excreting it through the bowels naturally.

Bentonite Clay: is often to pull heavy metals from the body. Makes a great poultice on the bottom of the feet for weeks at a time to pull heavy metals from their stored areas; used for heavy metal toxicity (neuropathy due to heavy metals) Or internally, (under the care of a Naturopath is best) to help pull Heavy metal from internal organ systems)


I want to clarify just a bit about what an unhealthy immune system looks like:

It is a system that is confused….it is a system that is constantly thinking it is under attack, when in fact it may not be.

It is a system that can actually end up attacking itself. It can attack a single organ as in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, or an entire system causing arthritis or allergy symptoms throughout the entire body.

I tell people that the best way to have a Healthy Immune System: Don’t give the body any artificial ANYTHING!

If God Didn’t make it: Then the body doesn’t recognize it. So, stay away from it. Anything Unnatural will work to confuse, even destroy a healthy Immune system.

When I refer to Anything unnatural, I literally mean anything unnatural.

The body is a very smart and intuitive creation. It can perceive something that isn’t natural and then figure out a way to deal with the toxic like element…the problem is today…. Our bodies are being so inundated with so many UNATURAL elements. The Immune System is too overloaded.

Babies aren’t being given the time to build their own natural immune system before we shove them full of V.A.C.C.I.N.E.S and processed Formula, toxic lotions and other Non-God made elements

They don’t have a chance to build an immune system that understands that peanuts are nutritious. Cheese is a good form of cultured protein. Raw milk is both nutritious and easy to digest….the list goes on as to how we, in our modern culture, have allowed the destruction of our children’s as well as our own Immune Systems.

During these days of Media Hype and the Unknown Facts of what is really the true threats to our Health.

My advice: Spend more time on your knees with your eyes to Heaven. Ask for guidance and understanding.

If it doesn’t seem right? It isn’t. One of the best things that you can remember:

If you are given some information… and you “perceive” a contradiction; then there Is an Untruth. It is for you to discern that untruth.

I believe with my whole heart that we are living through times like no other. And it is only for those who pray for eyes to see and ears to hear; that have any “perception” at all.


May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer ND CCH





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